Arbitrum Price Prediction 2024 – 2030: ARB breaks key barrier

Key Takeaways

  • Our ARB predictions anticipate a high of $1.83 by the end of 2024.
  • In 2025, it will range between $1.84 and $2.28, with an average price of $1.90.
  • In 2030, it will range between $12.99 and $15.43, with an average price of $13.45.

Layer 2s have made quite a buzz over the last few months because of their high network activity. Arbitrum led the Layer 2 pack with a total value locked (TVL) of $2.57 billion. Arbitrum is an Optimistic Rollup solution that shifts network operations away from the Ethereum mainnet while maintaining Ethereum-level security.

Arbitrum’s BOLD testnet also went live; when integrated into the mainnet, the update will enable permissionless validation on Arbitrum. This means that anyone can challenge the state of the Arbitrum network. Currently, validators are allow-listed.

Is Arbitrum a good investment? Will ARB go up? Where will ARB be in 5 years? Let’s answer these questions using our Arbitrum price prediction.


Cryptocurrency Arbitrum
Current Price$1.18
Market Cap$3,418,356,900
Trading Volume$460,426,586
Circulating Supply2,896,440,329
All-time High$2.40, on Jan 12, 2024
All-time Low$0.7453, on Sep 11, 2023
24-hour High$1.22
24-hour Low$1.16

ARB Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Volatility (30-day Variation)7.57%
50-day SMA1.125
200-day SMA1.488
Fear & Greed Index72 (Greed)
Green Days14/30 (47%)

ARB Price Analysis: Positive Momentum Slows

Key Takeaways

  • ARB has marked resistance at 61.80% Fibonacci at $1.397.
  • The 4-hour chart candle formation signals the start of a bearish trend.

ARB/USD 1-day Chart:

ARB has registered positive momentum through May, helping it slow its decline from the year’s high. The coin is already 17% above the month’s opening price. Resistance is at 61.80% Fibonacci at $1.3974, so there is plenty of room for upside price movement.

ARB/USD 4-hour Chart: ARB forms three black crow pattern

The 4-hour chart highlights ARB’s breakout above the $1 mark, in 12 hours, it gained 20%. After the uptick, it moved into consolidation, ranging between $1.13 and $1.25. The latest candle formation, three black crows, signals the start of a bearish trend.

ARB Technical Indicators: Levels and Action

Daily Simple Moving Average (SMA)

Period Value ($)Action
SMA 31.187SELL
SMA 51.186SELL
SMA 101.131BUY
SMA 211.067BUY
SMA 501.125BUY
SMA 1001.472SELL
SMA 2001.488SELL

Daily Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

PeriodValue ($)Action
EMA 31.189SELL
EMA 51.172BUY
EMA 101.131BUY
EMA 211.100BUY
EMA 501.185SELL
EMA 1001.331SELL
EMA 2001.381SELL

What can you expect from ARB Price Analysis Next?

Per our technical indicators, the current sentiment is Bearish, while the Fear & Greed Index shows 72 (Greed). Arbitrum recorded 14/30 green days with 7.57% price volatility over the last 30 days. Based on the charts, ARB will drop lower over the short term.

Is ARB a Good Investment?

Arbitrum is a leading Layer 2 blockchain with an impressive TVL. The network is also achieving development milestones. Despite a gloomy month, price predictions suggest a different narrative.

ARB Recent News/ Updates

  • Arbitrum’s total value locked has registered a new all-time high at $3.1 billion. Arbitrum leads the other Layer 2s, followed by Optimism, Base, and Blast, all of whom employ optimistic rollups.

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Arbitrum Price Prediction May 2024

Arbitrum could break out lower from current levels. A break below 30 RSI will necessitate a steep reversal. This month, ARB will trade between $0.85 and $1.20. With an average of $1.04.

MonthPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2024

The benefits of Ethereum ‘blobs’ upgrade this year quickly trickle down to the Layer 2 blockchains. The upgrade enables the L2s to reduce transaction costs for data posted on Ethereum.

As the second half of 2024 unfolds, ARB’s development track continues to provide more value to its users. ARB is bearish; however, we anticipate it will trade between $0.85 and $1.70 over the second half of 2024. 

YearPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Arbitrum Price Predictions 2025 – 2030

YearPotential Low ($)Average Price ($)Potential High ($)

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2025

The Arbitrum Foundation community is quickly driving more utility into the Arbitrum ecosystem. Projects such as the stage 2 rollup BOLD will have gone mainnet, enabling permissionless validation on Arbitrum. We anticipate more growth in 2025.

Arbitrum price forecast for 2025 sets the high at $2.28. However, in case of a market correction from the post-Bitcoin halving, the ARB price might rest at $1.84, making an average of $1.90.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2026

The year 2026 will experience more bullish momentum. As per the Arbitrum ARB price prediction, it will range between $2.66 and $3.10, with an average trading price of $2.74.

The growth might result from expanding the Arbitrum community as it draws more users. 

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2027

Moving into 2027, Arbitrum price price prediction will climb even higher. As per the prediction, it will range between $3.96 and $4.60, an average of $4.10.

New technological advancements on the Ethereum blockchain could facilitate this growth, enhancing the utility and demand for ARB.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2028

By 2028, the analysis suggests a further acceleration in ARB’s growth. As per the ARB Price Prediction, the price of Arbitrum can reach between a minimum price of $6.02 and a maximum price of $7.05, an average of $6.19.

Technological developments in the Arbitrum L2 could propel growth during this period. The market anticipates lower transaction costs and faster settlements on the Ethereum blockchain.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2029

As per Arbitrum’s Price Prediction 2029, ARB’s price could reach a maximum and minimum price of $8.92 and $10.43, respectively, with a year-round average of $9.17.

Arbitrum DAO’s ongoing efforts to secure more global partnerships and achieve wider adoption of its token might play a pivotal role in this anticipated price rise.

Arbitrum Price Prediction 2030

The ARB coin price prediction for 2030 suggests a price range of $12.99 and $15.43 and an average price of $13.45. This long-term optimistic view hinges on ARB’s increasing global recognition and adoption. The demand could surge as more users and payment systems incorporate the ARB token, increasing its value.

Arbitrum Market Price Prediction: Analysts’ ARB Price Forecast


Cryptopolitan’s Arbitrum (ARB) Price Prediction

Arbitrum has been down 25% over the last 30 days, and there are signs of dropping lower. At current levels, it remains range-bound. Over the long term, ARB will move into a reversal.

It will achieve a high of $1.70 in the second half of 2024. In 2025, it will range between $1.84 and $2.25, with an average of $1.95. Note the predictions are not investment advice. Seek independent professional consultation or do your own research.

Arbitrum Historic Price Sentiment

  • The Arbitrum Foundation airdropped its token under the ticker ‘ARB’ to eligible community members on March 23. The ARB token would enable its holders to decentralized governance of the Arbitrum ecosystem.
  • The airdrop granted 11.5% of the total supply to eligible users, 1.1% to DAOs operating on the Arbitrum ecosystems, and 44% to employees and Offchain Labs investors. The 44% are subject to lock-up periods and a vesting schedule. The rest is sent to the Arbitrum DAO treasury.
  • According to data from Coinmarketcap, ARB started trading at $1.3240. It later crushed in September to its all-time low of $0.7453. Pre-halving and crypto spot ETFs hype helped the coins recover from October. By the end of the year, it had reached $1.4.
  • The recovery proceeded into 2024; on January 12, it reached an all-time high of $2.40. Just before the Bitcoin halving in April, the coin dropped below its initial listing price.
Source: Coinstats


What is the difference between Arbitrum Rollup and Arbitrum AnyTrust?

Arbitrum Rollup is an Optimistic Rollup protocol; it is trustless and permissionless. Arbitrum AnyTrust introduces a trust assumption in exchange for lower fees; data availability is managed by a Data Availability Committee (DAC), a fixed, permissioned set of entities.

Why do I need ETH to use the Arbitrum network?

ETH is the currency used for gas fees on Arbitrum.

Do I need a tip/ Priority fee for my Arbitrum transactions?

Since transactions are processed in the order the Sequencer receives them, no priority fee is necessary for Arbitrum transactions.

How can I see the balance of my ETH / Tokens on Arbitrum in my wallet?

Most wallets are “connected” to one given network at a time. To view your Ether / Token balances, connect to the appropriate Arbitrum chain.

Is Arbitrum a good investment?

Arbitrum network solution is still new in the market; as it evolves, it will grow in value, making it a good investment.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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