Aptos Price Prediction for 2024 – 2030: Will APT Token Hold Bullish Hopes?

Key Takeaways

  • Our APT price prediction anticipates a high of $13.03 by the end of 2024.
  • In 2025, it will range between $16.55 and $19.58, with an average price of $17.14.
  • In 2030, it will range between $120.09 and $141.95, with an average price of $123.49.

Aptos is a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain with a mature ecosystem comprising a variety of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications.

Capital has aggressively moved into the blockchain, with transactions reaching $1.4 billion year-to-date, according to on-chain data compiled by OurNetwork. Part of the success was due to the Stargate Aptos campaign, which began in early March. Aptos Total Value Locked (TVL) rose by over 300% over the same period.

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Looking ahead, Aptos Network continues to show promise in terms of utility. But how about the performance of APT, its native token? How high will APT go? Is APT a good investment? Let’s explore APT performance and price predictions from 2024 to 2030.


Cryptocurrency Aptos
Current Price$9.06
Market Cap$3,977,063,487
Trading Volume$124,134,117
Circulating Supply436,482,003
All-time High$19.90 on Jan 30, 2023
All-time Low$3,09 on Dec 30, 2022
24-hour High$9.32
24-hour Low$8.87

APT Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Volatility (30-day Variation)4.28%
50-day SMA$9.35
200-day SMA$9.96
Fear & Greed Index73 (Greed)
Green Days13/30 (43%)

APT Price Analysis: APT is Consolidating 

Key Takeaways

  • APT has traded sideways through May.
  • It is in a downtrend as it retreats from the month’s high of $9.74

APT/USD 1-day Chart: APT remains rangebound

APT has traded sideways through May. The move came after it lost over half its value from the year’s high in March. It shows no signs of breaking out, noting that its momentum has slowed for the last three days. Its RSI is in neutral territory.

APT/USD 1-day Chart

APT/USD 4-hour Chart: Levels and Action

APT is in a downtrend as it retreats from the month’s high of $9.74. Will APT break above $10? The MACD shows negative momentum has risen in the last 8 hours, limiting its chance of breaking above the mark over the short term.

APT/USD 4-hour Chart

APT Technical Indicators: Levels and Action

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Period Value  ($)Action
SMA 108.93BUY
SMA 218.71BUY
SMA 509.35SELL
SMA 10011.40SELL
SMA 2009.96SELL

Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

EMA 108.88BUY
EMA 218.88BUY
EMA 509.66SELL
EMA 10010.21SELL
EMA 2009.89SELL

What can you expect from APT Price Analysis next?

Per our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index shows 73 (Greed). Aptos recorded 13/30 green days with 4.28% price volatility over the last 30 days. The Charts suggest it will remain range bound into June with a higher probability of breaking out downwards.

Is APT a Good Investment?

The Aptos blockchain focuses on safety and scalability, driving growth within a decentralized network and developer ecosystem. Retrospectively, Aptos has been highly volatile and is up 8% from its initial listing price. The predictions are bullish on APT.

Recent News/ Updates

  • The Aptos Labs team has introduced new global advisers, including David Lawee, former Google vice president of corporate development. Lawee, who founded Alphabet’s Capital G independent growth equity fund, will use his Web2 consumer experience to promote Aptos to the mainstream.

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Aptos Price Prediction May 2024

It remains unlikely that Aptos will break below the $8 support, which has held strong since the beginning of the year. However, it has a more significant upside potential. The Aptos May price prediction will range between $8.34 and $9.20. It will average at $8.90.

MonthPotential Low ($)Potential Average ($)Potential High ($)

Aptos Price Prediction 2024

Aptos’ supply of stablecoins has also almost doubled YTD from $50 million to $100 million. Stablecoin supply dominance as % of total TVL has declined by 13% to 27%, meaning TVL is becoming more diversified on the blockchain.

As the TVL diversifies, Aptos’ price prediction for 2024 will set the high at $13.03. However, the APT price might rest at $8.34 in a market correction, making an average of $11.80.

YearPotential Low ($)Potential Average ($)Potential High ($)

Aptos Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

YearMinimum Price ($)Average price ($)Maximum Price ($)

Aptos Price Prediction 2025

The Aptos Labs community is quickly driving more utility into the Aptos ecosystem. We anticipate more growth in 2025 supported by decentralized applications such as Merkle Trade, which,  months after launch, had generated over $7 billion in trading volume. Merkle Trade is the first-ever gamified perpetual decentralized exchange, blending gaming with crypto, forex, and commodities trading.

Aptos price prediction for 2025 sets the high at $19.58. However, the APT price might rest at $16.55 in a market correction, making an average of $17.14.

Aptos Price Prediction 2026

The year 2026 will experience more bullish momentum. As per the Aptos APT price prediction, it will range between $24.46 and $29.28, with an average trading price of $25.15.

The growth might result from expanding the APT community as it draws more users. 

Aptos Price Prediction 2027

Moving into 2027, the Aptos price forecast will climb even higher. As per APT Price Prediction, it will range between $35.18 and $42.72, an average of $36.19.

New partnerships and developments with Aptos Labs could facilitate this growth, enhancing the utility and demand for APT.

Aptos Price Prediction 2028

By 2028, the analysis suggests a further acceleration of Aptos’s price growth. As per the APT Price Prediction, the price can reach between a minimum price of $53.92 and a maximum price of $61.83, an average of $55.73.

Technological developments in the Aptos blockchain could propel growth during this period. The market anticipates lower transaction costs and faster settlements on the blockchain, facilitating the ease of use of APT.

Aptos Price Prediction 2029

As per Aptos Price Prediction 2029, Aptos price will reach a maximum and minimum price of $93.54 and $82.22, respectively, with a year-round average of $85.00.

The Aptos Labs team, comprising researchers, builders, and designers, will drive the adoption of Aptos by creating value on the platform, potentially driving APT value higher.

Aptos Price Prediction 2030

The APT coin price prediction for 2030 suggests a price range of $120.09 to $141.95 and an average price of $123.49. The long-term bullish scenario hinges on the global adoption of the Aptos blockchain and increasing usage of the APT token to settle transaction fees. 

Aptos Price Prediction 2025 -2030

Aptos Market Price Prediction: Analysts’ APT Price Forecast

Firm Name20242025

Cryptopolitan Aptos (APT) Price Prediction

Aptos has dropped 38% over the last 30 days, shedding most of its gains this year. Looking ahead, APT is anticipated to trade higher.

It will achieve a high of $13.03 in the second half of 2024. In 2025, it will range between $16.55 and $19.58, with an average of $17.14. Note the predictions are not investment advice. Seek independent professional consultation or do your own research.

Aptos Historic Price Sentiment

  • Aptos raised seed funding in January 2022, led by a16z. Series A  funding included Apollo, Dragonfly, Franklin Templeton, and others.
  • Some team members behind Aptos previously built the Diem blockchain, which was deployed in early 2020 to more than a dozen node operators.
  • The mainnet of Aptos was launched in October 2022; its initial total supply of APT at mainnet was 1 billion tokens. 
  • After the initial hype, APT would fall to its lowest in December 2022 to $3.09. A month later, tables turned as it peaked at an all-time high of $19.90 on January 30, 2023. 
  • In January, it pumped, likely due to the blockchain’s non-fungible token market. Collections such as Aptos Monkeys and Aptomingos have attracted more users. APT was bearish in Q1 2023. 
  • On 6th June, APT fell below its initial listing price and extended the losses in the preceding months.
  • In October, it started correcting, rising as high as $8.47 in November. 
  • In 2024, it broke above the $10 mark, reaching a high of $18 in March.
  • From April, it reversed sharply and was traded below $10.
APT/ USD chart Image source: Aptos Price Chart (APT)


What is special about Aptos?

The Aptos genesis took place on October 12, 2022, with its mainnet “Aptos Autumn” launched on October 17, 2022. The key features of Aptos are a parallel execution engine, low transaction costs, and high-level security features.

Where can I buy APT?

Popular exchanges where you can buy APT include Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase, and Gate.io.

What is the theoretical transaction throughput of the Aptos blockchain?

The PoS blockchain can achieve a theoretical transaction throughput of over 150,000 transactions per second (tps) through parallel execution.

How much did Aptos raise in its seed round?

In March 2022, Aptos raised $200 million in a seed round led by the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z). Other crypto heavyweights like Tiger Global and Multicoin Capital took part in the funding round.

What is the all-time high for APT?

The highest price paid for Aptos (APT) is $19.90, which was recorded on Jan 30, 2023.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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