EOS price prediction 2024-2030: Will EOS reach $100?

Key takeaways

  • In 2024, EOS could reach a maximum price of $0.7644 and an average price of $0.6829.
  • By 2027, the EOS price value can reach a maximum of $2.29.
  • The EOS price in 2030 could reach a maximum possible level of $6.86 and an average forecast price of $6.06.

EOS is a fully decentralized network that supports the development, hosting, and execution of large-scale decentralized applications (dApps), offering significant advantages in scalability and user experience. The cryptocurrency entered the crypto market in 2017 and has experienced a significant journey, including a record-breaking $4 billion Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Despite its initial promise as an “Ethereum killer,” it has faced various challenges impacting its market performance and reputation.

Can EOS reach $10 soon? Let’s get into the EOS price prediction and technical analysis.


Market Cap$896,869,333
Trading Volume$89,831,584
Circulating Supply1,502,707,445
All-time High$22.89   Apr 29, 2018
All-time Low$0.4802   Oct 23, 2017
24 High$0.6028
24 Low$0.5736

EOS price prediction: Technical analysis

Price Prediction$ 0.7644
50-Day SMA$ 0.720754
14-Day RSI37.55
Fear & Greed Index50 (Neutral)
Green Days13/30 (43%)
200-Day SMA$ 0.824531

EOS price analysis: Cryptocurrency seeks recovery beyond $0.595 high

TL;DR Breakdown

  • EOS price analysis confirms an uptrend.
  • Coin value has increased up to $0.595.
  • Strong support is available at $0.473.

The daily and hourly EOS price analysis for July 19, 2024, confirms a bullish prediction for the cryptocurrency. The bulls have resumed action today following yesterday’s massive bearish turn in price. In the past 24 hours, the coin value has improved up to a high of $0.595, considering the rising bullish pressure. If the bulls remain persistent, the cryptocurrency can expect further recovery.

EOS 1-day price chart: Upturn leads to recovery beyond $0.595 border

The bulls are on the leading end for now, considering the turnover in the past 24-hours. The bulls have bounced back during the day because of the rising buying activity. If we discuss the cryptocurrency value, it has recovered up to $0.595 because of today’s upward momentum. Side by side, the moving average (MA) indicator confirms the bullish swing. Its overall value has improved to $0.572 because of the constant rise in the bullish momentum. 

EOS/USD 1-day price chart, Source: TradingView

The upper end of the Bollinger bands indicator has moved to $0.627 high due to the increasing volatility. The lower end of the Bollinger bands indicator has shifted to the $0.473 low, suggesting high support. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator confirms the recent changes in price movements. Its overall value has ascended to index 54.60 because of the bullish sentiment.

EOS /USD 4-hour price chart: EOS steps up to $0.595 high amidst upside

The hourly EOS price analysis presents a highly bullish scenario regarding the ongoing price movements. Green candlesticks have dominated the four-hour price chart since the early hours. Overall, the coin value has spiked up to $0.5956 because of the ongoing upside. Side by side, the moving average indicator confirms a substantial decline in its overall value.

EOS/USD 4-hour price chart, Source: TradingView

The upper end of the Bollinger bands indicator has moved to $0.622, confirming high resistance. Meanwhile, the lower end has shifted to a $0.576 low, indicating support. The RSI graph displays an ascending curve on the four-hour price chart. Its value has increased to index 53.65 because of the increasing trend in the past few hours.

EOS technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average (SMA)

SMA 3$ 0.58015SELL
SMA 5$ 0.573128SELL
SMA 10$ 0.575756SELL
SMA 21$ 0.60721SELL
SMA 50$ 0.720754SELL
SMA 100$ 0.80926SELL
SMA 200$ 0.824531SELL

Daily exponential moving average (EMA) 

EMA 3$ 0.582002SELL
EMA 5$ 0.580012SELL
EMA 10$ 0.587422SELL
EMA 21$ 0.62628SELL
EMA 50$ 0.705044SELL
EMA 100$ 0.767252SELL
EMA 200$ 0.793693SELL

What to expect from EOS price analysis

The latest price prediction for EOS confirms an increasing trend for the cryptocurrency. Because of the rising bullish momentum, its overall value has recovered to a high of $0.595. The four-hour price analysis confirms a bullish turnover for the cryptocurrency as well. Regarding the bullish progression, further recovery may be anticipated soon.

Is EOS a good investment?

EOS has seen fewer green days in the last month. The coin’s price has decreased by 25% over the last year and 85% over the last three years. However, the circumstances can change, and a turn in the upper direction cannot be ruled out. A bullish rally may be expected in the latter part of this year (2024), potentially pushing the AMP above $0.764.

Why is EOS down?

EOS is in revival, with bullish pressure weighing on its price action. The coin has been able to break above the $0.4799 level, and bulls have made all efforts. EOS will recover further if sufficient support from the buyers is obtained.

Will EOS Recover?

EOS is currently trading in its lower historical price envelope. The coin enjoyed some bullish action from late October 2023 until March 2024, but that did not match the price levels it had previously seen. Considering the current situation, the coin’s price will remain low.

Will EOS reach $1?

EOS’s immediate resistance level is at $0.59. In July, EOS is sweating to break this level. Suppose the broader cryptocurrency market moves in a bullish direction. In that case, EOS may also follow the trend and is expected to reach the $1 level by the end of 2025 if everything remains favorable.

Will EOS reach $5?

EOS was last seen above the $5 level in November 2021. Since then, the EOS value has plummeted significantly; however, the coin is expected to surpass $5 again by the end of 2029.

Will EOS reach $10?

According to Cryptopolitan’s price prediction, EOS may not achieve the $10 level in the next five years. It will take considerable time and significant growth in the coin’s market cap to reach $10, possibly by 2032.

Does EOS have a good long term Future?

According to The Motley Fool, a private financial and investing advice company based in Virginia, EOS is a “very risky choice.” The publication says EOS’s future is uncertain given the scandals and problems surrounding the EOS Foundation and Block. One blockchain company. However, the market speculates that EOS will reach above $6 by 2030, but the speculations can change at any time. 

EOS recent news/opinion

  • The EOS Network Foundation announced its EOS staking plan will start on July 8, 2024. The first batch of 250 million EOS is expected to enter the staking pool on the same date.
  • The EOS Network has allocated 5 million $EOS to Greymass from the new Middleware bucket, recognizing their pioneering work since the network’s inception.

EOS price prediction July 2024

EOS price prediction for July 2024 is a minimum value of $0.51 and an average price of $0.60. The price could reach a maximum of $0.69 during the month.

EOS price predictionPotential low Average price Potential high 
EOS price prediction July 2024$0.51$0.60$0.69

EOS price prediction 2024

EOS price prediction for 2024 anticipates a minimum value of $0.6598 and an average price of $0.6829. The price could reach a maximum of $0.7644 during the year.

EOS price predictionPotential low Average price Potential high 
EOS price prediction 2024$0.6598$0.6829$0.7644

EOS price prediction 2025-2030


EOS price prediction 2025

The price of EOS is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.9086in 2025. EOS can reach a maximum level of $ 1.14 and an average price of $0.9360.

EOS price prediction 2026

EOS forecast for 2026 projects a minimum price target of $1.30, a maximum price of $1.58 and an average forecast price of $1.35.

EOS price forecast 2027

In 2027, the price of EOS is forecasted to be around a minimum value of $1.99. EOS’s price can reach a maximum of $2.29 and an average trading value of $2.05.

EOS price prediction 2028

The average price of EOS is expected to reach a minimum level of $2.77 in 2028. The EOS price can reach a maximum level of $3.42 and an average price of $2.87.

EOS coin price prediction 2029

In 2029, the price of EOS is expected to reach a minimum price of $3.98. The EOS token can reach a maximum price of $4.95 and an average price of $4.09.

EOS price prediction 2030

EOS could reach a maximum price of $6.86 in 2030. Traders can expect a minimum price of $5.90 and an average forecast price of $6.06.

EOS market price prediction: Analysts’ OP price forecast


Cryptopolitan’s EOS price prediction

Cryptopolitan’s EOS prediction for the remainder of 2024 projects a minimum price of $0.6598 and an average price of $0.6829. We expect EOS to reach a maximum price of $0.7644 during the year.

EOS historic price sentiment

  • In 2018, the EOS ICO made history by raising a staggering $4 billion, the largest initial coin offering ever.
  • After this success, EOS’s cryptocurrency quickly climbed into the top 5 by market cap.
  • However, by late 2021, the price of the EOS token had fallen from $10 in June 2018 to $4.40 due to a declining user base.
  • In 2022, EOS experienced significant price swings. It peaked at around $3.27 and dropped to a low of about $0.81. On average, EOS traded at approximately $1.59.
  • In 2023, EOS saw even lower prices, reaching a maximum price of $1.33. The token dipped to as low as $0.53 between August and September. On average, EOS traded at roughly $0.84 and closed the year at $0.8450.
  • In Q1 2024, EOS’s price fluctuated between $0.65 and $1.30, with the lowest prices in January. By February and March, prices began to stabilize, averaging around $1.02​.
  • EOS reached $1.15 on April 12, 2024, but soon declined below $1, maintaining an average price of about $0.8 throughout May.
  • At the time of writing, July 3, 2024, the current EOS price is trading within the $0.5600 – $0.5800 range.


What is Block.one?

Block.one is a private company registered in the Cayman Islands that develops the EOSIO platform that runs EOS tokens. Established in 2017 by Brendan Blumer, the CEO, and Daniel Larimer (CTO), it will be one of the largest companies in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Trouble started when the EOS Network Foundation (ENF), the ‘rebels’, claimed Block.one was no longer acting in the network’s best interests.

Where can you buy EOS?

Since EOS is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies today, trading of the coin is available on most of the largest crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Huobi. EOS might not be available on smaller exchanges or ones that are more strictly regulated.

How do I store EOS?

As with popular cryptocurrencies, EOS can be stored on popular hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano S and Trezor. Several options are also available for software/desktop wallets, such as Jaxx, Exodus, Atomic wallet, and Infinito

How do I mine EOS?

EOS uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, which requires no mining. Therefore, if you want to help maintain the blockchain, you have to stake your EOS tokens. From there, you select the network validators by using your staked coin votes and get rewarded in proportion to your staked coins.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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