Aave price prediction 2024-2030: Is AAVE a good investment?

Key takeaways

  • AAVE price prediction for 2024 could reach a maximum value of $107.32
  • By 2027, AAVE could reach a maximum price of $511.69
  • In 2030, AAVE will range between $1,254 to $1,522.

Aave is a leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its innovative financial solutions such as flash loans, which allow users to borrow instantly without collateral, and dynamic interest rates that adapt to market conditions. Participants in the Aave ecosystem can deposit their digital crypto assets back into liquidity pools to earn their interest payments or obtain loans by borrowing funds without providing collateral. Aave’s governance and fee distribution are significantly driven by its native token, AAVE, enhancing its utility and value within the platform.

Will AAVE reach new heights with new developments expected in the Aave ecosystem? Let’s get into the Aave technical analysis and predictions.


Market Cap$1,376,523,785
Trading Volume$114,945,215
Circulating Supply14,844,429
All-time High$666.86 (May 18, 2021)
All-time Low$45.88 (Oct 02, 2020)
24 High$88.91
24 Low$85.57

Aave price prediction: Technical analysis

Volatility$301.91  (227.02%)
50-day SMA$92.89
14-Day RSI36.68
Fear & Greed Index72 (Greed)
Green Days12/30 (40%)

Aave price analysis: AAVE prices hold at $88.55 as buyers eye a move above $88 mark

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Aave price analysis is bullish today
  • The resistance is present at $88.91
  • The strongest support is present at $85.57

The Aave price analysis shows a generally fluctuating trend, with significant volatility around the $86.89 mark. Despite several sharp declines indicating selling pressure, the overall movement appears to be trending upward, with the price peaking at $88.55 towards the end of the period.

This suggests that buyers are actively participating in the market, managing to push the price higher despite intermittent downtrends. The recurring recoveries after each dip highlight the buyers’ resilience and their efforts to maintain upward momentum.

Aave price analysis on a 1-day price chart: Bullish momentum pushes the price up to $88.55

The 1-day Aave price analysis shows the price breakout was bearish at the start of the day. However, it has since recovered and is now trading above the $88 mark for the first time in a few days. The price has been on an upward trend since early today, as buyers have taken advantage of bullish momentum to increase their positions in the market.

AAVE/USD 1-day price chart; TradingView

The Bollinger Band’s upper limit is at $107.98, while the lower limit is at $77.23, with a middle line at $92.61.The RSI score appears to be following an upward movement, signifying an increasing market trend toward further positive dynamics. 

AAVE 4-hour price analysis: Price returns to $88.55, increasing chances for recovery

The 4-hour AAVE price is trading in the green on the intraday charts and looks set for more upside in the near term. The coin is currently trading at $88.55 and is up 1.50 percent from yesterday’s intraday low of $85.57.

The price is now close to breaking through the resistance level of $88.91, with strong buying pressure in the market as traders take advantage of bullish momentum. Buyers should be aware that any pullback from current prices could lead to an immediate selloff if momentum fades away.

AAVE/USD 4-hour price chart; TradingView

The upper limit of the Bollinger bands is at $91.13, and the lower band is at $77.82.

Aave technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average

PeriodValue ($)Action
SMA 3 94.78SELL
SMA 5 95.02SELL
SMA 10 98.26SELL
SMA 21 99.44SELL
SMA 50 92.89SELL
SMA 100104.87SELL
SMA 200 100.96SELL

Daily exponential moving average

Period Value ($)Action
EMA 3 101.02SELL
EMA 5 102.20SELL
EMA 10102.01SELL
EMA 2198.91SELL
EMA 50 97.68SELL
EMA 100 99.26SELL
EMA 200 96.97SELL

Aave price analysis conclusion

Aave price analysis shows that the market has been in an uptrend since opening trading today. The bulls and bears have been seen battling for control over the market, but the bulls have regained control and pushed the prices up to $88.55, which is where they are currently trading. The AAVE price has been on an uptrend since the start of today, and further bullish momentum could push it to new highs. The coin is recovering from the correction it had faced, and bulls look in control of the market. 

Recent news/opinion on AAVE

  • Aave Surpasses $20 Billion in Deposits as Record Revenue Sparks Fee Structure Debates.

Is AAVE a good investment?

Aave offers users the infrastructure necessary to participate in various lending and borrowing activities within the DeFi ecosystem. Boasting a growing user base, the platforms’ versatility extends beyond traditional DeFi applications, with the potential for expansion into gaming, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized applications (dApps).

AAVE token serves as a core component of the platform, driving its ecosystem and utility. Many investors and industry insiders view AAVE as a solid investment choice for cryptocurrency markets, considering its track record of success and ongoing development efforts.

Where to buy AAVE?

AAVE tokens can be traded on centralized crypto exchanges. The most popular exchange to buy and trade Aave is Binance, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including AAVE. Coinbase and Bitfinex which Offers a variety of trading pairs and support AAVE.

Aave price prediction June 2024

Aave could experience an uptrend in June, surpassing $107 at the end of the month. The minimum price projected for the coin is around $103.69. On average, traders and investors can expect AAVE to trade at $106.53.

Aave Price PredictionPotential LowAverage PricePotential High
Aave Price Prediction June 2024$103.69$106.53$107.32

Aave price prediction 2024

The price of AAVE is predicted to reach a minimum value of $132.86 by Q4 of 2024. Traders can anticipate a maximum value of $155.10 and an average trading price of $138.16.

Aave Price PredictionPotential Low Average Price Potential High 
Aave Price Prediction 2024$132.86$138.16$155.10

Aave price prediction 2025-2030

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Aave price prediction 2025

In 2025, AAVE’s average price could be about $202.72. Its minimum and maximum prices can be expected at $195.81 and aave’s price at $230.46, respectively.

Aave price prediction 2026

The AAVE forecast for 2026 suggests a price range of $301.08 to $345.83 and an average AAVE rate of $309.19.

Aave (AAVE) price prediction 2027

As per AAVE’s Price Prediction 2027, the coin’s price could reach a maximum and minimum price of $511.69 and a price rise $451.55, respectively, with a year-round average of $467.01.

Aave price prediction 2028

The price of Aave is predicted to reach a minimum value of $653.25 in 2028. Traders can expect a maximum value of $786.95 and an average trading price of $671.93.

Aave price prediction 2029

In 2029, AAVE’s average forecast price could be about $912.06. Its minimum and maximum prices can be expected at $878.47 and its live price at $1,139, respectively.

Aave (AAVE) price prediction 2030

In 2030, the price of Aave is forecasted to be around a minimum value of $1,254, maximum value of $1,522 and an average trading value of $1,300.

AAVE market price prediction: Analysts’ AAVE price forecast


Cryptopolitan’s Aave (AAVE) Price Prediction

According to our AAVE price forecast, the coin’s market price might reach a maximum value of $155.10 by the end of 2024. Looking forward to 2026, the value of Aave could surge to $363.78.

AAVE’s Historic Price Sentiment

  • AAVE started out as ETHLend in 2017 as a peer-to-peer digital asset lending and borrowing platform. It generated $16.2 million during an initial coin offering (ICO).
  • AAVE was given a new name in 2018, with ETHLend becoming a subsidiary. In January 2020, the protocol officially went live on the Ethereum mainnet. By August of the same year, the AAVE token rose to be the second DeFi protocol to get to $1 billion in total value locked, with MakerDao being the first.
  • In the same month (August), the FCA awarded AAVE an EMI (Electronic Money Institution) license, which saw LEND rapidly rise by 30% to a new ATH.
  • Aave’s proposal to upgrade its protocol was passed unanimously by its community. Following Aave v3’s mainnet launch on 16 March, the AAVE token surged as much as 114% to a nearly three-month high of $261.29 on 1 April 2022.
  • By mid-August 2022, AAVE was able to recover slightly, hitting just over $100, but another downtrend was on the way again. From late 2022 to early 2023, the coin traded at around $50 to $60 per token.
  • From the end of January to the end of March 2023, signs of an uptrend can be observed in the cryptocurrency market, as the Aave token traded around $80 – $90.
  • Between January and April 2024, AAVE was on the upward trend. For the year, it registered its highest price at $142.
  • From May 20th to the start of June 2024, AAVE experienced an upside in trading volume and market cap, jumping from $85 to $113. At the time of writing, June 20, 2024, AAVE is trading between $90 – $97.


Where can I buy Aave?

Aave is listed on Binance, Gate.io, Coinbase exchange, KuCoin, and Huobi Global.

Why should I buy AAVE?

AAVE has been audited and given a clean bill of health by financial and programmers. The protocol is open-source, meaning that anyone can interact with the program to enrich their projects.

What can I do on Aave?

Once you are on the Aave platform you can deposit, borrow, earn, govern and innovate on the Aave protocol.

Is AAVE undervalued?

AAVE is a long-term bet with a stellar team and connections. Few projects are in DeFi and are as good/professional as AAVE. Unsurprisingly, AAVE is also the first large mover into institutional DeFi as they've cultivated those relationships starting in Europe.

Everything might seem overvalued right now as hype must be built up for the community, but if and once the bubble bursts, if you don't buy back in, you will be crying in a few years' time maxima.

How do I navigate the multi-chain scene (Polygon, Avalanche, Harmony, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, Terra, and Solana)?

We've mapped out the fiat on-ramp/off-ramp and how to move liquidity between these chains to take advantage of liquidity mining incentives and new projects that pop up on these chains. My home base CEX is Crypto.com since they have direct USDC and MATIC withdrawal to Polygon. 

How do I protect my DeFi funds?

If you have more than $5,000 in crypto and are using Metamask Extension, you HAVE to watch this guide to learn how to use decentralized apps like PancakeSwap https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EG-E77E1o2M.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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