NEAR Protocol Price Prediction 2024-2030: Is NEAR Protocol a Good Investment?

Key takeaways

  • NEAR Protocol (NEAR) is currently navigating fluctuations in its price dynamics, with recent movements suggesting a balance between buying and selling pressures, while hovering around a pivotal price level.
  • NEAR price prediction presents an optimistic outlook, projecting NEAR to surge to $20 by the conclusion of 2024.
  • Looking ahead to the year 2030, NEAR Protocol could potentially witness a significant surge, with its price potentially reaching $100 or beyond.

In the United States and beyond, sentiment towards NEAR Protocol is gradually turning bullish, as investors and developers recognize its potential to revolutionize various sectors through decentralized innovation. This growing confidence bodes well for NEAR’s long-term price trajectory and ecosystem expansion.

Overall, the prevailing sentiment within NEAR Protocol’s community is one of cautious optimism, with stakeholders closely monitoring its progress and evolution. As NEAR continues to advance its technology and forge strategic partnerships, questions surrounding its price potential persist, inviting further analysis and exploration of its future prospects.

NEAR Protocol Overview

Market Cap$3,290,953,950 
Price Change (24 hours)-1.16%
Trading Volume (24 hours)$174,366,360 
Price change (7 days)-8.62%
All-time high(Jan 17, 2022) $20.42
All-time low(Nov 04, 2020)$0.5024
From ATH-83.96%
From ATL522.79%
Circulating Supply1.1B EOS

NEAR Protocol Price Analysis

Near Protocol price analysis for today shows that the price has been steady above $7.750 for most of the day. The bull trend is present, with a surge of more than 5.34%. The bullish sentiment has been fuelled by buying activity from the traders. This has allowed the token to remain above the crucial $7.50 level for the day.

The support for NEAR/USD remains strong at $7.41, a key level for the bulls to hold on to. A break below this level could cause prices to fall back into a bearish trend. On the other hand, if traders can push prices above $7.90, they will be in an advantageous position and likely be able to push the token further.

NEAR gains downwards momentum after trading near the $6.50 mark

NEAR/USDT technical indicators by TradingView

The MACD is currently bearish as expressed in the red colour of the histogram. However, the indicator only shows low momentum as observed in the short height of the histogram. Moreover, the darker shade suggests an increasing bearish pressure across the charts as the price action observes rising volatility across the short-term charts.

The EMAs are trading below the mean position as net price movement over the last ten days remains positive. Currently, the EMAs are trading close to each other showing low bearish momentum at press time. Moreover, the converging EMAs suggest a decreasing bearish momentum.

The RSI has returned to the bottom of the neutral region as the price action falls to the $4.250 level. At press time, the indicator trades close to the mean at the 39.68 index level as the price suggests low pressure from either side of the market while the neutral slope suggests low activity across the markets.

The Bollinger Bands are currently expanding as the price action increases volatility across the short-term charts. Moreover, the bands will continue converging as the price consolidates around the $4.250 mark. At press time, the bands’ lower limit provides support at the $4.000 mark while the upper limit presents a resistance level at the $4.500 mark.

4-hour NEAR/USDT analysis

Overall, the 4-hour NEAR price analysis issues a buy signal at press time with 13 indicators supporting the bulls. On the other hand, only three of the indicators support the bears showing a low bearish presence. At the same time, 10 indicators sit on the fence and support neither side of the market. 

The 24-hour NEAR price analysis shares this sentiment and also issues a buy signal with 13 indicators supporting the bulls against only six supporting the bears. The analysis shows bullish dominance across the mid-term charts with a strong bullish presence at the current price level. Meanwhile, the remaining seven indicators remain neutral and do not issue any signals at press time.

What to expect from NEAR Protocol price analysis

NEAR/USD 4-hour price chart; TradingView

The NEAR Protocol price analysis shows that the NEAR market observes strong bearish momentum causing the price action to dwindle from the $8.500 mark towards the $6.50 mark. While the bulls found strong support level at the $6.50 and bounced back to the $7.75 price level.

Traders should expect NEAR to continue its strong bullish rally, however, the rally would require a brief rest at the current price level as the bulls appear to be exhausted and need time before continuing the charge. Moreover, the strong trade volume suggests an increasing trade activity for the asset suggesting a strong force behind the recent push. As such, the price can be expected to move between the $7.400-$8.300 price level across the short-term charts.

Currently, the closest support level lies at $7.750 while NEAR Protocol finds it difficult to move past the $8.00 level.

Is Near Protocol a good investment?

NEAR Protocol distinguishes itself in the cryptocurrency market with its emphasis on scalability, usability, and developer-friendliness. It aims to facilitate the creation of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, catering to both developers and end-users. NEAR’s innovative technology and user-centric approach make it attractive for mainstream adoption of blockchain applications.

With a focus on user experience and developer tools, NEAR Protocol is positioned to drive significant growth in the decentralized application ecosystem. Its potential to disrupt traditional industries and capture market share in the blockchain space makes it an intriguing investment opportunity for those interested in innovative technology solutions.

Near Protocol Recent News/Opinions

The Protocol is conducting an AMA session to answer community questions and expand on their ideas regarding LiNEAR and its role in the future of Web3.

NEAR Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Our NEAR protocol price forecast for 2024 is expected to trade at a minimum price of $6.52, with an average of $14.53, and a maximum price of $16.06 by the end of 2024.

NEAR Price Prediction 2025-2030

YearMinimum Price ($)Average Price ($)Maximum Price ($)
202515.67 17.87 18.57 
202621.43 25.40 26.57 
202728.08 31.42 32.78 
202834.64 36.72 38.77 
202949.26 51.95 54.00 
203071.13 74.83 76.42 

The NEAR forecast for 2025 suggests a continuation of price rise with a minimum value of $15.67, an average price of $17.87, and a maximum value of nearly $18.57.

NEAR Price Prediction 2026

The NEAR Protocol technical analysis and projections for 2026 anticipate the minimum price to be around $21.43, with an average trading price of $25.40, and a maximum value of nearly $26.57 by the end of 2026.

NEAR Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, our NEAR price prediction for 2027 estimates Near protocol’s price to be trading at a minimum price of $28.08, with an average price of $31.42, and a maximum price value nearly reaching $32.78 by the end of 2027.

NEAR Price Prediction 2028

The NEAR Protocol price prediction for 2028 suggests the bullish sentiment will continue with a minimum price of $34.64, an average trading price of nearly $36.72, and a maximum value of $38.77 by the end of 2028.

NEAR Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, our NEAR protocol price prediction forecasts NEAR to be trading at a minimum of $49.26, with an average price of nearly $51.95, and a maximum value of $54.00 by the end of 2029.

NEAR Price Prediction 2030

The NEAR Protocol forecast for 2030 suggests a sustained bullish sentiment with a minimum value of $44.12, an average trading price of nearly $76.42, and a maximum value of $55.44 by the end of 2030.

NEAR Price Prediction by Analysts

Coincodex$ 23.79$ 34.28
DigitalCoinPrice$14.53 $17.87
  • The price of NEAR Protocol is predicted to rise by 228.58% and reach $ 23.79 by June 8, 2024 according to Coincodex. Per their technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bullish while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 55 (Greed). Based on the NEAR Protocol forecast, Coincodex thinks that it’s now a good time to buy NEAR Protocol.
  • DigitalCoinPrice has a bullish outlook on Near future prices and projects, and the market expert suggests all technical indicators, the 200-day SMA will drop soon, and the price will hit $1.90 by the end of January By July 2024, NEAR Protocol’s short-term 50-Day SMA shows a $1.68.
  • The long-term price forecast for Near is for Near Protocol to be worth trading at a minimum price of $4.63, an average price of $5.37, and a maximum price forecast of $5.49.

NEAR Protocol Historic Price Sentiment

  • The Near Protocol (NEAR) began its journey in August with a vision of creating a scalable and permissionless blockchain. In October 2020, the first known trade value for NEAR was recorded at $1.072. NEAR then saw a recovery, closing the year with an annual trade price of $1.459.
  • The year 2021 Near Protocol price movements show an uptrend, as NEAR began trading at $1.305. By March 13th, it reached a new all-time high (ATH) of $7.572. However, a prolonged downward movement in the market pushed the price down to $1.537 by July 19th. An upward trend followed, driving the price to $11.776 on September 9th and further to $13.168 on October 26th.
  • On November 15th, NEAR Protocol launched its “Nightshade” sharding solution, coinciding with a price of $12.046. The year concluded with an annual trade price of $15.793. In early 2022, NEAR Protocol (NEAR) experienced significant growth. It reached its all-time high of $20.42 on January 16th.
  • However, like many other cryptocurrencies, the current value of NEAR was impacted by the broader market downturns during this year’s crypto crashes. On June 18th, its value plummeted below $5, dropping further to $2.90.
  • The downward trend continued throughout the end of October and into November, with NEAR falling even lower. Eventually, it dipped below its launch price, reaching a 52-week low of $1.44 on November 21st.
  • NEAR closed 2022 at $1.2747 and has been trading between $1.16 to $1.16 since then. The price of Near is down -15.76% in the last 30 days, while in the past week, NEAR has declined by -13.83%.

Despite occasional setbacks, including market corrections and regulatory uncertainties, NEAR Protocol demonstrates resilience and potential for sustained growth. With a vibrant community and robust technological infrastructure, NEAR remains well-positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the blockchain space.


What is the future of the NEAR Protocol?

The future of the NEAR Protocol is highly dependent on the overall performance of the crypto industry. When investing in NEAR, you must use the right strategy. This investment type is unsuited for those with an asymmetric risk profile. However, it is still an excellent investment for those with a high-risk tolerance and a solid financial position. In addition to its speculative nature, NEAR offers exposure to global technology and an ever-growing ecosystem.

What is a good project summary for NEAR?

NEAR is a sharded, public, proof-of-stake blockchain and smart contract platform. It is built in Rust, and contracts compile to WASM. It is conceptually similar to Ethereum 2.0.

What's special about NEAR?

NEAR is the blockchain for builders. Suppose you understand the basics of web development. In that case, you can write, test and deploy scalable decentralized applications in minutes on the most developer-friendly blockchain without learning new tools or languages.

Is NEAR Protocol (NEAR) a good investment?

NEAR Protocol's value is expected to expand as shortage tends to encourage price rises. Please note there is some risk to any investment. Just invest in what you can accomplish before coming to any conclusions and conduct the maximum research possible.

What problem does NEAR Protocol solve?

NEAR Protocol aims to resolve the bandwidth-sharing problem between users and telecom providers using blockchain technology.

How long do NEAR transactions take?

The process takes somewhere in the order of 100,000 transactions per second (tps) and achieves transaction finality near-instantly thanks to a 1-second block cadence.

What is the block size in NEAR Protocol?

The NEAR Protocol wants a large pool of participants (called witnesses) to make decisions during a specific time (set to 1 day). Every interval splits into block slots, which are 1440 slots per minute. The number of witnesses is set at 1024 per block.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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