Editorial policy

Cryptopolitan’s mission is to offer quality, authentic and timely news to allow our readers to participate in the blockchain revolution. We hire best in class professionals to bring you breaking news stories from all around the world in the crypto space. Our news is preceded with thorough research and validation to ensure the most reliable information.

At Cryptopolitan, we want to share the knowledge we have and gather from all corners of the world with our readers. The content we provide is meant for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be treated as any kind of advisory or suggestion towards investment. We expect writers to rely on their own judgment and due diligence as Cryptopolitan takes no responsibility for their actions.

Observing ethics is vital for our contributors and writers. We strive to bring peace and harmony to our societies, thus it is essential that we honor these ethics. Violations of ethics and their condonance dehumanize our world order and reflect unsound paradigms that are often stimulated by adhering to twisted moral standards (i.e., a vicious circle). 

We believe in authentic and neutral journalism therefore we strictly avoid the use of; vulgarity, obscene language, sensationalism, bias, and hate. We, therefore, believe in good sources and accurate information. These sources shall be used while writing a piece of news or an article may that be a social issue in the Cryptosphere, a healthy improvement, the latest gadget or any other area. 

We hold your reviews, opinions, and suggestions in high regard, therefore, we have appropriate sections for such pieces. It’s a good practice to follow basic 5 Ws and an H (What, When, Where, Who, Why and How) journalism rule while crafting your articles.

We are concerned only with the facts; a suspect is only a suspect unless proven a criminal. People related to the accused shall not be identified and witnesses should be protected. Official reports and statements shall be used for crime stories.

We believe in harmony and humanity therefore prejudice towards race, color, religion, sexual orientation must be avoided and any such details shall only be included if highly relevant.

We believe in Freedom of Speech, the basic human right to opinions and faiths, and social responsibility therefore we must not intimidate any individual, community or nationality. Intimidation can lead to serious communal riots and other disasters that must be avoided.

Abiding by the law therefore, our writers must make sure that they are not breaking their local laws or contempt. Material submitted must not break the Copyright, Privacy or Defamation laws, such material automatically becomes subject to removal from our website.

We believe in working within the judicial boundaries to serve the public interest towards better societies and harmony across borders. Crime, Public Safety, and Fraudulent practices are our prime concerns.

We respect every individual’s private life and do not publish details without prior consent. Twitter, Facebook and other social media posts set as “Public” may be embedded provided that they do not defame the individual. 

Photographs of groups and individuals in private settings must be captured with their consent or in case of taken from a public forum must be published with sources.