Fantom Price Prediction 2024-2030: Will FTM Investors Waver in Crypto Winter?

Key Takeaways

  • Fantom price faces heavy selling pressure, experiencing bearish sentiment in the short term.
  • Our Fantom price prediction suggests an average market price of $1.45 by the end of 2024.
  • By 2030, FTM might touch $4.88 following increased institutional adoption.

The crypto market has been a nurturing ground for innovative and ambitious projects that introduce significant changes to its landscape by providing unique offerings. Among these, Fantom stands out as a protocol with the potential to transform the DeFi sector through its use of smart contracts.

The aim behind introducing the FTM token was to enable seamless interoperability among all global transaction platforms. Notably, the platform utilizes the “Direct Acyclic Graph” (DAG) smart contract platform, enhancing the network’s scalability.

The FTM incentive program’s unique advantages have attracted the attention of marketers, sparking curiosity about whether the FTM price might reach the $1 milestone in 2024. If you’re an investor with an interest in FTM, you’re in the right place as we delve into the potential price trajectory of FTM for 2024 and beyond.


Market Cap$0.6597
Trading Volume$1,849,617,294
Circulating Supply$116,524,907
All-time High2,803,634,836 FTM
All-time Low$3.48
24 High$0.6887
24 Low$0.6548

Fantom Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Price Prediction$ 0.661937
50-Day SMA$ 0.829057
14-Day RSI45.42
Fear & Greed Index64 (Greed)
200-Day SMA$ 0.498862

Fantom price analysis

Fantom exhibits mixed signals

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Fantom price showcases bearish sentiment in its 1Day price chart
  • Resistance for FTM is present at $0.7342
  • Support is present at $0.6503

Fantom price analysis 1-day chart: Fantom exhibits bearish sentiment

From the provided Fantom (FTM) price chart, we observe a bearish sentiment in the short term. The price currently stands at $0.6593, marking a 2.25% decrease. The Bollinger Bands are relatively tight, indicating low volatility, with the price trading close to the lower band, suggesting bearish pressure. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is at 40.87, hovering near the oversold territory but not quite there yet, which could imply a potential for a slight rebound or continued sideways movement.

Key price points: Current Price: $0.6593; recent High: $0.7726; recent Low: $0.6436. The short-term traders might wait for more conclusive signals as the market shows hesitation, while the proximity to the lower Bollinger Band could attract buying interest if the RSI drops further into oversold conditions.

FTM/USD technical analysis on a 4-hour chart: Fantom (FTM) chart shows mixed signals

The 4-hour chart for Fantom (FTM) shows a tightening of the Bollinger Bands, indicating decreased volatility and a consolidation phase. The price is hovering near the lower boundary of the bands, suggesting bearish pressure but also potential support near the $0.70 level. The MACD is flat and close to the zero line, indicating a lack of strong momentum in either direction. This stagnant MACD, combined with price action near the lower Bollinger Band, could hint at an upcoming directional move once a catalyst emerges. Investors should watch for a breakout above or below the current consolidation range for clearer trading signals.

Key price points:

Current Price: $0.6589
Recent Resistance: $0.7342
Support: $0.6503
Traders might look for potential rebounds near the support level or further decline if the MACD continues to diverge negatively.

Fantom Technical Indicators: Levels And Action

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)

SMA 3$ 0.697656SELL
SMA 5$ 0.703220SELL
SMA 10$ 0.743236SELL
SMA 21$ 0.738966SELL
SMA 50$ 0.829057SELL
SMA 100$ 0.674132SELL
SMA 200$ 0.498862BUY

Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

EMA 3$ 0.700390SELL
EMA 5$ 0.709994SELL
EMA 10$ 0.750989SELL
EMA 21$ 0.809007SELL
EMA 50$ 0.788929SELL
EMA 100$ 0.679404SELL
EMA 200$ 0.547728BUY

What can you expect from the FTM price analysis next?

Analyzing both the daily and 4-hour charts for Fantom (FTM), the overarching sentiment is bearish. The daily chart illustrates a price close to the lower Bollinger Band and a weak RSI, indicating potential oversold conditions but still not decisive for a bullish reversal. In contrast, the 4-hour chart confirms this bearish trend, with the price consistently below the middle Bollinger Band and the MACD showing sustained negative momentum. The alignment of bearish indicators across different time frames suggests a continuation of the downward trend, unless a significant market catalyst or volume change occurs to shift momentum.

Recent News on Fantom 

Michael Kong Unveils Sonic’s Launch and Beyond. Sonic will be used to create a new best-in-class shared (decentralized) sequencer for L1 and L2 chains, capable of 180M daily transactions at sub-second finality, and serve as the foundation to relaunch Fantom as an entirely community-centric brand.

Fantom Price Prediction May 2024

Currently, the FTM value remains near its critical threshold of $0.6584, showing minimal movement for the digital currency in the cryptocurrency marketplace. The coin experienced a decrease of 3% in the last 24 hours, the Fantom token has seen a decrease of 7.40% over the previous week and a 22.72% drop in the last month.

The MACD technical indicator is currently displaying a steady flatline on the 1-day chart, suggesting low levels of both buying and selling activity for the altcoin. Additionally, the moving averages are indicating a neutral trend in the chart, pointing to uncertainty regarding the altcoin’s future price movements.

Should the Fantom cryptocurrency manage to increase its price above the $0.7090 resistance mark, it would signal the bulls gearing up to challenge the next resistance level at $1.00 in the forthcoming weeks. However, if the bullish momentum fails to materialize, the price could lose its current support and potentially drop to the next support level at $0.5580 soon.

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)
May 2024$0.66$0.66$0.66

FTM Price Prediction 2024

The growth in transaction volumes, coupled with the introduction of new decentralized applications (dapps) and the successful 335 million FTM incentive initiative, could set the stage for the digital currency to reach unprecedented heights. The market’s optimistic outlook, fueled by positive social sentiment, may lead to an increase in transaction volumes. A rising number of investors could signal a positive trend for FTM’s value over the long term. Driven by investor support, the currency’s value is expected to remain stable, even during significant market dips. Moreover, an uptick in positive market activity could propel FTM’s value to a peak of $1.45. However, it might also experience a decline to a minimum of $0.59. With these factors in consideration, the average price is anticipated to settle at around $1.40.

Price PredictionPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Fantom Price Prediction 2025 – 2030

YearPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Fantom Price Prediction 2025

For 2025, Fantom is expected to reach a maximum price of $1.71, with a potential minimum of $1.42 and an average value of $1.56.

Fantom Price Prediction 2026

Our prediction for 2026 indicates Fantom will achieve a maximum price of $2.38, with an average price of $2.28 and a minimum price of $1.94.

Fantom Price Prediction 2027

FTM is predicted to reach a maximum price of $3.02, an average price of $2.83, and a minimum expected price of $2.52 in 2027.

Fantom Price Prediction 2028

For 2028, Fantom might reach a maximum value of $3.02, alongside a minimum trading price of $2.52 and an average price of $2.83.

Fantom Price Prediction 2029

Our prediction for 2029 predicts a maximum price of $3.56, an average forecast price of $3.36, and a minimum price of $3.13.

Fantom Price Prediction 2030

For 2030, FTM may attain a maximum value of $4.88, an average trading price of $4.75, and a minimum price of $4.45.

Fantom Market Price Prediction: Analysts’ FTM Price Forecast

Firm Name20242025
Wallet Investor$0.0209$0.0197

Cryptopolitan’s Fantom(FTM) Price Prediction

At Cryptopolitan, we are bullish on Fantom future price as the historical market sentiment is extremely impressive. By the end of 2024, Fantom might record a maximum price of $1.45, with a minimum price of $0.59  and an average price of $1.40. 

However, the future market potential for Fantom entirely depends on its buying demand, regulation, and investor sentiment in long-term holding. 

We expect the Fantom price to reach a high of $4.88 by the end of 2030.


Launch and Early Trading: Fantom (FTM) launched its mainnet in December 2019. Initial trading was relatively flat, with prices mostly below $0.02 throughout the year.


Steady Growth: Throughout 2020, Fantom experienced gradual growth. The price remained under $0.05 for much of the year but started to show signs of stability and slow increase, reflecting growing interest in its technology and use cases in decentralized finance (DeFi).

End of Year Rise: By December 2020, FTM began to see more significant price movements, reaching around $0.017 to $0.02 as the DeFi space started to gain more mainstream attention.


Sharp Increase in Value: The year 2021 was pivotal for Fantom, mirroring the broader cryptocurrency bull market. Prices surged from about $0.02 in January to highs of $3.48 by October.

DeFi and Ecosystem Expansion: This surge was driven by increased adoption of its platform for DeFi applications, partnerships, and overall positive sentiment in the crypto markets.

Correction: After reaching its peak, the price underwent a correction phase alongside the broader market, ending the year around $2.30.


Market Fluctuations: 2022 was a challenging year for cryptocurrencies, including Fantom. The price fluctuated significantly, impacted by macroeconomic factors and market sentiment.

Low Points: Prices dipped below $0.50 during mid-2022 due to broader market sell-offs and concerns over interest rate hikes and inflation.

Recovery Attempts: There were several recovery attempts throughout the year, but sustained upward momentum was limited, reflecting the uncertainty and bearish trends in the crypto market.


Continued Volatility: Fantom’s price continued to experience volatility through 2023. Early in the year, prices hovered around $0.40.

Mid-Year Recovery: By mid-2023, FTM showed signs of recovery, climbing towards $0.55 as the platform continued to expand its functionalities and the overall market began to stabilize.

End of Year: The end of 2023 saw a slight decline in prices, settling around $0.45 to $0.50, as the market digested various global economic factors.

2024 (up to current date):

Stable to Slightly Bullish Trends: As of the early months of 2024, Fantom’s price has shown some stability and modest bullish behavior, trading around $0.50 to $0.60. The crypto market’s condition and investor sentiment in 2024 have been cautiously optimistic, with some recovery noted from previous lows.


Should we sell our pm Fantom (FTM) tokens?

For traders still holding FTM, we suggest you don’t exit your positions as long as the current support level holds.

How does the scalability of Fantom compare to Bitcoin?

The Fantom network is highly scalable, unlike Bitcoin, which is built on a rigid blockchain. Scalability means enterprises do not have to compromise speed and cost for more operations. Fanton can scale thousands of nodes with the capability of completing 1000 transactions in a second.

Is it good to invest in FTM in 2022?

The predicted price range of FTM in 2022 lies between a minimum and maximum trading price of $0.40 and $0.45. The average price of FTM in 2022 is projected to be $0.42.

What's the future for Fantom (FTM)?

Fantom blockchain offers real utility and has the potential to rival Ethereum. Blockchains like Fantom and Solana have been predicted to dominate the future of WEB 3.0.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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