ICP Price Prediction 2024-2033: Is Internet Computer Resurgence Possible?

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Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2024-2033

Internet Computer is the first cryptocurrency backed by a protocol. So many crypto experts believe ICP is a good investment and could grow further and, with new developments, could get better. ICP, the native token of the Internet Computer network, is mainly used for processing the network’s power. Will ICP Price Prediction help us sail calmly in this turbulent crypto winter?

Limiting the influence of Big Tech firms like Google and Facebook by changing the Internet might be a farfetched dream but not impossible. We all want to establish a global web 3.0 that is “open and free” by banding together and connected by a protocol in millions of computers. Let’s find out if ICP is a good investment and if a resurgence is possible, and how exactly will Internet Computer work.

How much is ICP worth?

As of now, the price of Internet Computer is $12.984, accompanied by a 24-hour trading volume of $246.56 million. The market capitalization stands at $5.96 billion, with a market dominance of 0.30%. Over the last 24 hours, the ICP price has experienced a decrease of -4.13%. The sentiment for the Internet Computer’s price prediction is currently bullish, as indicated by a Fear & Greed Index reading of 74, reflecting a state of greed among investors. Internet Computer’s circulating supply is presently 459.36 million ICP out of a maximum supply of 488.51 million ICP. The current yearly supply inflation rate is 67.51%, resulting in the creation of 185.13 million ICP in the last year. In terms of market cap, Internet Computer holds the #12 ranking in the Layer 1 sector.

ICP price analysis: ICP/USD bearish at $12.984

  • ICP price analysis is bearish today.
  • The strongest resistance is present at $14.228.
  • Current Internet Computer price $13.829 at the time of writing.

On February 22, 2024, the Internet Computer (ICP) token experienced a rapid increase in value, surging from $12.651 to a peak of $13.184 in a short timeframe. However, this bullish momentum was swiftly followed by a significant downturn marked by increased selling activities, causing concern among investors. Despite an initially positive market sentiment that drove the token’s price to $12.984, the occurrence of sudden and notable fluctuations suggested the potential for a reversal in the prevailing trend. As of the latest update, the valuation of Internet Computer currently stands at $12.984, underscoring the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and the unpredictable shifts that unfolded during that specific period.

Internet Computer (ICP) token experienced a swift and notable increase in value, rising from $12.651 to a peak of $13.184 in a short time frame. However, this bullish trend was followed by a significant downturn characterized by increased selling activities, leading to apprehension among investors. Despite an initial positive market sentiment that drove the token’s price to $12.984, the occurrence of sudden and pronounced fluctuations raised concerns about a potential reversal in the prevailing trend. The latest update indicates that the valuation of Internet Computer currently stands at $12.984, emphasizing the dynamic and unpredictable nature of the cryptocurrency market during that specific period. Investors should remain vigilant and consider the potential risks associated with such rapid and fluctuating movements in the market.

ICP price analysis for 1-hour: Recent developments

The price of ICP (Internet Computer) exhibits significant volatility, predominantly influenced by the prevailing sentiment in the broader cryptocurrency market. Analysis of Bollinger Bands indicates that the current ICP price is situated below the upper band threshold, specifically at $13.179, implying a potential resistance level at this price point. Conversely, in the event of a notable price decline, stability is observed around $12.710, establishing a robust support level. The examination of Bollinger Bands offers valuable insights into potential price levels where resistance and support may become significant, aiding traders and investors in making well-informed decisions based on observed market dynamics.

ICP/USD 1-hour price chart Source: TradingView

The current Relative Strength Index (RSI) for Internet Computer (ICP) stands at 46, signaling a growing sentiment in the cryptocurrency market. Positioned in the upper neutral range on the RSI scale, this reading suggests a prevalence of buying pressures over selling pressures. The persistent downward trend in the RSI indicates a sustained influence of buying activity, implying the potential emergence of bearish market conditions. This underscores the importance of vigilant monitoring of RSI trends for valuable insights into cryptocurrency market dynamics and potential shifts in sentiment. Investors are advised to approach the observed equilibrium in the RSI with caution, acknowledging the delicate balance between buyers and sellers, and recognizing the need for careful observation amid the evolving conditions of the market.

ICP 1-day price analysis: ICP obtains downward momentum at $12.981

The dynamics of the ICP price highlight its vulnerability to rapid and substantial market fluctuations, characterized by swift and pronounced price swings occurring within relatively condensed timeframes. This persistent volatility poses challenges in establishing and maintaining a predictable and stable trajectory for the ICP price. Utilizing analytical tools such as Bollinger Bands reveals a critical threshold positioned around $14.228, where potential price support may come into play, potentially reinforcing the current downward momentum. Another robust support level is identified at the lower boundary of the Bollinger Bands, approximately at $11.884, serving as a buffer to mitigate significant price declines. These observations underscore the intricate nature of ICP’s price movements and underscore the importance of closely monitoring key thresholds to navigate the challenges posed by its inherent volatility.

Currently, the discerned trends in ICP prices reveal a pattern situated below the Moving Average line, suggesting a potential upcoming shift in direction. Investors are strongly urged to closely monitor these technical indicators as they provide valuable insights into the dynamics of ICP prices and potential changes in trends. This vigilant observation is crucial for facilitating prudent decision-making, particularly in response to the inherent volatility characteristic of the cryptocurrency market. By staying well-informed and maintaining vigilance over these technical signals, investors can skillfully navigate the dynamic market landscape and make informed decisions regarding their ICP holdings.

ICP/USD 1-day price chart Source: TradingView

A thorough analysis of the ICP price market indicates a state of moderate equilibrium, evident in its Relative Strength Index (RSI) reading of 50. This situates ICP in the central neutral range, reflecting a balance between buyers and sellers. A closer examination of the RSI trend reveals that, while maintaining a neutral status, the current level of buying activity is on par with selling activity. This suggests a potential upcoming phase of price stability. This nuanced observation underscores the importance for traders and investors to closely monitor this evolving situation, as it may signal a shift in market dynamics that could impact future ICP price movements. Staying vigilant to such indicators is crucial for making well-informed decisions in the dynamic cryptocurrency market landscape, where subtle changes in buyer-seller dynamics can exert a significant influence on asset valuations.

What to Expect from the ICP Price Analysis

In conclusion, the analysis of Internet Computer (ICP) provides a comprehensive overview of its current market dynamics. The price of ICP, standing at $12.984, reflects its susceptibility to rapid and substantial fluctuations, with recent observations suggesting a bearish sentiment. The identified resistance levels at $14.228 and support levels around $12.710 highlight key thresholds influencing potential price movements. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) at 46 signals a growing market sentiment, potentially indicating bearish conditions. The intricate nature of ICP’s price movements, as revealed by Bollinger Bands and Moving Average trends, emphasizes the need for vigilant monitoring and informed decision-making in response to the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Investors are advised to carefully consider these technical indicators, recognizing the delicate balance between buyers and sellers, to navigate the dynamic landscape effectively.

Is ICP a good investment?

Internet Computer (ICP) offers its users a decentralized blockchain network with rapid connections and robust support for decentralized applications (dApps) through smart contracts. The vision of making the Internet a premier computing medium is realized by the DFINITY Foundation, the creator of ICP. The platform boasts a talented team that has developed smart contracts enabling the construction of diverse dApps. Internet Computer stands out for its infinitely scalable architecture and high-level security measures, positioning itself as a cutting-edge solution in the realm of decentralized computing.

Recent News on ICP

The native token of the Internet Computer blockchain, ICP, has been experiencing consistent growth over the last month. Recent data indicates that ICP’s total open interest (OI) has reached its highest point in the past six months.

Over the last 24 hours, ICP has surged by 18%, currently trading at $15.75 at the time of writing. Notably, the asset’s market capitalization has reached $7.13 billion, surpassing the market cap of the second-largest meme coin, Shiba Inu (SHIB). As of now, ICP holds the position of the 16th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

This tweet highlights the integration of chain-key cryptography into the Internet Computer (ICP) blockchain, emphasizing its significance as a groundbreaking development. Chain-key cryptography refers to a set of sophisticated cryptographic mechanisms, and on the ICP blockchain, it is implemented using a threshold signature scheme.

A threshold signature scheme involves dividing the private key into multiple parts or shares, and a signature can be produced only when a predefined number of these shares come together. This approach enhances security by reducing the risk associated with a single point of failure, making it more resilient to potential breaches.

ICP via Twitter (Now X)

This tweet is highlighting the TRAX Class of 2024, a group of artists who are part of the TRAX decentralized music platform, which operates on the Internet Computer (ICP). The core idea behind this initiative is to leverage the principles of Web3 technology to empower musicians and creators in the music industry. By using blockchain technology and a decentralized platform, artists gain more autonomy and control over their music, allowing them to connect directly with their audience. The mention of Lewis Knaggs joining this class and releasing an acoustic version of “Feel Forever” exclusively on TRAX underscores the platform’s role in enabling artists to share their work while bypassing traditional intermediaries. This marks a significant shift in the music industry, where artists can explore new avenues for distributing and monetizing their content.

ICP via Twitter (Now X)

ICP Price Prediction 2024-2033


Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2024

In our examination of the 2024 price prospects for Internet Computer (ICP), we foresee the possibility of reaching a maximum value of $19.96 within the year. Our computations indicate an average anticipated price of roughly $17.96, with a potential minimum threshold identified at approximately $17.45. These projections provide valuable insights into the anticipated price spectrum for Internet Computer throughout 2024, offering investors essential information for making well-informed strategic decisions.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2025

After conducting a thorough analysis, our projection for the 2025 price of Internet Computer (ICP) suggests the cryptocurrency could attain a maximum value of $30.88. During this period, we anticipate a lower threshold of approximately $25.45, with a calculated average value around $26.35. It is crucial to acknowledge the potential for a substantial increase in the value of Internet Computer, particularly considering the growing adoption of blockchain-based applications expected in the upcoming years.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2026

Looking into our 2026 Internet Computer price forecast, a positive market sentiment is evident, indicating the potential for a notable uptrend in the cryptocurrency’s value. Our analysis suggests that Internet Computer could reach its peak at $44.90, showcasing a significant increase from its current trading price. Similarly, the projected lower limit for Internet Computer in 2026 is estimated to be around $38.10. Considering these factors, the envisaged average market value for Internet Computer in 2026 stands at approximately $39.41, offering an optimistic outlook for investors who hold a bullish stance on this digital asset.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2027

In our 2027 Internet Computer coin price prediction, significant profit potential is evident for investors, with the cryptocurrency potentially reaching a peak ICP price of $65.05. Throughout the year, there is an anticipation that Internet Computer may maintain an average price of approximately $57.26, and a projected lower limit is estimated to be around $55.29. The potential for an upward price movement in Internet Computer can be attributed to its favorable features, including reduced fees, increased transparency, enhanced security measures, and accelerated transaction processing speeds. These factors contribute to a positive outlook, suggesting a promising trajectory for Internet Computer in 2027.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2028

Our Internet Computer price forecast indicates that the cryptocurrency is poised to undergo fluctuations within a range, encompassing a minimum value of $81.72 to a maximum ICP price of $94.98, with an average projected price hovering around $84.01. Acknowledged as one of the standout performers among digital currencies, Internet Computer is anticipated to garner heightened demand in the foreseeable future, potentially leading to a substantial upswing in its market value. This optimistic market sentiment points towards a promising trajectory for the token, capturing the attention of investors and potentially propelling its value to unprecedented levels.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2029

Based on our in-depth analysis for the year 2029, our Internet Computer price forecast points to a promising potential, reaching a maximum ICP price of $140.34. This signals a significant upward movement from its current valuation. Additionally, we expect that the average trading price for Internet Computer will be around $122.08, with a projected lower limit estimated at approximately $118.72 throughout the year. Taken together, these indicators paint a favorable picture for the anticipated trajectory of Internet Computer’s price performance in 2029.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2030

In accordance with our 2030 Internet Computer price forecast, there exists the potential for the Internet Computer price to reach a maximum ICP price of $206.20. This forecast is meticulously crafted, taking into account various factors such as the overall market performance, the rate of Internet Computer adoption, and advancements within the broader cryptocurrency sector. Additionally, our projection includes a significant reinforcement of the price support level, indicating a minimum estimated price of $165.71 for Internet Computer. On an average basis, we anticipate that the market value of Internet Computer will persist around $170.59. The synergistic interplay of these elements collectively contributes to fostering a positive outlook regarding the prospective price trajectory of Internet Computer in the year 2030.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2031

In our 2031 Internet Computer prediction, we envision a promising trajectory that holds the potential to propel the cryptocurrency to a peak ICP price of $287.13, indicating a substantial upsurge from its current market price. Over this timeframe, we anticipate that the average price will hover around $250.28, with a minimum projected value of approximately $243.46. The significant growth potential within the digital currency landscape may act as a catalyst for substantial user adoption, contributing to the observed higher price levels.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2032

As per our analysis for the year 2032, our Internet Computer price forecast points towards substantial growth potential, projecting a peak ICP price of $418.72. The average price for the cryptocurrency is expected to remain robust at around $360.14, indicating a predominantly positive trajectory. The projected minimum price is envisaged at $347.62, suggesting a relatively strong support level. In summary, the outlook presents a bullish scenario for Internet Computer throughout the year, characterized by the potential for upward movements and periodic fluctuations.

Internet Computer ICP Price Prediction 2033

In our comprehensive analysis for the calendar year 2033, our forecast for the price of Internet Computer reflects substantial growth potential, projecting a peak ICP price reaching an impressive $595.39. Throughout the year, the average price for the cryptocurrency is anticipated to exhibit resilience, hovering around the robust figure of approximately $523.25, indicative of a predominantly positive trajectory. Furthermore, our analysis underscores a projected minimum price estimated at $508.84, signifying a notable and sustained support level. This positive outlook is bolstered by the ongoing developments in the digital currency landscape, potential technological advancements, and the sustained interest of investors in the Internet Computer ecosystem. These factors collectively contribute to the overall positive sentiment and bullish forecast for Internet Computer in 2033.

Internet Computer ICP Price Predictions by CoinCodex

As per Coin Codex’s latest analysis, the Internet Computer price prediction suggests an expected increase of 8.15%, reaching $13.84 by February 9, 2024. Their technical indicators reflect a bullish sentiment, and the Fear & Greed Index is at 60 (Greed). Over the last 30 days, Internet Computer has experienced 13 out of 30 (43%) green days, with a 6.53% price volatility. According to Coin Codex’s forecast, the current conditions present a favorable time to buy Internet Computer. Looking ahead, the projected yearly low for Internet Computer in 2025 is estimated at $12.79, with the anticipated high reaching $87.95. For 2026, the highest predicted price is $76.80. Extending the analysis to 2030, Coin Codex forecasts a high value of $111.23 and a low value of $59.01 for Internet Computer.

Internet Computer ICP Price Predictions by DigitalCoinPrice

According to the Internet Computer price prediction provided by Digital Coin Price experts, a sustained upward trend is anticipated, indicating a long-term increase. The forecast suggests that the Internet Computer price could surpass $10 by the end of the current year, showcasing positive momentum. Looking further into the future, the Internet Computer (ICP) price forecast for 2026 is projected to be approximately $23.43. This forecast implies that investing in Internet Computer at the current juncture could prove to be a profitable decision, with the potential for substantial gains over the next few years. Investors may find this prediction encouraging as they evaluate the prospects and potential returns associated with Internet Computer as a long-term investment.

Internet Computer ICP Price Predictions by PricePredictions.net

According to PricePrediction.net the price predictions for Internet Computer (ICP) over the upcoming years reveal a progressive and optimistic trajectory. In 2024, the forecast suggests a minimum price of $17.45, an average of $17.96, and a maximum of $19.96, reflecting a consistent upward trend. As we look further into the future, the predictions for 2030 and beyond indicate substantial growth. By 2040, the minimum price is estimated at $7,660.31, the average at $8,387.62, and the maximum at $9,674.80. These figures underscore a remarkable surge in value over the years, projecting Internet Computer as a potential high-performing asset. The anticipated prices for 2050 showcase a further escalation, with a minimum of $12,071.26, an average of $12,625.90, and a maximum of $13,991.57. These predictions collectively paint a bullish picture for Internet Computer, suggesting an encouraging investment outlook and the potential for significant returns for investors over the long term.

Internet Computer Overview

Popularity#16Market Cap$5,941,426,351
Price Change (24 hours)-6.88%Trading Volume (24 hours)$123,481,190
Price change (7 days)-3.4%Circulating Supply457,662,453 ICP
All-time lowAll-time high (May 10, 2021)$750.73
From ATLFrom ATH-98.24%

More on the ICP Network

What is Internet Computer (ICP)?

Internet Computer is developed by a non-profit organization or NGO called DFINITY. DFINITY is one of the most successful foundations that attracted many investors’ funds during its initial stages. To understand what the Internet Computer does, you need to dive deeper into the technicalities of DFINITY, and the goals of its founder, Dominic Williams.

Williams founded DFINITY in October 2016. It attracted a lot of attention for its new implementation of blockchain technology. The Internet Computer, on the other hand, was launched in the year 2021, in the month of May by the Foundation.

The contributors to the DFINITY Foundation include Polychain Capital, ZeroEx, Aspect Ventures, and many more firms, including notable Ethereum supporters, in the early stages. The Foundation works on discovering more possibilities in the blockchain industry. There are a number of experts working under the Foundation. With their collective efforts, the Foundation has published 100,000 citations along with 200 patents.

Significance of ICP

In addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, this is the third significant innovation in blockchain technology. The blockchain-based computer distributes and scales smart contract computation and the data gathered after computation, all at web speed. Furthermore, it facilitates the execution and storage of data with great efficiency and provides dynamic software frameworks to the developers of the ICP community.

To summarize, the ICP blockchain protocol will help to build better and more efficient platforms, decentralized applications, and websites, and produce a more tokenized version of these systems. Therefore, the Internet Computer protocol is a step further into the blockchain world.


In conclusion, the Internet Computer (ICP) presents an intriguing journey through the dynamic landscape of blockchain and decentralized technologies. As we navigate the realms of price predictions, technical analyses, and the broader implications of ICP’s existence, it becomes evident that this innovative protocol has the potential to redefine the future of the internet.

With projections spanning from 2024 to 2033, the forecasts consistently paint a picture of growth, resilience, and increasing investor confidence. The ICP network, backed by the DFINITY Foundation, not only stands as a unique cryptocurrency but also represents a transformative force in the evolving world of web 3.0.

As we look ahead, the ICP protocol’s ability to challenge the dominance of Big Tech and foster a more open and free internet remains a compelling narrative. The intricate dance of market dynamics, technical indicators, and real-world applications positions ICP as a cryptocurrency to watch, inviting both seasoned investors and curious newcomers to explore the potential of this groundbreaking technology.

In the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market, the story of Internet Computer unfolds as a promising chapter, beckoning us to consider the possibilities it holds in the quest for a decentralized and connected future. However, it is important to do your own research to make independent investment decisions.


Is ICP a good investment?

Yes, ICP can be considered a good investment in 2022, as the price crashes making it cheaper to buy. However, the price is expected to rise to new highs where it will be much more expensive to sell, and could potentially earn you a significant amount of money.

What does ICP coin do?

ICP tokens have two uses: first, they can be locked inside the NNS to create 'neurons' which can then vote on governance proposals and earn voting rewards; second, they can be converted into cycles to power computation done by canisters.

Is ICP a Web 3?

Internet Computer (ICP) is one of the world's fastest blockchain networks that helps developers build the future dApps and smart contracts in the Web 3.0 virtual world.

Can you stake ICP?

If you have at least 1 ICP on your NNS account, you're eligible to create a neuron and stake ICP for rewards. You can use the Network Nervous System dapp to create and manage neurons, vote on proposals, and create canisters on the Internet Computer.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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