XRP price prediction 2024-2030: Is $1 coming soon?

Key takeaways

  • Current XRP price prediction suggests that the coin’s price can increase by 20% which will take it to the $0.626 level by June 22, 2024.
  • The growing adoption rate of the XRP Ledger Protocol could push XRP to $0.920 – $1.13 in 2025.
  • In 2030, the target price for XRP is between $6.14 and $7.45, with an average price of $6.31.

There are several reasons why experts believe that XRP’s future performance is promising. For one thing, a strong community of supporters and developers continues to see tremendous potential in Ripple’s technology and products. Despite some short-term price fluctuations and a bear market, many analysts believe XRP has a bright future ahead.

Whether it will reach new highs or continue to grow steadily remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that this crypto asset will continue to play an important role in global financial institutions.

Is XRP a good investment? Will Ripple ever go up? Where will XRP be in 5 years? Let’s answer them using our XRP price prediction.


Market Cap$27,449,213,331
Trading Volume$2,412,061,862
Circulating Supply55,570,463,728 XRP
All-time High$3.84 Jan 04, 2018
All-time Low$0.002802 July 07, 2014
24-hour High$0.5194
24-hour Low$0.4808

XRP price prediction: Technical analysis

50-Day SMA 0.516995
100-Day SMA 0.556219
Fear & Greed74 (Greed)
Green Days14/30 (47%)

XRP technical analysis: XRP devalues to $0.495 amidst a downswing

TL;DR Breakdown

  • XRP price analysis confirms a downtrend.
  • The coin value has dropped to $0.495.
  • Support is stable on the $0.470 extreme.

The one-day and four-hour XRP price analysis for June 18, 2024, indicates signs of a downward swing. Although a bullish market trend was observed in the earlier part of this week, currently the circumstances are in favor of the bears. The selling momentum has regained its intensity in the past 24 hours. Moreover, the overall value of the cryptocurrency has downgraded to $0.495 as a result of the recent bearish comeback.

XRP price analysis on a daily timeframe: A downturn leads to depreciation below $0.495

The daily XRP price analysis suggests a declining trend for the cryptocurrency today. Overall, the week proved in favor of cryptocurrency buyers as a strong upswing enveloped the market. Today, however, a prominent bearish change in market events can be recorded. The market sentiment remained towards the bearish end as a result of the heightening selling momentum. The overall value of the XRP/USD pair has deteriorated to a $0.495 low today. If we discuss the moving average (MA) indicator, then its value has experienced a downfall as well. The indicator’s curve is descending as a consequence of the on-and-off bearish activity. Its overall value has been reduced to $0.489 for now. 

XRP/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView

The distance between the upper and lower barriers of the Bollinger bands indicator is declining. This is a sign of decreasing volatility, which is suggestive of an upcoming upward swing. The upper extreme of the Bollinger bands indicator has switched to $0.534 high, marking strong resistance. Whereas, the lower extreme of the Bollinger bands indicator has moved to a $0.470 low, indicating stable support. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator confirms the major shifts in the latest price movements. Its overall value has dropped to index 46.07, with a steep slope indicating today’s bearish outlook. 

XRP price analysis on the 4-hour chart: Downtrend ensues loss down to $0.495 end

The hourly XRP price analysis dictates a highly bearish scenario for the cryptocurrency. Although a bullish strike was recorded in the early hours of the day, the bears are now back on track. The selling momentum is on the intensifying side, and a prominent bearish shift can be observed. Furthermore, the overall coin value has depreciated to $0.495 as a consequence of the latest downturn. If the bearish activity persists, further declines in the XRP/USD value are to be expected soon. The moving average (MA) curve is on the ascending side, as a clear upswing was recorded yesterday. Its overall value has spiked up to $0.501 because of the increasing trend that has followed since yesterday. 

XRP/USD 4-hour price chart. Source: TradingView

The four-hour price chart dictates decreasing volatility as well. This declining change in volatility is predicting an approaching bullish swing for the cryptocurrency. The upper and lower bands of the Bollinger bands indicator have changed their positions considering the recent changes in volatility. Currently, the upper Bollinger band is situated at $0.512, indicating the resistance levels. Whereas, the lower Bollinger band is now occupying the $0.475 end, marking strong support for the cryptocurrency. The RSI indicator’s graph displays a steep, bearish slope. Its overall value has sunk to index 51.48, which is still an average figure.

XRP technical indicators: Levels and action

Daily simple moving average

PeriodValue ($)Action
SMA 3 0.497499SELL
SMA 5 0.497523SELL
SMA 10 0.50669SELL
SMA 21 0.513992SELL
SMA 50 0.516995SELL
SMA 100 0.556219SELL
SMA 200 0.570538SELL

Daily exponential moving average

EMA 3 0.510472SELL
EMA 5 0.515016SELL
EMA 10 0.520069SELL
EMA 21 0.522662SELL
EMA 50 0.531749SELL
EMA 100 0.546775SELL
EMA 200 0.556093SELL

What to expect from XRP Price analysis

The daily and hourly Ripple price analysis suggests a decreasing trend for the day. The bears have bounced back once again, and the selling pressure is intensifying rapidly. In the past 24 hours, the overall value of the cryptocurrency has declined below the $0.495 boundary. Whereupon, the four-hour price analysis predicts a similar market trend for the cryptocurrency as well.

Is XRP a good investment?

XRP, a cryptocurrency specifically tailored for rapid and cost-effective cross-border transactions, holds promise within global finance. The extent of adoption, coupled with Ripple’s strides in forging strategic partnerships, plays a pivotal role in shaping XRP’s value trajectory. As with any investment, the outlook for XRP remains subject to uncertainties, necessitating a cautious approach and thorough due diligence.

Recent News/Opinions on the Ripple Network

  • Ripple CTO David Schwartz has offered his view on the recent legal development of the case involving Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist who claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin.

XRP price prediction June 2024

In June 2024, XRP could reach a maximum price of $0.653. The average trading price is expected to be $580 for the month, while the lowest it can go according to the analysis is $0.487.

PeriodPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)
XRP price prediction June 2024$0.487$0.580$0.653

XRP Price Prediction 2024

Ripple price forecast for 2024 suggests that the price could reach a maximum price of $0.712 by the end of December. We expect an average trading price of $0.639 and a floor price of $0.614.

PeriodPotential Low ($) Average Price ($)Potential High ($)
XRP price prediction 2024$0.614$0.639$0.712

XRP Price Predictions 2025-2030


XRP price prediction 2025

The Ripple price forecast for 2025 is for Ripple cryptocurrency to trade at a minimum price of $0.8768 and an average price of $0.9023. The maximum forecast price for 2025 is $1.06.

XRP price prediction 2026

The Ripple price forecast for 2026 suggests XRP cryptocurrency could reach a minimum price of $1.24 and an average price of $1.29. Ripple coin is estimated to reach a maximum price of $1.52.

XRP price prediction 2027

Ripple XRP price forecast for 2027 estimates a minimum value of $1.75 and an average trading price of $1.80. The maximum price forecast for 2027 is $2.14.

Ripple price prediction 2028

The Ripple forecast for 2028 expects the price of 1 XRP to reach a minimum of $2.59 in 2028. The XRP price can reach a maximum level of $3.02, with an average price of $2.66 throughout 2028. 

XRP price prediction 2029

The Ripple coin price prediction for 2029 estimates that XRP to attain a minimum value of $3.95 and an average price of $4.06, with a maximum price of $4.45.

XRP price prediction 2030

According to the Ripple price forecast for 2030, Ripple is predicted to hit a minimum price of $5.74 and an average price of $5.90 throughout the year 2030. The maximum forecasted Ripple price for 2030 is set at $6.85.

XRP market price prediction: Analysts’ XRP price forecast

Firm Name20242025
Wallet Investor$0.40$0.86
Coincodex$ 0.65$ 1.18

Cryptopolitan’s XRP price prediction

Our forecast shows that XRP will achieve a high price of $0.729 near the end of 2024. In 2025, the XRP price will range between $0.876 and $1.06. In 2030, the cryptocurrency will range between $5.74 and $6.85, with an average price of $5.90. It is important to consider that the predictions can change at any time and are not investment advice. Professional consultation is suggested, or you can carry out your own research.

XRP historic price sentiment

  • Before 2017, the asset’s value hovered around $0.01, but, by April 2017, XRP rose to $0.05; the gradual climb soon continued as it reached $0.25 in May showing a positive price action as Ripple continues to excel.
  • Towards the end of 2019, XRP price stabilized at around $0.30 and did not cross the $0.5 mark throughout the year.
  • However, the bullish run of 2020 pushed the coin’s value to as high as $0.8 before finishing the year at $0.66.
  • Early 2021 was supposed to be bullish for XRP, but the SEC’s announcement of a lawsuit derailed investors. Nonetheless, XRP beat the odds and surged above $1.5 during the year, but by 2022 it plummeted significantly to as low as $0.31.
  • XRP started 2023 at $0.335 and on July 13, it almost doubled its value in a steep spike when it shot from $0.470 to $0.814 while swinging towards $0.9 for a few hours. A partial victory against the SEC triggered the price jump. XRP closed 2023 at about $0.62.
  • In 2024, XRP has so far ridden the wave of the market. The bears earlier on, and then bullish price movement by mid-March, resulting in a market price of $0.72. At the time of writing, XRP is trading between $0.47 – $0.48.
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Are On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) firms feeling the pinch from XRP's price volatility?

No, not at all. As of now, there are a considerable number of firms that choose ODL over XRP. ODL does not need that such firms hold on to XRP for a long period of time. Furthermore, these financial institutions are less vulnerable to volatility during transactions.

What's the ideal method for trading XRP?

Open-source and decentralized, XRP may be bought and sold on over a hundred different digital markets. XRP/USD trading may be done on a number of different exchanges on the internet.

Ripple's recommendation for XRP trading platforms?

For the most part, the cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) doesn't encourage or advocate the use of Internet listings or exchanges, and it makes no claims about them. Customer service and standards based on central bank criteria are different at each exchange when it comes to trading the XRP currency. You should do your own research before embracing new technologies or making financial decisions. To sum up, Ripple does not endorse or sponsor any specific trading platform for XRP.

Is Ripple (XRP) held by any financial institutions?

For its cross-border payments, the XRP Liquidity Pool has officially announced the usage of XRP by eight major payment service providers, including MoneyGram, MercuryFX, IDT, Cuallix, Western Union, and Cambridge Global Payments. A growing number of financial institutions are showing an interest in using Ripple's XRP coin to facilitate their payment processing operations.

What is the Ripple Payment Protocol?

Currency exchange, remittance network, and real-time gross settlement system are all features of the Ripple Payment Protocol (RTXP), also known as the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP). The network is built on a consensus ledger, an open-source distributed Internet protocol, and the native currency. In only a few seconds, Ripple (XRP) can settle transactions across borders

Is Ripple a safe way to transfer money?

This is a straightforward question with a straightforward answer: "Is Ripple safe?" It's because of Ripple's unique approach to cryptocurrencies, which sets it distinct from its rivals. Ripple is focused on a certain goal. The potential for dominance in the online payment business is enormous once it arrives.

What's the incentive for validators who are not Ripple validators?

Interbank settlements using the XRP Ledger will have an incentive to ensure that the network is reliable and stable if it is widely used. If this happens, institutions will set up Ripple servers to join the network. A validator's primary role is to guarantee that the network is stable and that it develops logically.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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