Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Shiba Inu Price Analysis ‒ 30 November Morning Prediction


TL;DR Breakdown

  • Global crypto market cap reaches its high of $2.63T once again.
  • Bitcoin shows green charts and shows stability while maintaining $58K.
  • Ethereum leaves $4.5K in the dust after a 7.05% value increase.
  • Binance Coin closes the gap between itself and $680 after an 8.90% increase this week.
  • SHIB is today’s top gainer after seeing a rise in value after global crypto value increase.

Once again, we’re seeing a standard of bullish runs in the crypto market as prices rise high and our Top 4 currencies display green charts that seem to have surprised investors who didn’t expect the trend to go on for longer than a day or two, the same as last week.

However, after the global crypto market cap has seen an increase of 3.05% since the last day and has raised itself to $2.63T, it raises hopes along with it that this time, the effects of the bullish trend will last longer. Bitcoin continues to dominate the crypto market by 41.34%, and the major altcoins accelerate their speeds in raising their prices to catch up.

This trend has given hope to investors that we might be entering back up to our previous standards of cryptocurrency that were thought to have been left behind three months ago. Let’s take a look at the various influxes on our top currencies.

$60K price value within Bitcoin’s reach?

The last two days have been blissful for Bitcoin investors, but not so much for Bitcoin buyers as prices increase once more. Bitcoin has grazed the surface of $58,000 once more, and investors keep a close eye on the market to ensure that the bullish run sees through to $60k.

After all, hope had been lost last week when Bitcoin saw as low as $53,500 price decrease; investors are keenly watching as Bitcoin prices rise and drop a few hundred dollars every hour or so. Most forecasters are trying to predict whether Bitcoin can see the light of $60k shining over the horizon, but all is uncertain as Bitcoin stands at a $58,200 price.

Bitcoin Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

Its market cap has seen a 1.98% increase and has raised to $1.097T, while its trading volume per twenty-four hours is at $34.32B.

Ethereum and Binance investors rejoice at new highs

After seeing a mindboggling low of $3.9k, Ethereum makes a sudden leap and has raised itself by $308. Ethereum has since surpassed $4.5k after investors had thought it would keep itself stationary around $4.3k, but instead, Ethereum has jumped to $4,615 in price.

Ethereum Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

After the highest gross price we saw at the beginning of the month, it finally seems like Ethereum has set its sights on breaking its records for the year and is reaching $4.8k once more. Our biggest query is, will ETH go above and beyond to pass its yearly high? With its trading volume of $22.39B over the last day, it certainly seems possible!

Binance Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

As for Binance, investors think BNB is making a dashing effort to reach its ultimate high of $670 as well. After seeing a 1.63% increase, a huge step for a below-1K priced coin, Binance has risen its value to $626. Trading 4.063M BNB per day, things are looking up for 3rd ranker.

Shiba Inu, reigning superior over Dogecoin?

It seems that in the last twenty-four hours, SHIB has taken advantage of the recent global turnout and has been flourishing, sighting massive gains over the past few hours. Created anonymously and intended to be Dogecoin‘s successor as the leading memecoin, the sight of SHIB’s gains has amused investors throughout the world.

SHIB chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

After displaying 35.03% gains within the last day, SHIB has raised itself to a higher standard after gaining popularity throughout the past month. Although its price is $0.000052, lesser than Dogecoin’s, its market dominance reigns supreme as it traded $8.95B on the last day.


We’re seeing high horizons over the coming days; the crypto market’s vastness leaves us hoping for more and keeps us on the edge of our seats as we anticipate what comes next. Some people continue to be skeptical while gaining has led others to become more hopeful for price increases and record-breakers.

What’s up with Shiba Inu, soon to be the most “popular” memecoin? Launched earlier this month, the Shiba Coffee Company sells a variety of SHIB-branded coffee at a starting price of $16.99. Customers can buy their coffee in SHIB, and 10 percent of the company’s proceeds are then directed towards SHIB burning. Meanwhile, whales added 42% more #ShibainuCoin to their wallets in the last 24 hrs. And now, this:


Investors continue to watch out for news of bearish runs, knowing just how bipolar the crypto market is when it comes to displaying certain standards that make it all the more exciting to dabble in. Did you take advantage of the dip? Please tell us in your comments below.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.
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Richard Adrian

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