Bitcoin can prevent vaccine scams

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  • The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has finally started spreading across the US.
  • The FBI has issued a warning about vaccine scams.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) is a trustable solution.

Bitcoin can prevent vaccine scams

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There is always someone trying to ruin a good thing. The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine has finally started spreading across the US, but there are already scammers trying to take advantage of the situation.

Government organizations are wanting people to be wary of vaccine scams who are saying they will swap their vaccine for personal information. Companies are selling false treatments for Covid-19. The FBI told CNN they are receiving complaints from scammers that are taking advantage of the Covid-19 vaccine so that they can get personal information and money.

The FBI will do its part to prevent scammers from exploiting people. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is doing all it can to prevent fake Covid-19 medicines from being distributed.

The Federal Trade Commission ( FTC) has sent out warning letters to several companies making claims without any backing. The Better Bureau warned via a news release to stay alert against messages that ask people for their details.

People in the US are desperate for a cure and will do all that they can do to get it. According to the world meter, the US has had 17,164,631 Covid cases.

To differentiate from scammers and establish trust paying with Bitcoin could be the best way to go.


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Bitcoin is famous for its unique peer-to-peer ability as well as its capacity to keep people’s identity a secret. Bitcoin users do not have to disclose their identity. The Blockchain system can ensure that information and money are sent only to the person that needs to receive it. BTC helps people feel liberated about how to use their money.

Bitcoin is decentralized to the extent that it does not need a central force to process transactions. The lack of a central force means that it can escape corruption and is harder to infiltrate.

Bitcoins’ ability to secure your information and ensure that it is sent to the right person builds trust.

Evidence around Bitcoin

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Bitcoin is becoming a trustable solution for individuals and companies all over the world. According to statista.com, 351.42 thousand transactions occur across the world.

There is 18.5 million Bitcoin in circulation. There are 11,497 BTC ATMs across the US alone.

BTC is fast becoming a global phenomenon and is being seen as an alternative to all fiat currency because of its unique selling point of promoting transparency.

It is despicable that people would take advantage of a pandemic that has already consumed so many. It is also not surprising that scammers would take advantage of people’s desperation as they look for a life-saving solution.

The issue at hand here is also the fact that there is no distinct way for people to protect their identity. Bitcoin is a solution that can ensure that people can make choices that protect their identity. BTC can protect people’s information, help people feel more secure, and can set companies apart from corrupt schemes.

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