Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra, Cardano Price Analysis ‒ 2 December Morning Prediction


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Major coin prices recede after a global market cap efflux of 1.78%.
  • Bitcoin prices fall below $57K after a 1.45% value drop.
  • Ethereum suffers a blow of 4.00% in the last 24-hours.
  • Crypto favorites Terra (LUNA) and Cardano (ADA) see gains of 12.13% and 8.06%, respectively.

After witnessing a blow of 1.78% value drop, the global market cap has suffered a $0.06T loss after a recent efflux. The trading volume has dropped by 6.46% and is on a losing streak as the global market cap drops.

The decreasing market cap is due to the small but not unnoticeable; price drops among the various cryptocurrencies that sit among the top ten. Seeing slightly bearish runs and displaying red charts, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance have recorded sudden value drops.

The sudden decrease in trading volume throughout the night has left investors perplexed after all had seemed to be going so well in the last few days.

Bitcoin treads carefully between $55K-$58K

Bitcoin’s value has continued to rise and fall between $55k- $58k in the last twenty-four hours. These value changes are not too problematic, considering Bitcoin is a multi-thousand dollar token, but still showers a shiver down the backs of investors as they hope this trend does not drop below $55k.

Despite having started December on the right foot, milling around $57.5k, there has been a 1.77% value drop since yesterday down to $56,215 price that has left us fidgeting with nerves in fear that the value drop will increase. The last thing investors want is for Bitcoin to put a distance between itself and $60k again, but we continue to watch on as the trading volume suffers a blow of 2.34%.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra, Cardano Price Analysis ‒ 2 December Morning Prediction 1
Source: CoinMarketCap

Given Bitcoin’s large value, it is quite problematic for even a 2% value drop, making a vast difference of hundreds of dollars in value decrease. Bitcoin’s market cap is at $1.076T and $35.53B trading volume per twenty-four hours.

Ethereum stops its value decrease at $4.5k

Ethereum leads the global crypto market cap by 20.7%, meaning that the significant drop in Ethereum’s market cap of 4.20% has made a large difference in the global market cap’s value. The dependency of the global crypto market cap on Ethereum and Bitcoin puts more pressure on these two tokens than any other.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra, Cardano Price Analysis ‒ 2 December Morning Prediction 2
Source: CoinMarketCap

Still, even after seeing a 4% decrease in value from $4.75K, Ethereum has not stayed below the $4.5k line and continues to shift around this value, making investors hope that the bullish trend continues for Ethereum throughout the month. Its market cap is $539.28B, while its trading volume, after seeing a dramatic decrease of 13.37% in value, is at $25.22B.

Terra and Cardano among the top gainers this morning

At the time of writing, it seems that our two Top 20 currencies have been making noticeable advancements as of now! Terra, a blockchain protocol that uses stablecoins to power global payments systems, is the #12th rank in the crypto market. After seeing a 12.13% increase, its value is at $64.11 per Terra (LUNA). 

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Terra, Cardano Price Analysis ‒ 2 December Morning Prediction 3
Source: CoinMarketCap

Meanwhile, Cardano (ADA), a consistent Top 10 contender, gains 8.06% to a price of $1.72. Although Cardano did not profit much from the past week’s price rise, its coin seems to be turning things around by showing off green charts. ADA loyalists can rejoice as its influence in the crypto market increases.


Although the global crypto market started off the new month with a bang, we have once again entered into a state of price fluctuations up and down, but with hopes that this time, the month will not show as huge effluxes as November had. As we have seen Ethereum as the dominant blockchain used for thousands of decentralized applications, the headline was no longer surprising:

Ether overtakes Bitcoin as the king of crypto with 530% return so far this year

Source: Fortune

Plus, Ethereum underwent an upgrade that was expected to help make it faster and more scalable. Do we see Bitcoin innovating something about its platform soon? Keep your eyes and mind open if you want to keep pace with crypto price changes and take your pick among viable utility-based altcoins.

Investors continue to support their respective tokens up the ladder of the crypto hierarchy and break their records from earlier this year by the start of 2022. We look forward to seeing the various cryptocurrencies’ progress throughout December.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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