Blockchain and healthcare

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  • We are in a season of experiencing dangerous diseases.
  • CNN reports more diseases could come out.
  • Hospitals need to be prepared with blockchain.

Blockchain and healthcare

The Covid 19 season has been nothing short of a horror story, constant lockdowns, deaths people in and out of hospitals. Yes, there has been a beacon of hope with the vaccine, but the new Covid variant is spreading across London, and the world is showing the world that these dangerous diseases are out there and in many forms.

CNN reports that the doctor who discovered Ebola warns that more deadly diseases are due to come. Speedy hospital service is vital to ensure that people survive whatever issue they come into the hospital with.

According to the Guardian, thousands of people die waiting in their hospital beds. 5,500 people had died in 2019  because of having to wait too long in UK hospitals.

Hospitals will need to find more efficient ways of running their operations to be prepared for whatever comes next. Blockchain technology can play a crucial role in speeding up the process no matter the season.

Blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrencies, but information can be stored in the blockchain thanks to its smart contracts. All blockchains offer a high degree of protection and are challenging to interrupt, making them more successful in delivering data safely and securely.

The wonders of the platform mostly come from how transparent the technology is, especially those who send and receive the information. Blockchains direct technology makes it effective at sending information to those that need it.

There is no central force in the crypto world to intercept the stored details making it more reliable. Some blockchains are more effective than others.

Bitcoin and Litecoin are pretty much the same accept Litecoin uses less energy than BTC. The Ethereum 2.0, which is yet to be full-formed, will be the most trusted, efficient system and has much potential to change the universe.

There are so many organizations already finding a way to make the advanced technology useable in health care.

Different health care

black and gray stethoscope

A key use of blockchain in healthcare is to keep patients documents secure. According to builtin.com from 2009 to 2017, 176 million patients records were unveiled patient records in the US.

The information which is stolen is then used to steal money from victims. Blockchain is private and incorruptible.


shallow focus photo of blue and gray stethoscope on brown wooden table

BurstIQ’s platform can help companies store many healthcare information and ensure everything follows the rules set. Thew company is based in Colorado.


person holding hands

Factom is based in Texas. The company uses blockchain to ensure blockchain technology is storing health records.


man wearing white dress shirt

Medicalchain’s blockchain intends to maintain health records’ integrity and maintain the patient’s confidentiality even from outside sources. The organization is based in London.


woman on bed holding plastic cup

This company is based in California, helps companies and governments implement blockchain into its cybersecurity.

There is a need for more security within healthcare, and there are multiple companies which are taking on the obligation to protect us all. More than anything, blockchain is necessary to ensure safe but speedy delivery and handling of thousands of patient information.

We are in a season where no one is safe, and everyone could likely end up in the hospital. Our systems need to be in a position to handle as many patients details as possible effectively.

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