The EU should promote ETH to prevent further Covid 19 victims

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  • Europe Covid 19 victims surge.
  • Germany, France, and Russia Covid cases worsen.
  • ETH could be the EU’s solution.

The EU should promote ETH to prevent further Covid 19 victims

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Europe is struggling to protect its citizens from becoming Covid 19 victims. CNN reports that daily covid deaths seem to be reaching new highs.

There is only so much the European Union (EU) hospital network can do. In Russia, its intensive care unit in Stockholm is at 99% capacity.

Today Russia reported its highest death toll of 613 deaths. Sweden had to put in place a pandemic law to close public spaces.

France is extending its lockdown as cases continue to increase. In Germany within a day, there are 598 fatalities, according to the Robert Koch Institute. Germany accumulates 29,875 new covid 19 victims today at an exponential rate.

The previous day the figure was 6,000 less than it is today. Germany will be discussing how to tighten lockdown measures further. Germany’s restrictions were not good enough.

The EU must encourage its countries to stay indoors. Thanks to Ethereum (ETH) there is a range of fun ways to incentivize people to avoid social contracts thanks to its smart contracts.

The Ethereum world

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The Ethereum blockchain allows individuals and companies to input data that produces a specific output that can translate itself in a range of ways. The ETH smart contracts can be used by businesses to trade and pay employees while other businesses have opted to use ETH to create fun activities.


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In early November this year, Skymarch Gaming alongside Enjin launched three NFT games based around the Ethereum blockchain. The games are of very high quality because Skymarch’s team consists of people across, Disney, Ubisoft, Riot Games, and Electronic Arts.

These games are a great way to escape reality and itch some of those urges for the community when we are in lockdown conditions. Skymarch will collaborate with Enjins Multiverse, which allows gamers to use items across the three games.


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Aside from gaming, music is another recreational activity that helps you feel like you are not alone. The power of music is that you can find people who are singing about how you feel and suddenly be understood.

There is nothing more comforting than fresh music as old music can get tiring. Thanks to the ETH streaming platform Audius there is a whole new range of artists available for people to listen to.

Remote work

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ETH has an effective network so that people can work from home safely and feel like all their needs are being met. With ETH 2 the Ethereum network is on its way to becoming more robust than ever against attacks as it will have 16 validators.

You can also encrypt information via ETH. People will be able to work from home without worrying about whether or not their information will be stolen.

The EU needs to push for people to realize the full potentials of staying at home, locked up with the ETH network. ETH offers a whole world of leisure and pleasure that can keep not just individuals but companies satisfied.

It is crucial that the EU gets creative and hops on the ETH train to prevent more covid 19 victims.

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