XRP Wallet: Should you get one?

As the Ripple XRP assets surged from $0.1 to $1 within a year, more and more people bought the controversial XRP tokens. However, one of the mistakes crypto beginners make is to leave their XRP assets at an exchange. An exchange can get hacked and you lose your money.

The best storage for your crypto assets is an XRP wallet 4, not an exchange. But, do you understand what a wallet is? In this article, we will help you understand cryptocurrency wallets and identify the best XRP wallets for you. Let’s talk a little about Ripple XRP.

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What is Ripple XRP?

XRP is a digital asset sourcing liquidity to banks, payment providers, and institutions. Many users refer to XRP as Ripple, which is actually the name of the private company that created the centralized cryptocurrency (XRP) for faster payments and transfers.

The XRP Ledger is open source and uses the RippleNet blockchain software to make international payments easier. Payment providers can make faster real-time payments, charge less for foreign exchange, and target new markets.

Do you want to get in on the action? You would need an XRP wallet to store the coin.

Does XRP have a wallet?

Like physical wallets for fiat currencies, crypto wallets enable the user to store, send, and receive digital assets. It doesn’t actually contain the coins in the literal sense, though. It generates public and private keys (hexadecimal codes) that link to a particular amount of cryptocurrency.

What is an XRP Wallet?

An XRP wallet is simply a ledger that contains your personal transactions. You can send and receive XRP from it. It is a necessity for keeping your crypto assets safe.

There are different types; desktop wallet, hardware wallet, online wallet, and mobile wallet. In addition, there are hot or cold wallets based on its features.

Ripple has three different products; xCurrent, xVia, and xRapid. It’s only xRapid that allows users XRP. Despite the negative review of centralized cryptocurrency, XRP has become widely accepted and turning a profit for investors. Analytics show that it is faster than most altcoins in the market.

Getting an XRP wallet is easy. All you have to do is decide on the type and follow the steps for activation. Therefore, the best XRP wallets for you depends on what you want. We have selected the best XRP wallets across categories to help you make a choice.

What is the Best XRP Wallet

There is not one particular XRP wallet that is the best for everyone. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can use any of these best Ripple wallets. We have explained why you will like each device.

1. Hot XRP Wallets

A hot wallet is the most popular choice, especially for new crypto enthusiasts. It includes all online, software, and desktop wallets and requires a constant connection to the internet site.

You can use it at almost no cost. It is ‘almost’ because you need to pay 20XRP for address activation for each wallet. Considering this cost, it is only sensible not to keep multiple Ripple mobile wallet accounts. You can use any of these services.

• Atomic Wallet

Atomic wallet is a simple, decentralized, and multicurrency wallet. It is popular with the XRP community because of the easy-to-use interface. It has apps for Android and iOS devices. You can send and receive XRP assets with one click and the security is tight with a mnemonic seed password known only to you. You should enable the use of cookies on this site.


 Top-notch security with encoded private keys

 Instant exchange of coins on the app interface

 Live support team

• Toast

Toast is a free, online wallet developed by Starstone Ltd. You generate the encrypted keys and they save them on your phone. It has open-source code and software binaries and compatible with iOS, Andriod, Mac, and Linux devices. Its apps will help you create a Ripple wallet.


 Easy Mobile Ripple Wallet creation

 Backup available in the event of lost Ripple address

 Secure private key creation by user

• Coinpayments

Coinpayments is the best of platform to exchange your digital currency for fiat currencies. It is better than Gatehub. You can generate a wallet for more than 105 altcoins on the platform. You might have to pay a small fee of 0.5% for the transaction, though. BitGos with MultiSig technology handles the security of the app.


 XTP and other coins storage

 Money Exchange

 Mobile app for convenient exchange

2. Cold XRP Wallets

A cold wallet generally costs much more than hot wallets and XRP is not an exception. It does not require the internet to function or a transaction. However, they are not as popular as hot wallets because of their cost.

The best cold wallets in the market now are Ledger and Trezor. Trezor has not enabled XRP on its hardware wallet, though. Therefore, the best XRP hardware wallet that you can get is Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S has 2-factor authentication, a recovery option, and individual pins for each wallet. The device would not keep your information. Rather, it tracks and displays your savings on the RippleNet blockchain. While this option is the best for payment providers and institutions, be ready to spend between $70-$150.

Can I Create a Cold Wallet Myself?

Yes, you can create a cold wallet by yourself. They are called paper wallets. If you love the idea of a cold wallet and have time to research, you can own a Ripple paper wallet. You have to keep the paper safe from moisture and heat before payments. Paper wallets are also easy to hide.

How do I get an XRP wallet?

1. Download theplatform from app store or Google Play

2. Create a wallet with a strong password on the platform

3. Add XRP to it


The best Ripple XRP wallet for you depends on what you can afford and what you need. If you don’t have a lot of XRP to exchange you might want to use software wallets. Hardware wallets are best for long-term hodlers.

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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