DigiByte blockchain developer hunt to help improve its ecosystem

DigiByte blockchain developer hunt to help improve its ecosystem

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DigiByte blockchain developer hunt has sparked interest from various quarters of the blockchain fraternity. The popular decentralized DLT network has announced hiring for blockchain developers to contribute to its ecosystem. The announcement for DigitByte blockchain developer hunt on 4th May is a piece of positive news for these uncertain economic times when developers are exploring new opportunities.

DigiByte is striding ahead with plans to launch new projects and expand its already extensive decentralized ecosystem. The recently launched DigitByte Foundation is a prime example of the firm moving forward at a good pace. Now, the DigiByte blockchain developer search aims to expand the team with well-qualified talent that will further strengthen the product portfolio.

DigiByte blockchain developer search to attract the best talent

The rise of decentralized solutions has also resulted in the creation of extensive talent with in-depth blockchain expertise. In the Twitter announcement for DigiByte blockchain developer search, the firm said it is looking for talented developers to work on current projects and significantly enhance the developer engagement related to DigiByte blockchain.

The GitHub repository further sheds light on the announcement. Bounty rewards await talented developers who bring about positive enhancements in the blockchain projects. Other participants would further help increase the familiarity quotient of the DigiByte blockchain network.

Developers would also be given more extensive experience with the DigiByte ecosystem to help them hone their skills further. Technically, there are about 28 projects in the DigiByte ecosystem that are open to the participating developers. They are further divided into categories, and developers would be classified accordingly.

DigiByte blockchain developer hunt to help transform the ecosystem

The first category of ‘Small Action Items,’ participants will make improvements to the DigiByte’s core wallet interface, make interactive DigiByte videos, help simplify the DigiExplorer usage. The next category of ‘Large Items’ includes ProgPow implementation, integrate lightning network, and also unite Schnorr into the ecosystem.

Lastly, the participants in the third category would work on numerous projects that promote DigiByte experience. All in all, the DigiByte blockchain developer search aims to create a holistic team that works on the diverse facets of the decentralized ecosystem.

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