IATA Travel Pass adopts blockchain to secure travelers’ data


TL;DR Breakdown: IATA is developing a mobile application for Travel Pass to allow easy verification of COVID-19 test and vaccine status. The IATA Travel Pass will use blockchain to encrypt users’ information. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) is building a Travel Pass mobile application and will use blockchain technology to secure data stored on […]

UK hospitals are tracking COVID-19 vaccines temperature using blockchain


TL;DR Breakdown: Hospitals are using blockchain to monitor COVID-19 vaccine temperature. The main idea was to make the information tamper-proof. It’s more evident that blockchain is not only tied to digital currencies. Presently, the technology is being applied across several sectors to improve trust, transparency, and immutability of information. Even during the Coronavirus outbreak, many […]

Blockchain and healthcare

rsz amin moshrefi qddfktxd u unsplash

TL;DR Breakdown We are in a season of experiencing dangerous diseases. CNN reports more diseases could come out. Hospitals need to be prepared with blockchain. Blockchain and healthcare The Covid 19 season has been nothing short of a horror story, constant lockdowns, deaths people in and out of hospitals. Yes, there has been a beacon […]

Bitcoin can prevent vaccine scams

Untitled design

TL;DR Breakdown The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has finally started spreading across the US. The FBI has issued a warning about vaccine scams. Bitcoin (BTC) is a trustable solution. Bitcoin can prevent vaccine scams There is always someone trying to ruin a good thing. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has finally started spreading across the US, but there are […]

Ways to maximize your Christmas with the BTC coin

Untitled design

TL: DR Breakdown Two leading medical journals critique the Government Christmas restrictions. Meetings are being called to discuss Christmas restrictions further. Bitcoin ( BTC coin) is the best way to spread good cheer no matter what. Ways to maximize your Christmas with the BTC coin Christmas is a time for festivities, joy, and laughter, mostly […]

BTC coin will likely continue to soar with the new Covid 19 variant

rsz prasesh shiwakoti lomash mohihqdmuyy unsplash

TL:DR Breakdown The UK confirms a new Covid variant. London will enter into the high tier 3 on Wednesday. New Covid 19 variant will push Bitcoin (BTC) price up. BTC coin will likely continue to soar with the new Covid 19 variant A new Covid 19 variant leaps into the UK forcing the Government to […]

Poorer countries should tax Bitcoin users to pay for Covid vaccine

rsz cdc vt iayiwpf unsplash

Bitcoin (BTC) price increase has been a blessing, and if countries tax Bitcoin, they could afford the Covid vaccine. The Covid vaccine is out While many developing countries are still groveling for the Covid-19 Vaccine in the UK, a 91-year old grandmother became one of the first to receive the Pfizer Covid-19 jab yesterday. Margaret […]

Telos launches a new Blockchain platform for task givers and takers

rsz markus winkler oq n fdw w unsplash

Telos launches plans to create a new short term contract platform with Blockchain and peer to peer use. The platform called TelosTask connects those that distribute the task to those who take it otherwise, known as gig workers. Telos Task will help workers complete work locally and globally via a wide variety of platforms. Telos […]

IBM new blockchain application will help companies during Covid


IBM and its algorithms make technology advance by giving people from different countries the possibility of having physical meetings. The IBM Watson Health division that specializes in Blockchain technology creates an App that focuses on your health. This proposal fulfills the purpose of boosting all those companies in the world that seek to restart their […]

Singapore leveraging blockchain tech in managing COVID-19 records


State-owned SGInnovate has teamed up with Accredify to create a digital health passport leveraging blockchain tech. According to the firms, the blockchain-based data management tool provides more efficient health records management methods. The development of the health records management tool began earlier this year, with a pilot test conducted in June . Following a successful […]

COVID-19 spill: Ebang revenue dropped by 50% in H1 2020


Ebang, one of Chinese Bitcoin mining machine manufacturers, has posted a sharp drop in revenue generated in the first half of the year compared to the previous year. Giving reasons for the slump in Ebang revenue, the chairman blamed the recent outbreak of coronavirus as the major cause. Meanwhile, the company has launched a subsidiary […]

Coronavirus vaccination in Brazil to be monitored using blockchain

Coronavirus vaccination

Brazil planning to issue coronavirus vaccines starting January 2021 Blockchain technology will be used to trace the vaccination Brazil eyeing China’s CoronaVac Brazil is dispensing coronavirus vaccination nationwide, and the plan is to leverage blockchain to monitor the progress. A new YouTube webinar shared by Brazil’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security engaged in talks […]

Bitcoin price prediction: Bitcoin plunges below $11k as crypto industry loses $22 billion

Bitcoin price

Cryptocurrency market loses $22 billion Bitcoin price drops towards $10,447 Altcoins dropping with bitcoin Both traditional financial and crypto markets decline Global markets react to increased COVID-19 cases As Bitcoin price slid by about 5 percent over the past 24 hours, both the cryptocurrency industry and traditional stocks and financial markets dipped today. The recent […]

Bermuda partners with Stablehouse to launch stimulus token

stimulus token

Bermuda has just launched a stimulus token that would pull the country out of the jaws of the economic decline caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the full report, it says that the country presently has no framework or plans to launch a Central Bank digital currency but is ready to go ahead and issue […]

COVID-19 relief: US Lawmakers campaign for blockchain utilization

US Lawmakers Ripple COVID response

Several US lawmakers have called on the federal government to adopt blockchain solutions to boost COVID-19 relief efforts amid the pandemic that has struck 2020. The US lawmakers in a letter sent to President Donald Trump and several other federal officials demand the country adopts blockchain technology to distribute COVID-19 reliefs support. Also, they added […]

Food safety: Singapore deploys NULS blockchain

NULS blockchain

Singapore is presently making moves to use the NULS blockchain platform to escape the looming food crisis in the country. It is no news that some blue chip companies around the world has been test running the feasibility of using blockchain technology for years now. Companies like Dole and shopping platform, Walmart have been at […]

Crypto exchange AirTM to distribute $18M to health workers in Venezuela

crypto exchange AirTM

$18 million seized from Nicholas Maduro government to be shared amongst health workers through Crypto exchange AirTM. According to records, the $18 million that is to be distributed through Crypto exchange AirTM has been previously seized from the present Nicholas Maduro led government.  The report claims the cash was earlier scheduled to be shared amongst […]

EU to unveil draft crypto law before the end of 2020

draft crypto law

The European Union has announced that it is making moves to compile and pass a new draft crypto law before the year ends. The ruling to release the draft crypto law was made after the EU said it was making massive plans to reduce its crypto regulatory framework.  The Union says even though the ravaging […]

Rising ETH fees touch $1,200 stimulus check region

Ethereum fees skyrocket

A new report claims that the rising ETH fees have equaled the amount paid to US citizens as stimulus check. As a result of the buying effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S government gave its citizens stimulus checks to cover their daily expenses for the time being. A new report has claimed that the […]

Signal app takes over WeChat and TikTok, but not for long?

Decentralized messaging platforms

The official ban on TikTok and WeChat by US President Donald Trump apparently led to a massive increase in downloads of the Signal app in China and elsewhere. Coming with the surge in downloads is the debate it has generated on whether or not decentralized messaging platforms could be the solution to this problem. Recall […]

Americans Bitcoin investment to rise with stimulus fund

Binance crackdown

Americans Bitcoin investment in the coming weeks is set to rise as many citizens are committing their next stimulus funds to Bitcoin investment. Sources in the White House have confirmed that by Monday, plans for second stimulus funds payout in the country should have been approved. The stimulus funds, just like the ones paid between […]

Buterin and Schrepel thesis: Blockchain technology complements anti-trust laws

buterin and schrepel

Buterin and Schrepel posited that blockchain technology complements antitrust laws. On a video call with Thibault Schrepel, a Harvard law professor, yesterday—the duo presented their paper on “Blockchain Code as Antitrust,” exploring features of the ideology and arguing how blockchain technology can complement antitrust laws. The paper was first out in May this year. But due to the […]

Japanese crypto industry thrives despite digital shift lag

japanese crypto industry thrives despite digital shift lag

Does the Japanese crypto industry thrive? During the Covid-19 pandemic, financial specialists overall gathered cryptographic forms of money. The US and China have taken the primary stage. Other nations like Japan are now building up their own CBDCs and trying different things with various types of transformation for the Japanese crypto industry. The Bank of […]

South Korea sets blockchain technology adoption first in healthcare

blockchain technology adoption

The South Korean government is putting its best foot forward so as to adopt blockchain technology as healthcare becomes the first industry to profit from the blockchain technology adoption. The South Korean government is planning to embrace blockchain technology in diverse industries. The central bank of South Korea is currently reviewing the use of a […]

Binance donates over $60,000 worth of COVID-19 face masks to UK National Health Service


Leading digital currency exchange, Binance has made another donation aimed at combating the coronavirus pandemic, particularly in the United Kingdom (UK). Today, the philanthropic unit of the largest crypto exchange donated about 27,000 KN95 COVID-19 face masks to the UK National Health Service (NHS).  Binance donates over $60,000 in COVID-19 face masks As reported, the […]

World Blockchain Summit in Asia launches virtual edition

world blockchain summit

World Blockchain Summit (WBS) has established itself as World’s biggest and most-elite Blockchain and Crypto Summit series, having hosted multiple high-level conferences across the world. it has proven itself as the most stereotypical blockchain event, World Blockchain Summit has a reputation of getting global experts, investors and crypto-asset entrepreneurs all under one roof year after […]

Blockchain technology dominates 80% of China’s fintech scene

Blockchain technology dominates of China s fintech scene

The recently published report by the South China Morning Post reveals that blockchain technology is clearly dominating the country’s startup scene. Over 80 percent of the fintech companies and 40 percent of e-commerce firms have either already invested or piloting projects based on technology. If there’s one country that knows how not to let a […]

Massively low crypto volumes behind muted June trading – BitMEX Research

Massively low crypto volumes behind muted June trading BitMEX Research

Significantly low crypto volumes were reported in June across the entire crypto spectrum. BitMEX Research conducted research as per data from CryptoCompare and revealed that the month of June had recorded an enormous slide in cryptocurrency volumes. The lackluster month saw spot exchange volumes sliced by half. As lockdown restrictions ease and people move back […]

India’s youth rules the cryptocurrency trading scene, report

of India s youth trades and owns cryptocurrencies report

The cryptocurrency marketing and PR news source from India has released a report that India’s youth population is no longer stranger to cryptocurrencies and that this new area of investment is gradually gaining traction amid harsh COVID-19 lockdowns. Ban or no ban, but India’s youth is known to be quite receptive to crypto. Shortly after […]

Cashless casino ruling in Nevada opens up crypto options

Welcome to Nevada road sign along State Route near Death Valley

The cashless casino is seen as a means to avoid handling chips or currency which can spread the virus. The larger part of the globe is still wracked in the throws of the Covid-19 pandemic. The world at large is trying the best to keep the gears running once more and have the world operating […]

Blockchain to verify COVID-19 test kit authenticity

Blockchain to verify COVID test kit authenticity

COVID-19 test kit authenticity is quickly becoming a huge problem, especially in developing countries like Pakistan, India, and others. Now, Smartrac, and SUKU, a blockchain-powered startup recently announced their system of digital verification, in order to authenticate the testing kits and the PPEs used for Coronavirus testing the medical community. The platform allows immediate authenticity […]

What would happen if people spend $300bn stimulus money on Bitcoin?

What would happen if people spend bn stimulus money on Bitcoin

According to Kraken if the $300 billion stimulus money were to be spent on buying Bitcoin, Bitcoin would have been the most promising investment asset existing today. Following months of lockdowns, business closures, loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs, and weeks of fierce protests against police brutality, the US economy is finally getting back […]

70% of Chinese companies remain pro-blockchain despite COVID

of Chinese companies reassert confidence in blockchain post COVID

Around 70 percent of the surveyed Chinese companies continue to remain bullish about their investments in blockchain, stated a recent survey conducted by the local news agency Xinhua. The unceasing COVID-19 crisis has made many companies rethink their strategies of survival for the future. While some are shoring up customer services, placing increased focus on […]

COVID-19 to propel blockchain investments in beauty industry

COVID to propel blockchain investments in beauty industry

The coronavirus outbreak is likely to drive biotechnology and blockchain investments in the beauty industry as consumers demand safety and transparency amid growing fears. Blockchain technology remains an expensive and experimental affair in the beauty industry. For the moment, it remains relatively niche. However, it doesn’t take away the fact that the technology has massive […]

VeChain ToolChain empowers Shenzhen with enhanced pork traceability

VeChain ToolChain empowers Shenzhen with enhanced pork traceability

VeChain ToolChain, a blockchain-based traceability software, is empowering pork consumers in China’s technological hub, Shenzhen, with end-to-end traceability, announced VeChain on June 5. Besides being home to the rich and affluent, the Chinese city of Shenzhen is also known for its love for emerging technology, especially blockchain. Today, consumers from this city are becoming increasingly […]

Asia Blockchain Summit 2020: The future of blockchain is here

Asia Blockchain Summit The future of blockchain is here

Preparations are in full swing as one of blockchain’s industry’s most anticipated events – Asia Blockchain Summit 2020, will be making a virtual appearance this year in July. Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 brings prominent figures, influential CEOs, and the most outspoken founders and CEOs from the blockchain industry under one roof. Although it is its […]

Bitcoin adoption boosted by a U.S. masked protester

Bitcoin adoption

Bitcoin adoption is a massage a U.S. protester was driving home when sported making a call to action to buy the coin. The protester who wore a mask has turned into Bitcoin hero during the ongoing peaceful riots and protests. The George Floyd death makes the largest coin become part of the unrest. This is […]

How Bitcoin can help end economic injustice in 2020

How Bitcoin can help end economic injustice in

Economic injustice is likely to be the significant defining feature of the year 2020, if not the only. Coindesk seeks the opinion of Isaiah Jackson, the author of Bitcoin and Black America, a revolutionary book that delves deep into black economics, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology.  Post coronavirus outbreak, the global financial system is in flux. […]

Crypto scams could hit all-time highs in 2020, report

Crypto scams could hit all time highs in report

Crypto scams in 2020 are rising to record levels as criminals have already pocketed close to $1.4 billion from hacks, thefts, and misappropriation of funds so far. Blockchain and cryptocurrency intelligence solutions firm CipherTrace released the report recently. The hype and the heightened emotion surrounding cryptocurrencies have often prevented consumers from doing their due diligence […]

Stock market is booming despite crisis at home, why the disconnect?

Stock market is booming despite crisis at home why the disconnect

The stock market is not equivalent to the economy, but rarely have we seen a glaring disconnect between the two. The year 2020, however, is an exception, and American entrepreneur and investor, Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano, explains why in his latest episode of Lunch Money. America is in turmoil. Just when everyone thought that the year […]

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