Worldcoin price prediction 2024 – 2030: How high will WLD go?

Key takeaways

  • In 2024, the WLD price can reach a maximum price value of $1.64 with an average value of $3.84
  • By 2027, the minimum WLD price might drop to $7.03, while its maximum can reach $8.31
  • The price of Worldcoin is expected to reach a maximum level of $13.57 in 2030.

Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency recently showing a remarkable price surge, is capturing the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. In the first week of May, Worldcoin’s token, WLD, saw a dramatic 22% increase in its value, positioning it as one of the top-performing altcoins in the market. This surge coincides with heightened activity around artificial intelligence (AI) advancements, particularly those involving OpenAI, hinting at a significant correlation between WLD’s market movements and developments in AI technology. The buzz is partly attributed to speculative reports about potential collaborations and new ventures that could integrate more AI tools into cryptocurrency.


Market Cap$514,762,230
Trading Volume$186,244,269
Circulating Supply268,388,788
All-time High$11.82   Mar 09, 2024
All-time Low$0.9758   Sep 13, 2023
24-h High$1.99
24-h Low$1.79

Worldcoin price prediction: Technical analysis

Price Prediction$ 5.87  (223.73%)
50-Day SMA$3.80
14-Day RSI24.29
Fear & Greed Index28 (Fear)
Green Days8/30 (27%)
200-Day SMA$ 4.94

Today’s Worldcoin price is $2.08, with a 24-hour trading volume of $143,630,523. Worldcoin is up 14.37% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is 110, with a live market cap of $575,824,057. It has a circulating supply of 274,206,716 WLD coins, and the max. Supply is not available.

Worldcoin price analysis: WLD corrects lower at $2.08 as bulls stumble to keep prices afloat

  • WLD price corrects to $1.81 as bullish challenge support.
  • Mixed indicators suggest uncertain short-term direction.
  • Watch for support at $1.81 and resistance at $2.10.

Worlcoin price analysis for July 18, 2024, shows a short-lived buying action during the opening of the daily trading session. The WLD token has been trading inside a declining channel, forming lower lows at the SMA 200 and lower highs at the SMA 100.

The downward trending SMA 100 and 50 lines support the current price action. At the time of writing, WLD/USD is trading at $2.08 with a total market cap of $575,824,057

Worldcoin 1-day Price Chart Analysis: Bulls Stage A Short-Lived Rally

The 1-day chart highlights a sudden price rally followed by a retracement lower. Initially, WLD/USDT corrected lower from the intraday high of $2.10 to post a low of $1.81 and rebounded above the SMA 50 line before correcting lower again.

WLD/USD 1-day price chart; TradingView

When writing, WLD has been trading beneath the 10-day and 50-day moving averages on its 1-day chart. The MACD shows that WLD is in the bearish zone as the signal line has crossed above the MACD line.

The technical indicators on the 4-hour chart show a mixed outlook. The RSI hovers around the midline at 21.74, suggesting that buying pressure is currently neutral and buyers will likely stay in control of the market soon. In addition, the stochastic indicator is still in oversold levels, indicating a bullish market sentiment for WLD/USD.

Worldcoin 4-hour Chart Analysis: Bearish Reversal In Progress

The hourly chart shows the WLD/USD pair trading inside a falling wedge pattern. The token’s price has been going through a gradual uptrend since bouncing off key support at $1.81

On the upside, we expect strong resistance near the $2.10 level and further at $2.10. On the downside, if WLD/USD breaks below the key support at $1.81.

WLD/USD 4-hour price chart; TradingView

The MACD shows that WLD is in a bearish zone, as the signal line has crossed above the MACD line. The RSI indicator also shows signs of bearishness, currently hovering around 73.18. This suggests that bears slowly take control of the market and could lower prices if buyers cannot defend key support at $1.81.

Worldcoin technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average (SMA)

SMA 3$2.26SELL
SMA 5$2.20SELL
SMA 10$2.33SELL
SMA 21$2.75SELL
SMA 50$3.80SELL
SMA 100$4.78SELL
SMA 200$4.78SELL

Daily exponential moving average (EMA) 

EMA 3$ 2.54SELL
EMA 5$2.65SELL
EMA 10$ 2.84SELL
EMA 21$3.24SELL
EMA 50$4.01SELL
EMA 100$4.62SELL
EMA 200$4.55SELL

What to expect from Worldcoin price analysis

The short-term outlook for WLD/USD is bearish; buyers could recover if they defend key support levels soon. In addition, investors should closely monitor the hourly and 4-hour charts, as any sudden price move might indicate a reversal from either trend. Watch out for key support and resistance levels on the charts, as they will better indicate where WLD/USD will likely head in the short term. 

Is Worldcoin a good investment?

Investing in Worldcoin offers the opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge cryptocurrency project that leverages biometric verification and zero-knowledge proofs to enhance asset security and privacy. Its innovative approach aims to prevent AI impersonation and support Universal Basic Income (UBI) distribution, potentially reducing economic inequality. The upcoming World Chain Layer 2 platform, backed by Ethereum’s security, promises efficient user onboarding and robust blockchain operations. These advancements position Worldcoin as a forward-thinking investment in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape.

Why is Worldcoin down?

Worldcoin is down due to recent selling pressure and market volatility. Short-term fluctuations and a potential lack of significant positive news may have contributed to the decline.

Will Worldcoin recover?

Based on the WLD price chart, which shows recent volatility and a slight recovery, Worldcoin may have the potential for recovery. Future performance will depend on market conditions and investor sentiment.

Will Worldcoin reach $10?

Reaching $10 for Worldcoin is uncertain and would depend on positive market trends. Current price levels and market conditions make this goal challenging but not impossible.

Will Worldcoin reach $100?

Reaching $100 for Worldcoin is highly unlikely due to current market conditions, its present price levels, and the significant rise in market capitalization required. Such an increase would necessitate extraordinary growth and adoption.

Does Worldcoin have a good long-term future?

WLD coin is showing some recovery trend; the token may have a promising long-term future. Continued development, adoption, and positive market trends will be crucial for its success

Recent news/opinion on Worldcoin

  • Worldcoin community reaches 6 million verified users.
  • Worldcoin launches World Chain developer preview.

Worldcoin price prediction July 2024

The average WLD price prediction for July is $2.35. Analysts expect the coin to reach a minimum and maximum price of $2.18 and $2.42, respectively.

Worldcoin price predictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Worldcoin Price Prediction July 2024$2.18$2.35$2.42

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2024

The price of Worldcoin is predicted to reach a minimum of $1.64 in the remainder of 2024. The WLD price can reach a maximum of $4.01, with an average of $3.84 throughout 2024.

Worldcoin price predictionPotential LowPotential AveragePotential High
Worldcoin Price Prediction July 2024$1.64$3.84$4.01

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2025-2030

YearMinimum priceAverage priceMaximum price

Worldcoin price prediction 2025

In 2025, Worldcoin is expected to cross the $4.40 average price level, according to the Worldcoin forecast and technical analysis. By the end of 2025, Worldcoin’s minimum price is expected to be $3.92. Additionally, WLD can reach a maximum price level of $4.73.

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2026

According to the forecast price and technical analysis, in 2026, the price of WorldCoin is predicted to reach a minimum level of $5.39. The WLD price can reach a maximum level of $6.61, with an average trading price of $6.28.

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2027

The price of Worldcoin is estimated to reach $7.03 by 2027, at minimum. Throughout 2027, the average trading price will be $7.62, and the maximum cost will be around $8.31.

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2028

The price of Worldcoin is expected to reach a minimum of $7.03 in 2028. The WLD price can reach a maximum of $8.31, with an average of $7.62 throughout 2028.

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the price of WorldCoin is forecasted to be around a minimum value of $8.67. It can reach a maximum value of $9.95, with an average trading value of $9.66.

Worldcoin price prediction 2030

The price of WorldCoin is predicted to reach a minimum level of $12.34 in 2030. The WorldCoin price can reach a maximum level of $13.57, with an average price of $13.47 throughout 2030.

Cryptopolitan’s Worldcoin price prediction

According to Cryptopolitan, Worldcoin (WLD) will experience tremendous growth in 2024 as it has the potential to achieve new highs in terms of price points and market cap. Worldcoin’s price is expected to surpass $8.77 by the end of 2024. 

Market price prediction: Analysts’ Worldcoin forecast

Firm Name20242025
Coincodex$ 2.94$6.54

Worldcoin’s historic price sentiment

WLD price history; Source: Coinmarketcap
  • Since its inception, Worldcoin has experienced fluctuations in its price. The lowest recorded price occurred on September 13, 2023, at $0.9758, marking a significant low point in its early history. This low price may have attracted initial investors seeking growth potential.
  • On the other hand, Worldcoin reached its all-time high two months ago, on December 17, 2023, with a price of $4.70. This milestone represented a remarkable surge in value, potentially drawing the attention of traders and investors looking for substantial returns.
  • In the most recent 30-day period, from December 31, 2023, to January 30, 2024, Worldcoin’s price displayed significant volatility. The opening price on December 31, 2023, stood at $3.70, but by January 30, 2024, it had dropped to $2.38, indicating a notable decrease of 35.71%.
  • During these 30 days, the highest price was $3.18, while the lowest was $2.09. This volatility highlights the challenges and opportunities of trading Worldcoin during this timeframe.
  • The closing price of Worldcoin also decreased from $3.64 on December 31, 2023, to $2.47 on January 30, 2024, reflecting a decline of 32.15%. WLD touched above $10 in March 2024 but soon lost momentum, falling below $5 in April.
  • Between June and July 2024, WLD has maintained a trading range of $1.76 – $4.10.


What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a cryptocurrency project that aims to distribute crypto globally through an iris scanning device called the Orb. The goal is to onboard 1 billion people by 2024.

How does the Orb work?

The Orb is a spherical device that scans a person's iris to generate a unique cryptographic identifier. This allows someone to claim a share of Worldcoin crypto without needing a smartphone or internet access.

Is the iris scanning safe and private?

Worldcoin states the Orb uses iris scans just to generate a mathematical hash and no image is stored. They claim privacy is maintained, though some privacy advocates have expressed concerns.

How can someone get Worldcoin crypto?

You can get a share of Worldcoins by having your iris scanned by an Orb device operated by a Worldcoin sign-up agent. This records you in the network allowing you to claim coins.

What is Worldcoin's potential?

If successful, Worldcoin could be one of the largest crypto distributions globally, spreading digital asset access including to underbanked populations. But major challenges around adoption and execution remain.

Disclaimer: The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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