Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will BTC Price Surpass $100K Post-Halving?

Key takeaways

  • Bitcoin price faces heavy buying pressure as it surges above $67K.
  • Our BTC price prediction expects BTC price to reach $100K by the end of 2024 due to bullish sentiment following halving event.
  • By 2030, BTC might touch $270,593 following increased institutional adoption.

Following the fourth Bitcoin halving event, Bitcoin price initially gained a buying demand; however, it failed to hold its bullish momentum due to rising bearish threats. As a result, BTC price dropped below the psychological $60K mark. However, there’s still hope among holders as they expect Bitcoin to reach $100K by 2024.

According to CoinGlass data, Bitcoin experienced over 14 percent drop in April, marking the most challenging month since November 2022. Historically, Bitcoin has ended May on a downward trend over the last three years, suggesting potential continued struggles.

However, despite bearish spot Bitcoin ETF flow the US Bitcoin sentiment develops a bullish trend as BTC HODLers are anticipating a continuous uptrend beyond $75,000. This has led analysts to think: Will this lead Bitcoin price past $100,000?

The current BTC trading sentiment is bullish as Bitcoin traded at its highest point in pre-halving rally. Since 2024 is bullish for the crypto market, anticipation is that the BTC price could hit $100K during this season.

As Bitcoin on-chain activities surge, questions arise, such as: “Does Bitcoin have the potential of hitting the $100K mark?” or “Will Bitcoin ever go up?” or “Where will Bitcoin be in 5 years?” Let’s answer them using our Bitcoin price prediction.


Market Cap$1,121,914,422,643
Trading Volume$45,318,495,561
Circulating Supply19,692,534
All-time High$73,750, March 14, 2024
All-time Low$0.04865, Jul 15, 2010
24 High$62,121
24 Low$56,555

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Price Prediction$80,986 (34.39% increase)
50-Day SMA$66,651
14-Day RSI38.30
Fear & Greed Index54 (Neutral)
Green Days15/30 (50%)
200-Day SMA$48,164

Bitcoin Price Analysis

BTC price consolidates around $67K amid rising buying demand

TL; DR Breakdown

  • BTC price analysis shows that Bitcoin faced a bullish pattern as the price consolidates around $67K.
  • Resistance for BTC is present at $67,555
  • Support for BTC/USD is present at $64,894

The BTC price analysis for 19 May confirms that bulls sparked a solid buying pressure as BTC price plunged selling confidence by breaking above the $67K mark. However, bears are now initiating a minor rejection as the price consolidates.

BTC price analysis 1-day chart: Bitcoin price faces intense bullish pressure

Analyzing the daily price chart of Bitcoin, BTC’s price faced a robust buying pressure as the price continued to surge above immediate Fib channels and headed toward the $67K level. However, the BTC price is facing a surge in selling demand as it struggles in maintaining its price above $67K. The 24-hour volume has surged to $910 million, showing an increased interest in trading activity today. BTC price is currently trading at $67,089, increasing by over 0.03% in the last 24 hours.

The RSI-14 trend line has surged from its previous level and currently trades above the midline at 58, hinting that a bullish pressure is on the edge. The SMA-14 level suggests volatility in the next few hours.   

BTC/USD 4-hour price chart: Bears aim for an immediate correction below moving averages

The 4-hour Bitcoin price chart suggests that bulls are strengthening their position as they are aiming to hold the price above the EMA trend lines. However, bears are maintaining selling confidence as the price slows down its rally around $67K.

The BoP indicator is trading in a negative region at 0.9, showing that short-term sellers are taking a chance to accelerate a downward trend.

Additionally, the MACD trend line has formed bearish candles below the signal line and the indicator aims for a negative momentum, strengthening short-position holders’ confidence.

Bitcoin Technical Indicators: Levels And Action

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)

SMA 3$63,371SELL
SMA 5$63,929SELL
SMA 10$65,676SELL
SMA 21$65,349SELL
SMA 50$66,651SELL
SMA 100$59,102BUY
SMA 200$48,164BUY

Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA) 

EMA 3$63,744SELL
EMA 5$64,261SELL
EMA 10$65,504SELL
EMA 21$66,559SELL
EMA 50$64,603SELL
EMA 100$58,756BUY
EMA 200$50,274BUY

What to expect from BTC price analysis next?

The hourly price chart confirms that Bitcoin attempts to drop below the immediate support line; however, bulls are eyeing for further recovery rally in the upcoming hours. If BTC’s price successfully holds its momentum above $67,555, it will fuel a bullish rally to $71,546.

If bulls fail to initiate a surge, BTC price may drop below the immediate support line at $64,894, which may begin a bearish trend to $60,512.

Recent News

  • Millennium Management holds nearly $2 billion in spot Bitcoin ETFs as of Q1 2024, diversified across ARK 21Shares, Bitwise, Grayscale, iShares, and Fidelity Wise Origin products, according to its SEC filing.
  • On 30 April, Hong Kong launched Asia’s first bitcoin and ether spot ETFs, shortly after the U.S. approved similar investments.
  • BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT), a spot Bitcoin ETF, has seen no new inflows since April 24, maintaining 274,462 BTC, raising concerns in the Bitcoin community.

Bitcoin Price Prediction May 2024

It is highly likely that the effect of this Bitcoin halving proceeds until the end of the month. This is due to the fact the price remains above its STH Realized price of $59K. In view of that, it can be assumed that a continued upward trend in prices should be expected with positive technical indicators and positive market sentiment. However, Bitcoin’s price movements might tumble following bearish pressure on the current Bitcoin price level. 

Bitcoin price might attempt to surge toward $67,000 from its recent low, and this number be pushed further, at least $74,000, if the strong downwards pressures are not seen. However, on the bearish side, we might see a rejection, leading to a consolidation within $51K-$60K.

Bitcoin Price PredictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Bitcoin Price Prediction May 2024$51,000$61,000$74,000

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

In the cryptocurrency market, the newly launched spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs in Hong Kong, with the giant inflows in the US ETF market indicates that the Bitcoin prices will head upwards in the near future. Historically, Bitcoin usually carries as the significant crypto coin in the year following a halving and it is expected that this will push up its price. Bitcoin miners might play a crucial role in holding bullish sentiment for future price movements. 

Furthermore, there is an increasing bullish sentiment that the base interest rates could be cut in the US, and thus, help to further the upward movement of Bitcoin. An outcome of which the 2024 year could be positive for Bitcoin, with its crypto-price perhaps touching $110,000 in the highest and the low could be around $48,000.

Bitcoin Price PredictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024$48,000$67,000$110,000

Bitcoin Price Predictions 2025-2030

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

The Bitcoin Halving event’s impact is expected to last into 2025, potentially holding the Bitcoin price above the $100,000 mark. If the global economy strengthens and inflation stabilizes at 2%, interest rates could be reduced by 2025.

Clearer crypto regulations could boost BTC investor confidence, leading to more buying demand amid scarcity due to halving.

Following the halving event over the next 12-18 months, BTC price is expected to surge toward $160,000, with a minimum price of $95,000.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026

Bitcoin might witness a slow growth after 2025’s halving surge, resulting in a surge in selling pressure. However, more financial products including a surge in ETF demand might hold BTC price within a bullish region. We might see a maximum price of $185,000, with a minimum price of $115,000 and average price of $130,000. However, BitMEX Ceo Arthur Hayes predicted the BTC price to touch $700K in 2026.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2027

Based on detailed technical analysis of past Bitcoin price data, it is projected that in 2027, Bitcoin could see a minimum price of $140,491. The potential maximum price is estimated to be $216,738, with an average value of $170,100.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028

By 2028, Bitcoin’s price is expected to possibly reach a low of $164,063. Maximum price projections are as high as $244,142, with the price averaging about $185,068 for the year.

Bitcoin Price Forecast 2029

Projections for 2029 suggest that Bitcoin could be valued at a minimum of $195,629. The price may peak at as much as $255,321, with an average throughout the year expected to be around $200,312.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction 2030

For the year 2030, the forecast suggests that the price of Bitcoin could start at a minimum of $225,903 and potentially rise to a maximum of $270,593. The average price is anticipated to stabilize at about $248,568 throughout the year.

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Bitcoin Market Price Prediction: Analysts’ BTC Price Forecast

Firm Name20242025
Trading Beasts$102,632$154,235
  • CoinCodex predicts Bitcoin’s price could reach $158,827 by 2025, using the Bitcoin Rainbow Chart based on past volatility and the cyclical nature of Bitcoin Halving events.
  • Cathie Wood of Ark Invest forecasts Bitcoin may hit $600,000 by 2030, with a potential rise to $1.5 million in her bull case scenario after Bitcoin ETFs approval.
  • Bloomberg Intelligence’s Mike McGlone estimates Bitcoin will reach $100,000 by 2030, attributing the increase to rising demand and BTC scarcity.
  • Robert Kiyosaki predicts Bitcoin price to touch $120,000 by the end of 2024.

Cryptopolitan’s Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

At Cryptopolitan, we are bullish on Bitcoin’s future price as the historical market sentiment is extremely impressive. By the end of 2024, Bitcoin might record a maximum price of $110,000, with a minimum price of $48,000 and an average price of $65,000.

However, the future market potential for Bitcoin entirely depends on its buying demand, regulation and investor sentiment in long-term holding. 

We expect Bitcoin price to create a high of $110,000 by the end of 2024. 

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Bitcoin Historic Price Sentiment

  • Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin in 2009, marking the first use of blockchain technology.
  • Bitcoin was initially of little value, gaining significant traction and hitting over $15,000 during the 2017 boom, with further highs reached in 2019 and 2021.
  • In 2021, Bitcoin peaked at $68,789.63 but dropped to $15,760 by December 2022 amid economic pressures including inflation and geopolitical conflicts.
  • By April 10, 2023, Bitcoin’s price surged 83%, breaking the $30,000 resistance level.
  • Throughout mid-2023, Bitcoin’s value hovered around $30,000, nearly reaching $32,000 due to positive market sentiments and potential ETF approvals.
  •  Bitcoin experienced a significant price drop in mid-August 2023, falling to $25,000 and remained volatile with October prices fluctuating between $26,000 and $29,500.
  • Bitcoin closed 2023 above $42,000, a 155% increase from the year’s start.
  •  Early 2024 saw Bitcoin rise above $45,000 in anticipation of multiple ETF approvals, despite a brief dip below $40,000 following the ETF approval.
  • Bitcoin’s price surged in February 2024, breaking its previous all-time high from 2021 on March 5th, reaching over $70,000 by March 8th, and setting a new high of $73,750.07 on March 14th.
  • However, in April, the BTC price dropped below $60K.


Will the Bitcoin price go back up?

Following the recent launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in US and Hong Kong, BTC price might witness robust buying pressure in the coming months.

Will Bitcoin Hit $1 Million by 2030?

Institutional investors like Michael Saylor expect the BTC price to surge toward $1 million by 2030; however, our BTC price prediction expects a maximum price of $270K by 2030.

What is the projected price of Bitcoin in 2025?

The Bitcoin Halving is expected to keep BTC prices above $100,000 into 2025, depending on global economic conditions and clearer cryptocurrency regulations. Post-halving, the BTC price could rise towards $160,000, with a potential low of $95,000.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Yes, considering the current market sentiment and rising institutional adoption, BTC price is expected to surge in the following days and might be a good investment option in the long term.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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