DigiByte Price Prediction 2023-2031: Is DGB a Good Investment?

DigiByte Price Prediction 2023-2031

Digibyte is being developed to enhance certain aspects of both Bitcoin and Litecoin networks. Bitcoin transactions are much slower compared to Digibyte cryptocurrency. This network is one of the few decentralized, unlike the top 100, which are mostly “centralized” despite being on the blockchain. and thus, it’s worthwhile to monitor DGB price movements with this DigiByte Price Prediction.

This cryptocurrency mainly focuses on the hiked transaction fee, transaction speeds, and massive volatility, making it a problem to utilize these digital assets as a payment method. That’s why we are monitoring the $DGB price movement in our DigiByte Price Prediction. Ranking as the 18th among the mineable coins is not totally surprising but encouraging for all in the crypto industry.

The Digibyte blockchain pays attention to the downturn in blockchain performance related to some code troubles. Before exploring Digibyte price prediction, let’s find out what DigiByte is.

Today’s DigiByte price is $0.008054 with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,164,101. DigiByte is down 0.72% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #148, with a live market cap of $127,966,845. It has a circulating supply of 15,888,963,168 DGB coins and a max. supply of 21,000,000,000 DGB coins.

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What is DigiByte (DGB)?

DigiByte refers to an open-source blockchain and an asset creation platform. Digibyte blockchain argues that other blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum are not secure or scalable enough.

However, it asserts that it has a tested and proven solution that is quicker and safer than its rivals. Digibyte refers to a blockchain network established on three separate layers. The covering layer is for smart contracts, DApps, and adjustable tokens DigiAssets protocol. The intermediate layer refers to the public ledger where DigiByte’s native token, DGB, can flow across the entire blockchain and acts as the base asset. The DigiByte platform’s heart is the lowermost layer, including decentralized nodes, client software, and communication. 

The founder, Jared Tate, has been working on DigiByte from 2013 through 2020. However, the Genesis block was officially launched in 2014 as a Bitcoin hardfork. Having been in operation for over five years now, DigiByte demonstrated that its protection as a blockchain technology network is authentic.

Digibyte’s Unique Feature

The unique feature of the global DigiByte blockchain is that it utilizes five DigiByte mining algorithms while most blockchains only use one. The five separate mining algorithms protect the network from mining centralization and enhance its security. These algorithms include SHA256, Scrypt, Groestl, Skein, and Qubi.

On top of the multi-algorithm mining, the Digibyte blockchain asserts that it possesses the most advanced difficulty stability than any other modern blockchain. The progressive difficulty adjustment feature shields the network from vicious attacks and reinforces its security. Thus Digibyte (DGB) has favorable future price predictions.

DigiByte’s primary goal is to provide the crypto community and even financial institutions with a new and more secure means of settlement. It seeks to promote decent transaction speed along with tight security protocols. Thus, it seeks to dominate the cryptocurrency markets.

DigiByte transactions are fast, and it is one of the safest cryptocurrencies. The DGB team will aid in linking these financial institutions with tech gurus and digital asset users globally. DigiByte blocks were designed as a flexible, secure, and adaptable infrastructure that will introduce fresh features and services to the blockchain industry.

Although currently, the crypto asset rests at a 24-hour trading volume of $233,731,200.36. Dash’s price is currently around $154. You can buy Digibyte at any major crypto exchange as it is a profitable investment and might see a price rise soon.

DGB future developments

DigiByte seems to be performing more amply compared to some other cryptocurrencies in the market. Although the digital currency suffered significant deficits during the March 2020 crash, it successfully recovered and has put it in a strong foothold as others struggled to get back to where they were before the crash. DGB token has been among the top performers since the COVID-19-instigated market crash, and its future outlook is encouraging. 

Even though the team does not have a real roadmap, they have several development ideas under consideration. First of all, they are exploring a mining algorithm swap. The network currently utilizes five separate mining algorithms, and the developers are considering modifying one of them to decentralize mining even further. 

The main development goal on the list of agendas is the DigiByte team term “Core 4.1.3”.The protocol’s successful development will allow users to create and run a smart contract on the Digibyte blockchain. This could be huge for DigiByte, and it will most probably drive the value of the virtual currency. 


DigiByte asserts that it is actively looking to collaborate with corporate organizations. If large companies were to adopt the DGB token, it would massively influence the Digibyte price. In 2018, the blockchain firm employed a public relations agency’s services to push its brand. This was a superb move and helped DigByte enter new partnerships.

In 2018, DigiByte partnered with Investa UK to integrate DGB tokens in its debit cards and ATMs worldwide. 

In July 2020, DigiByte revealed that it collaborated with Three Fold, accelerating decentralized peer-to-peer internet plans. As per the official announcement, the partnership between the two aimed to accomplish their shared vision of a world that would empower humanity.

Exchange listing

The DGB token is now supported by multiple top exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Bittrex, OKex, etc. These platforms support the trading of DGB tokens in cryptocurrency or fiat currency pairs. Although DGB has not attained the exchange ubiquity of top cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH, the token is now supported by over 55 crypto exchanges, excluding the multiple platforms that have chosen to apply its technology. 


Community is perhaps DigiByte’s biggest strength. Its myriad members are very vocal on social media networks and regularly vote for DGB to get listed on exchange platforms. A DigiByte Awareness Team was initiated to serve as a community-driven outreach drive to boost the network. The objective is to foster the DigiByte network’s proliferation via education, meetings, holding events, and various other awareness-raising activities. 

Will DigiByte succeed?

The system for evaluating the value of a digital asset is yet to be leached out by investors. In reality, the average conventional investor is not aware of the availability of these tokens. As such, DigiByte presents an excellent opportunity for investors who think laterally. From a technological point of view, DigiByte is a coding masterpiece. 

The DGB token is arguably the quickest, safest, and most safe blockchain existing. For this reason, the network provides boundless opportunities for individuals seeking to develop on top of the DigiByte network. Several developers are currently employing DigiByte’s technology, such as V-ID, Docusign, Digi-ID, and Digi-Assets, to develop decentralized applications with different applications. 

Digi Assets could probably deliver immense value to DGB holders and the entire ecosystem. Users are required to give up a portion of DGB coins to issue a Digi-Asset. This forms a different use case for DGB tokens besides speculating. In 2017, Ethereum price massively gained because it required investment in initial coin offerings ICOs. This is because there was a real-world application that forced people to acquire ETH tokens. 

Additionally, the DigiByte decentralized application is capable of running a smart contract similar to the Ethereum blockchain. Jared Tate has already expressed his desire to support solidity to attract more developers to build on the DGB blockchain. This will specifically play a vital role in the trajectory development of the network. 

Like thousands of other blockchain projects, DigiByte price could eventually fail. Currently, there is not enough developer activity on the DigiByte blockchain, which is a big concern. Influential DGB community members and the DigiByte Foundation should put more effort into recruiting more developers into the network. 

Overall, DigiByte is a promising blockchain crypto project because it epitomizes the characteristics of true decentralization. DGB keeps a weather eye on blockchain development compared to other projects and advocates for adoption. Surprisingly, its native token has not performed better in the market and is, therefore, a good investment.

History of DigiByte hard forks

DigiShield – block 67,200

DigiShield was activated back in Feb. 2014 after the DigiByte blockchain launch to enable the blockchain to safeguard multiple pools that mine massive amounts of DigiByte at minimal difficulty. DigiShield accomplishes this by recomputing the block difficulty across all blocks, allowing prompt correction if a multi-pool starts or stops providing to DigiByte, instead of recomputing once every two weeks like in the case of the world’s leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The DigiByte team helped Dogecoin successfully execute DigiShield in 2014, prompting more than 20 other blockchains like Ethereum, Zcash, Bitcoin Gold, and Bitcoin Cash, and others to add it. 

MultiAlgo – Block 145,000

This hard fork was triggered back in Sept. 2014 to allow multialgo mining of DigiByte to fit in the different mining modes such as ASIC mining, GPU, and CPU mining. 

MultiShield – Block 400,000

This hard fork was triggered back on December 10th, 2014. This hard fork had the task to activate DigiShield across the new MultiAlgo platform and accomplish the same goals on all five mining pools

DigiSpeed – Block 1,430,000

The hard fork was initiated back in December 2015 and aimed at increasing the speed of the DigiByte coin. The Digibyte block time for confirming transactions was by 50 percent to 15 seconds. 

Odocrypt – Block 9,112,320

The hardfork was triggered in July 2019, giving birth to Odocrypt, a unique FPGA-friendly hashing algorithm. The algorithm is designed specifically for Digibyte and adjusts after every decade as an anti-ASIC approach. 

Brief history of DGB price over the years

Digibyte All-time performance,

Source: Coinmarketcap

DigiByte’s native token DGB was introduced into the market back in 2014. DigiByte price remained at $0.01 for a couple of days before dropping even further towards $0.0003. The altcoin did not excel during its early days, and most investors opted to acquire other, more prominent digital assets. Nevertheless, the DigiByte cryptocurrency began to grow gradually and started amassing capital. 

Digibyte (DGB) hovered within $0.0003 for about three years before spiking during the spring of 2017. Investors who acquired DGB early made a three-fold profit when the Digibyte price reached $0.001. For once, the DigiByte cryptocurrency market cap started to spell tens of millions of dollars. 

During the fall of 2017, a well-known payment platform Paytomat added support for DGB. On top of that, popular crypto exchanges listed the cryptocurrency. As a result, the DGB price started growing more resolutely. 

Early into 2018, the price of DGB reached a record high of 13 cents per DGB token and $1.2 billion in total market capitalization. Unfortunately, the pull-back phase knocked in and drove the cryptocurrency downwards. The sharp retracement transformed into a broad bearish trend, and indicators dropped. 

Another notable pricing event occurred when the price of DGB rose from $0.017 to $0.049 in April 2018, gaining more than 185 percent. Afterward, its price plummeted to a low of $0.004 in 2020. In January 2021, one DGB traded at $0.025 after a substantial rally. At the time of writing, one DigiByte token retails at $0.043.

DigiByte (DGB) Technical Analysis

DigiByte price analysis shows DGB coin is currently worth $0.008044 after a period of trading in a declining channel between $0.0086 and $0.008. The cryptocurrency has seen a correction of nearly 0% in the past 24 hours, as the overall market stumbles.

The price of DigiByte has been trading in a descending triangle pattern since December 15th and it has been struggling to break past the resistance at $0.009.

The 50-day Moving Average (MA) has been above the 200-day MA since mid-November, which suggests that the overall trend is still bullish. The market volatility is high as the Bollinger Bands have widened, indicating that the price could break out of its current range soon.

Looking ahead, if the bulls can push the price above $0.009, we could see a rally to $0.01 and beyond. On the other hand, if the bears take control and push the price below $0.008, we could see a further decline to $0.007 and beyond.

Utilizing the relative strength index (RSI), moving weighted average (MWA), Williams fractal (fractal), and moving average convergence divergence (MACD) from the chart above, we can determine price patterns for DigiByte (DGB) to decide whether it is going to have a bullish or bearish year.

DigiByte’s RSI is currently below 50, indicating that the digital asset is in a bearish trend. The MWA has been declining since December and it has now crossed below the 200-day MA. This suggests that the bearish trend is likely to continue in the short term. The fractal has also been on a downward trend since mid-December. This further confirms that the bearish trend is likely to persist in the near future. Finally, the MACD is close to a bearish crossover which could lead to further declines in the price of DGB.

Overall, it appears that DigiByte is likely to remain bearish for the foreseeable future, with the Fibonacci retracement level of $0.0076 likely to act as a support level.

DigiByte Price Predictions by Cryptopolitan

Based on the recent DGB price analysis, The price of DigiByte is expected to continue on the bearish trend for a few more days, but we may see some positive price movement if market conditions improve. In the last few days, the market has been experiencing a downfall, but it seems like the trend may soon be reversing as we can see some positive price movement happening. In the long term, however, we can expect some volatility in the price of DigiByte.

Digibyte Price Prediction 2023

According to our current DigiByte price prediction for the year 2023, the price of DigiByte is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.012 in 2023. The DigiByte price can reach a maximum level of $0.014 with an average price of $0.013 throughout 2023.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2024

Our DGB coin price forecast for 2024 suggests DGB  is expected to trade at $0.022 as the highest price. The minimum price is expected to be $0.019, while the coin’s average trading price is expected to be $0.019.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2025

According to the DGB price forecast for 2025, the DGB token is predicted to reach a minimum level of $0.027. The DGB coin could potentially reach a maximum level of $0.032 with an average price of $0.028.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2026

In our DigiByte DGB price prediction for 2026, The price of DigiByte is predicted to reach a minimum value of $0.040 in 2026. The DigiByte price could reach a maximum value of $0.047 with an average trading price of $0.041 throughout 2026.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2027

DigiByte price forecast for 2027 the DigiByte  DGB coin is to attain a minimum level of $0.054. The maximum DGB price is expected to be $0.068 with an average trading price of $0.056 throughout 2027.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2028

Our DigiByte DGB price prediction for 2028 suggests the price of DigiByte will surge to a maximum price value of $0.094 with an average value of $0.080.The minimum forecast price is expected to be $0.078.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2029

According to our DGB price prediction for 2029, DigiByte price is forecast to reach the lowest possible level of $0.11 in 2029. As per our findings, the DGB price could reach the maximum possible level of $0.13 with the average forecast price of $0.12.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2030

Our DigiByte forecast for 2030  suggests that investors could trade DigiByte at a minimum value of $0.17. Investors might be able to buy the coin at a maximum price of $0.20, with an average trading value of around $0.18 throughout 2030.

DigiByte Price Prediction 2031

According to DGB price prediction for 2031, the average forecast price is expected to be around $0.26 while the maximum price value that could be achieved in 2029 is $0.29.Additionally, the DGB coin is expected to trade at $0.25 as the lowest value for 2031.

DigiByte Predictions by Technewsleader

Tech News Leader expects that the DGB/USD rate could rise in the next few years and reach new highs by 2027. The data provider forecast the token price could climb up to $0.035 in 2023. By 2027, the DGB coin is predicted to reach $0.12 and continue to rise to $0.72 in 2032.

DigiByte Predictions by Wallet Investor

WalletInvestor’s DGB coin price prediction says it is an “awesome” long-term investment. Its DigiByte price prediction for 2023 predicts breaking the $0.02 barrier by the end of the year, and by 2023 the altcoin could attain a maximum price of $0.014. Their long-term projection is that DGB will reach $0.094 by 2027 and could go up to $0.29 in 2031.

DigiByte Predictions by Digital Coin Price

According to Digital Coin Price, the GDB token will enter a bullish cycle in 2023. The data provider estimates that the token price could reach $0.29.The website goes on to state that the DGB token will continue on bullish market sentiment and by 2027, it could reach as high as $0.0440. Additionally, the website predicts that by 2031, the DGB token price will reach a maximum of $0.16.

Entered the market in 2014, DigiByte remained stable with consistent performance until 2017. Entered the 2018 market with a spike. Early reached May at $.05. Fewer stabilities until December culminating in the stability for the year 2020. The Chinese market impacted DGB costs for succeeding years.

DigiByte Price Predictions from a Redditor

DigiByte comes to me something like a “hidden gem” that I just want, no matter the price. I like its speed, low fees and, first of all, DECENTRALIZATION. I will also be very happy if you write me some more interesting information about DGB that I may not know. Of course, I did DYOR and found a few interesting things e.g. that this cryptocurrency basically doesn’t have a CEO etc.



DigiByte is a top 100 altcoin that attracts investors. Institutional and ordinary investors may drive its future worth. With an annual inflation rate of over 11% and 21 billion DGB tokens, it will take a big surge for DigiByte coin price to exceed $1. To add 70 times its present market price, the crypto must outperform or match Bitcoin.

DGB’s supply, speed, transaction cost, and multi-algorithmic mining meet my criteria. Multi-algo mining enhances Digibyte’s decentralization, which is key to any crypto. Seeing DGB rebound 30% while other cryptos were in the negative tells me demand is still there and investors understand Digibyte’s fundamentals. As long as demand remains, the development will continue.

Considering the massive yearly inflation rate of over 11 percent and the colossal supply of 21 billion DGB tokens, it will be an extraordinary and groundbreaking rally for DigiByte coin price to hit $1. The crypto should add over 70 folds of its current market price, and to do this, it has to take out or match the Bitcoin price movement.

DGB fits the criteria regarding supply, speed, cost of the transaction, and its multi-algorithmic mining. Its multi-algo mining boosts its decentralization which is the main importance of crypto, not just Digibyte. Seeing how DGB recovered 30% when most cryptos were in the red still tells us that demand is still there, and investors understand Digibyte’s core. The development will come as long as the demand is still strong.

Many analysts believe that the progress of Bitcoin and Ethereum may stand in the way of DigiByte. However, it is only time before DGB shows its performance on the crypto market. As stated before, Digibyte would have to do better than before to build partnerships and collaborations that increase visibility and infuse more funds into the project, making it relevant for all users and investors alike. Meanwhile, enjoy the hold.

In order to verify information, go beyond what is being shared on social media sites, as these are not necessarily reliable sources.


What sets DigiByte apart from other cryptocurrencies' network?

Many people are drawn to this platform because of a unique feature known as SegWit. Transaction confirmations are isolated from the data kept on the block, as the name indicates. This allows for considerably faster transactions.

Are Digibyte prices stable?

Digibyte has always fluctuated like other cryptocurrencies in the market. However, the DGB price forecast over the years shows that the token is said to do better than it has done in the past. Price forecasts have shown that if there could be an improvement in their offers, partnerships, and the likes, the token could hit a higher price annually. So far, use cases around Digibyte have been significant, but they can be better than they used to. Nonetheless, investing in this token is a smart move in 2022 and beyond.

Is it good to invest in Digibyte?

DigiByte price is forecast to hit a maximum of $0.29 in 2031. That would mean an ROI of 1828% on your investment at the end of 2031 if you buy DGB in current price of $.014. This is not investment advice.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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