ApeCoin Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will APE Break $1 Support?

Key Takeaways

  • APE will trade at an average price of $2.43 in 2025.
  • In 2030, it will reach a maximum and a minimum price of $19.15 and $15.64, respectively.

ApeCoin (APE) is an ERC-20 token used to govern the ApeCoin DAO. It is affiliated with Yuga Labs, the firm behind the Otherside metaverse, BAYC, and MAYC NFTs. During its launch, some tokens were airdropped to Yuga Labs NFT owners.

Unlike the common sentiment of being a meme token, ApeCoin has utility. APE had an impressive performance after its launch and reversed later as the fear of missing out (FOMO) died out.

According to data from Coinmarketcap, the coin now trades below its initial listing price of $8.53 in March 2022. Will APE reach $10? What will be its price in 2025? Let’s explore these and more in the Cryptopolitan Price Prediction from 2024 to 2030.


Current Price$1.13
Market Cap$687,337,837
Trading Volume$42,033,420
Circulating Supply604,895,833
All-time High$39.40
All-time Low$1.00
24-hour High$1.17
24-hour Low$1.13

ApeCoin Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Volatility (30-day variation)3.77%
50-day SMA$1.148
Fear & Greed Index66 (Greed)
Green Days13/30 (43%) 
200-day SMA1.577

ApeCoin Price Analysis: APE maintains support at $1

TL; DR Breakdown

  • ApeCoin is trading at its lowest levels this year.
  • Positive momentum is dropping, preventing APE from registering higher highs.

APE/ USD 1-day Chart: APE is back to Pre-halving levels

ApeCoin is trading at its lowest levels, levels recorded before the Bitcoin halving hype in 2023. The $1 support holds strong, and the descending triangle formation attempts to break lower. Positive momentum is dropping, preventing APE from registering higher highs.

APE/ USD 4-hour Chart: APE in Decline

This short timeframe shows APE is in a steep decline after momentarily reaching $1.3 last week. The momentum is negative, with the RSI at 36.92, edging closer to oversold territory.

ApeCoin Technical Indicators: Levels and Action

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)

PeriodValue ($)Action
SMA 31.2345SELL
SMA 51.2292SELL
SMA 101.2482SELL
SMA 211.2402SELL
SMA 501.4736SELL
SMA 1001.6681SELL
SMA 2001.5771SELL

Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

PeriodValue ($)Action
EMA 31.2511SELL
EMA 51.2485SELL
EMA 101.2487SELL
EMA 211.2955SELL
EMA 501.4641SELL
EMA 1001.5699SELL
EMA 2001.6858SELL

What to expect from APE Price Analysis Next?

The moving averages are bearish on APE, and the current analysis indicates negative momentum. Over the short term, it will remain in a gradual decline but is unlikely to break below $1. It will be bullish over the long term. 

Is APE a good investment?

Since ApeCoin is a widely used ERC-20 token, most retailers consider it acceptable. Additionally, the coin has utility within the Yuga Labs projects. Our Cryptopolitan Price Prediction will show how the coin will trend in years to come.

Recent News/ Updates

  • The ApeCoin DAO, through AIP-383, is offering free spots for you to display your art at the entrance of NFC Lisbon.
  • In other news, ApeCoin DAO contributors can earn $25 of APE for contributing content for the Alpine F1 team.

ApeCoin Price Prediction May 2024

ApeCoin faces stiff support at $1, a position expected to hold in May. A further fall in price will, in May, force the coin into oversold territory as the RSI breaks below 30. Over the short term, the short-term EMA will cross above the long-term EMA to form a golden cross, which indicates a potential upward price movement.

The ApeCoin price prediction for May 2024 is between $1.00 and $1.66, with an average of $1.28. However, the support may not hold if the market sentiment remains negative and Bitcoin breaks below $55,000.

ApeCoin Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)
May 20241.001.281.66

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2024

As the second half of 2024 unfolds, APE’s trajectory diverges from its expected breakout rally post-halving. This movement is visible as it attempts to break below its $1 support.

Presently, APE is bearish, as evidenced by the price registering lower highs. However, current predictions hint at a market reversal in June, with the first target at $1.28.

The pivotal moment will be the breach of the $1 mark; a plunge below this level could substantially decrease the probability of the price reaching the $1.83 target. Conversely, if the momentum is positive and the price rises above $1.28, it may signal a prolonged bullish phase into 2025.

YearPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

Year Potential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2025

The Yuga Labs community is quickly driving more utility into the ApeCoin ecosystem. The Otherside projects, for instance, is now conducting meetings on the metaverse, moving away from Discord, which is a milestone for the community. We anticipate more growth in 2025.

APE price prediction for 2025 sets the high at $2.73. However, in case of a market correction from the post-Bitcoin halving, the APE price might rest at $2.35, making an average of $2.43.

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2026

The year 2026 will experience more bullish momentum. As per the Apecoin APE price prediction, it will range between $3.37 and $4.00, with an average trading price of $3.47.

The growth might result from the expansion of the APE community as they continue to draw more users. 

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2027

Moving into 2027, ApeCoin price forecast will climb even higher. As per APE Price Prediction, it will range between $4.91 and $5.84, an average of $5.08.

New partnerships and developments with Yuga Labs could facilitate this growth, enhancing the utility and demand for APE.

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2028

By 2028, the analysis suggests a further acceleration in APE’s growth. As per the APE Price Prediction, the price can reach between a minimum price of $7.58 and a maximum price of $8.50, an average of $7.83.

Technological developments in the Ethereum blockchain could propel growth during this period. The market anticipates lower transaction costs and faster settlements on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating the ease of use of APE, an ERC-20 token. APE may also migrate to ApeChain- the Arbitrum Orbit layer 3.

ApeCoin Price Prediction 2029

As per ApeCoin’s Price Prediction 2029, APE’s price could reach and maximum and minimum price of $11.10 and $13.28, respectively, with a year-round average of $11.49.

ApeCoin DAO’s ongoing efforts to secure more global partnerships and achieve wider adoption of its token might play a pivotal role in this anticipated price rise.

ApeCoin APE Price Prediction 2030

The APE coin price prediction for 2030 suggest a price range of $15.64 and $19.15, and an average price of $16.21. This long-term optimistic view hinges on APE’s increasing global recognition and adoption. As more users and payment systems incorporate the APE token, the demand could potentially surge, driving its value higher.

ApeCoin Market Price Prediction: Analysts’ APE Price Forecast

Firm Name20242025

Cryptopolitan’s ApeCoin (APE) Price Prediction

While the short term sentiment is bearish, we anticipate ApeCoin to trade higher in coming years. The coin will achieve a high of $1.83 in the second half of 2024. In 2025, it will range between $2.35 and $2.73, with an average of $2.43. However you should note that ApeCoin has historically been highly volatile. Negative market sentiment, such as market crashes, could derail the predictions.

We expect ApeCoin’s price to attain a maximum price of $19.15 by the end of 2030. 

Apecoin Historic Price Sentiment

  • Yuga Labs was founded by the ApeDAO in 2022 and began trading on March 17, the same year. The coin registered high volatility following its distribution, with the price ranging between $6.48 and $39.40 in days. 
  • The volatility was accompanied by high investor interest; on March 24 alone, Coinbase registered a trading volume of $2.3 billion. The internet was also buzzing with the keywords APE and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).
  • APE would then register its all-time high at $39.40 moments after being listed on Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange.
  • The bullish streak was, however, short-lived. Six months later, the coin had plummeted, falling below $6.
  • By the end of 2022, the coin plunged to $3.
  • For the first three quarters of 2023, APE maintained a bearish trend, falling from $6.05 in January to a low of $1.09 in October.
  • The market sentiment changed in October as institutional interest in crypto Electronic Traded Funds (ETF) grew. There was also hype as the 2024 Bitcoin halving event approached, an event historically accompanied by bullish market cycles.
  • The global crypto market cap crossed the $2 trillion psychological barrier, while APE rose above $2.
  • The hyped bull run continued into 2024 pushing APE to $2.43. Strangely, the market began reversing during the Bitcoin halving month, April, falling to a low of $1.07.
Image Source: ApeCoin Token Price, Charts & Market Insights | Your Crypto Hub



Since ApeCoin is a widely used ERC-20 token, most retailers consider it acceptable.

Additionally, the coin is already being used as NFT rewards; holders with the BAYC can immediately cash in their free APE. Our CP Price Prediction section will show how the coin will gain value in years to come.


The APE token is a governance mechanism in the APE ecosystem.APE powers the community that is cryptocurrency development at the forefront of web3.


APE is listed on most top-tier crypto exchanges, these include: Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, and OKX.


ApeCoin is highly volatile and therefore prone to a crash. The opposite is also plausible, APE has registered over 30% price gains in a single day


ApeCoin is a legit project with utility on the ApeCoin DAO. Its meme token nature however has made people think that it is a scam project.


You can store your APE tokens on Metamask, Bitget wallet, Binance Web3 wallet, Trezor hardware wallet, and MyEtherWallet.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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