Monero price prediction 2024-2030: Should you buy XMR now?

Key takeaways

  • Monero price prediction suggests a bullish trend, with XMR anticipated to reach $330 by the end of 2024.
  • XMR could reach a maximum price of $790 by the end of 2027.
  • By 2030, Monero’s price may surge to $1290.

Monero (XMR) stands out in the cryptocurrency space for its strong focus on privacy and decentralization of transactions. This makes it a popular choice for privacy advocates and those prioritizing security. The Monero ecosystem is constantly evolving, marked by significant milestones like enhanced protocol upgrades and growing adoption across various sectors, which underscore its utility.

As Monero continues to progress, many wonder about its future price trajectory. Will its unique features drive significant value growth? Can it sustain its competitive edge in the ever-evolving crypto market? Will XMR recapture its ATH at $517.62?

Monero overview

Market Cap$3,134,728,635
Trading Volume 24-h$57,435,311
Circulating Supply18,446,744 XMR
All-time High$517.62 May 07, 2021
All-time Low$0.213, Jan 15, 2015
24 High$173.20
24 Low$166.84

Monero price prediction: Technical analysis

Sentiment Bullish
50-Day SMA $154.69
200-Day SMA $145.14
Price Prediction$365.02 (112.05%)
F & G Index 13.85 (extreme fear)
Green Days 15/30 (50%)
14-Day RSI 36.57

Monero price analysis: XMR crashes to $155 as bulls fail to hold key support levels

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Monero price analysis shows a consolidation between $170 and $150 across the daily charts.
  • The XMR coin has fallen by over 2.60% at the time of writing.
  • Monero prices have sought support and resistance at $150 and $155, respectively.

The Monero price analysis shows it has broken from consolidation, crashing to the $155.0 mark. The broader cryptocurrency market observed bearish sentiment over the last 24 hours, as most major cryptocurrencies recorded negative price movements.

Monero price analysis 1-day chart: XMR returns to $155 as bulls power through strong bearish pressure

The 24-hour XMR/USD price chart indicates an upward trend in the market as prices move toward the $155.00 level. The lack of bullish support between $170 and $150 suggests strong bearish activity in the short-term markets that may dictate price action in the mid-term charts.

Technical indicators for XMR/USDT 1-day chart by Tradingview

The Indicators reflect the bearish price sentiment as all three major technical indicators show red signs. The MACD is bearish at -1.96 units, moving deeper in the red region, while the EMAs are above the mean position, and their gradient remains downwards as the price level declines across the daily charts. The RSI also shares this sentiment as the indicator fell to 41.57 from above the 50.00 index level. The diverging Bollinger Bands suggest higher volatility, indicating that the $150.00 support may not hold for the week.

Monero price analysis 4-hour chart

The 4-hour price chart of Monero shows a 12-day consolidation followed by a breakdown to trade around the $132 mark from the $175.00 price level. The price movement was followed by a steady recovery back towards the $150 mark. The movement indicates sudden increase of buying pressure with the selling pressure dying across the markets.

Technical indicators for XMR/USDT 4-hours chart by Tradingview

The RSI was at 7.26, suggesting that the asset is deep in the oversold zone, which indicates strong potential for a bullish reversal that was observed in the past few days. Now, the indicator is back in the neutral zone at 45.84, suggesting the bullish trend may continue. The MACD shows a bearish crossover, with the MACD line at 0.55, showing a declining bullish dominance across the 4-hour charts. These indicators collectively issue a mixed signal at the current price level.

Monero technical indicators: Levels and actions

Daily simple moving average (SMA)

SMA (10)$164.45BUY
SMA (20)$169.24SELL
SMA (30)$165.90SELL
SMA (50)$154.69BUY
SMA (100)$141.01BUY
SMA (200)$145.14BUY

Daily exponential moving average (EMA)

EMA (10)$165.59SELL
EMA (20)$165.00BUY
EMA (30)$162.41BUY
EMA (50)$156.71BUY
EMA (100)$149.25BUY
EMA (200)$147.16BUY

What to expect from Monero price analysis?

4-hour price chart by Tradingview

Monero price analysis shows XMR is in a bullish rally from mid April. Despite the flash crash in early July, the bulls were quick to buy the dip to recover the asset’s price back above the $150.00 mark. The bulls have crushed the short-term resistance held by the bears and as the price enters the $150 level, the $140 provides a secure foothold for short-term movements.

As such, trades can expect the bullish rally to continue towards the $180 mark. However, a quick correction may see XMR retrace to $142.00, but movements lower than that are unlikely, given the technical indicators and the market sentiment.

Is Monero a good investment?

Monero is an attractive investment because it emphasizes privacy and security, utilizing advanced cryptographic techniques to ensure transaction confidentiality. Its growing adoption across various use cases and a decentralized development model enhance its long-term potential. With a limited supply and increasing investor interest, Monero offers a unique opportunity for those seeking financial autonomy and privacy to invest in cryptocurrency. However, investors should remain cautious of regulatory risks and market volatility when considering Monero as part of their portfolio.

Why is XMR up?

Monero is recovering from a fall to $132 after a recent network upgrade. As the market stabilized, the bulls gained enough momentum to charge back towards the $155 mark, where they currently trade.

Will XMR recover to its all time high?

Monero is expected to recover toward its all-time high of $518 by mid-2026 as the privacy chain continues to reduce its tech debt and progresses toward greater utility and privacy. However, the platform might have to overcome regulatory scrutiny and challenges before it can see mass adoption.

Will XMR reach $200?

Monero is experiencing a steady bullish rally that may reach the $200 mark before the year closes.

Will XMR reach $1000?

The chance of Monero (XMR) hitting $1,000 hinges on various factors. Adoption of privacy transactions and technological advances could increase demand. Favorable regulations and market sentiment toward privacy coins would also help. Yet, regulatory risks, competition, and market volatility are challenges. $1,000 is possible with favorable conditions, but market dynamics and regulations will shape its path.

Does XMR have a good long-term future?

Monero (XMR) has the potential for a strong long-term future due to its focus on privacy and security, which makes it attractive to users seeking anonymity. However, regulatory scrutiny and notoriety from being the favored medium for some past criminals make it challenging to become the star of the market. Monero’s commitment to privacy gives it a solid foundation for long-term growth, but it must navigate market and regulatory landscapes carefully.

Recent news/opinion on Monero

Justin Ehrenhofer, granting an interview to Coindesk says:

“One thing that keeps coming up is that privacy is always a battle – you always have people that are getting better and better about tracing… So privacy needs to keep getting better and better. The tools need to keep getting better and better. You can’t just stand still because if you stand still you become obsolete.”

Monero price prediction July 2024

The XMR price prediction for July 2024 is a minimum value of $151.37 and an average price of $172.14. The price could reach a maximum of $206.47 during the month.

MonthMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)
Monero price prediction July 2024$151.37172.14206.47

Monero price prediction 2024

XMR price prediction for 2024 is a minimum value of $154.84 with an average price of $329.54. The price could reach a maximum of $376.53 during the year.

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)
Monero price prediction 2024154.84329.54376.53

Monero price prediction 2025-2030

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)

Monero price prediction 2025

The Monero price prediction for 2025 anticipates a potential increase in price of Monero upon adoption, resulting in a maximum price of $444.89. Based on the analysis, investors can expect an average price of $435.76, while the minimum price could be around $369.11.

Monero price prediction 2026

According to the XMR price forecast for 2026, Monero price is anticipated to reach a minimum average trading price of $507.78 in 2026. The potential maximum XMR price could be $627.09, with an average price of $562.17.

Monero price prediction 2027

The XMR price prediction for 2027 will continue rising and exhibit minimum and maximum prices of $662.27 and $789.51 as well as a short-term average price of $740.73.

Monero price prediction 2028

Monero price is expected to reach a minimum of $662.27 in 2028. The maximum expected XMR price is $789.51, with an average price of $740.73.

Monero price prediction 2029

The XMR price prediction for 2029 expects the price of XMR to reach a minimum of $817.30. The XMR price can reach a maximum level of $941.41, with an average price of $915.55 throughout 2029.

Monero price prediction 2030

The Monero price prediction for 2030 suggests a minimum monero price forecast, of $1,161.36 and an average price of $1,254.90. The maximum forecasted Monero price is set at $1,289.66.

Monero market price prediction: Analysts’ XMR price forecast


Cryptopolitan’s Monero (XMR) price prediction

Cryptopolitan’s XMR price prediction proposes a bullish outlook for Monero’s future price should the market recover soon. According to our expert analysis, XMR might record a maximum price of $349.68, a minimum price of $144.15, and an average price of $306.90 at the end of 2024.

Monero historic price sentiment

  • Monero’s market value has changed dramatically since its launch in 2014, going from being worth less than $1 to over $475.
  • May 2021 marked the highest point in Monero’s history. Monero’s price projections brought the security of the coin to light. They provide investors with optimism that they will be freed from the persecution of some authorities simply by buying or selling Monero.

Monero price history; Source: Coinmarketcap

  • Across 2023, Monero’s price rose by 11.49%. The highest price level was $278.56, and the lowest price was $114.16.
  • In January 2024, Monero stayed stable around the $150.00 mark as market momentum remained low. However, the stability was short-lived as February saw a crash to $101.95. However, XMR showed swift recovery as it closed the month near the $150.00 level again.
  • In March and April, 2024, XMR saw a steady decline from the $150.00 to the $120.00 mark where it found key support.
  • In May 2024, XMR observed steady bullish pressure as the price rose from the $120.00 approaching resistance at $150.
  • In June 2024, Monero (XMR) traded within the $150 – $175 price range as either side struggled to make a clear breakthrough. In July, the crypto is trading around the $155 mark.


Is Monero a good investment?

Monero could be a good long-term investment due to its strong focus on privacy and security, but it carries risks like regulatory challenges and market volatility.

What is the utility of the XMR token?

The utility of the XMR token lies in providing secure, private, and untraceable transactions on the Monero blockchain.

Where can I buy XMR?

Monero can be safely purchased on various of the world's most popular cryptocurrency exchanges including KuCoin and Kraken.

Can the Monero price crash?

Yes the price of Monero can crash depending on the overall crypto market movements as well as developments in the monero ecosystem such as new regulations against privacy tokens etc.

Is Monero a scam or legit?

Monero is a legitimate cryptocurrency that focuses on private and secure transactions.

Where do I safely store XMR?

Monero can be safely stored on various types of Cryptocurrency wallets including hardware wallets such as Ledger Nano, desktop wallets like MyMonero and mobile wallets such as CakeWallet on android and IOS.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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