Ledger Nano X Wallet Review: Features & More

Ledger Nano X proved to be the best level of protection as my key remains protected in a certified secure chip. Running a business where I need to pay a number of people monthly, I need to secure my funds and send large sums to individual persons in the easiest way to save time. It’s like having everything in my shirt pocket where I can easily reach for them.

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Here’s how it looks like: 

The neatly packaged box also contains: 

  • 1 USB C cable
  • Keychain for device
  • 3 recovery sheets
  • Ledger stickers

An immediate comparison to Ledger Nano S which I have used previously is the big difference in price, $119 for Nano X versus $59 for Nano S.


  • Very easy to use with a bigger screen
  • Security key can be used for Google and other logins; mobile logins too with Bluetooth
  • Wide range of features 
  • Simple, effective, and nice.

Consider the following if you’re contemplating changing to the new Ledger Nano X. Bluetooth enabled for mobile transactions is ONE reason why I will always choose Ledger Nano X over anything else. Its storage capacity is amazing. I can install a lot of apps. I used the Ledger S Nano before and I had to install/uninstall over and over due to space issues. 100s of apps that can be installed in Nano X is a major win for comfort and ease. 

Moving from Ledger Nano S to X was seamless. It’s small, compact, and easy to carry and most importantly, I can do transactions when I travel, which I could not in the past. I now prefer connecting to the computer via Bluetooth too, making life easier.

Ledger DonJon lab is where they actively hire experts to break devices of theirs and competitors to find flaws and improve the overall ecosystem. I have not verified or checked in on the details of this, but that does sound fancy and interesting. Recently they disclosed KeepKey:  https://donjon.ledger.com/keepkey-side-channel-attack and Coldcard vulnerabilities: https://donjon.ledger.com/coldcard-pin-code/.


  • Price might be too high for some
  • Uses proprietary software which can be a risk factor to keep in mind

There are downsides too. In the past, with Nano S, I can just unplug and be done with it. But with the Nano Ledger X, I have to properly “switch it off” as it comes with a battery. 

Although the buttons are much bigger and easier to click, I hate the 2 button model of having to press things forever before I can finish typing the security phrases. The process took me 10+ mins. I would have loved a touchscreen version!

Battery seems to drain faster, not as much as what I expected. I like the sturdy build though. Just think about no touchscreen and proprietary software, and if you are okay with both, you are good to go with it. It’s one of the best as the software is amazing. Great updates and improvements too.

Should I mention that I like the Type C cable, and the hardware overall the way it is, boxing, shipping, etc. After weighing the pros and cons, I love it!

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How to use your Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X reportedly supports a wide range of coins. To add a new coin to your device, just go to “Manager”. From there you can tap the blue install button on any coin you want to add to your Nano X. For me, BTC and  ETH just work fine.

The Nano X can be set up using an iOS device, Android, or computer.

I in fact used my phone to setup the device, how lovely! After successfully setting the pin code on your device, you can pair your Nano X with your phone. Turn on the bluetooth on your phone and see the verification code pop up on your phone screen. 

After successful pairing, Ledger Live will tell you to set a password lock to keep private the contents of your wallet. From here, it’s a touch and go. Enjoy exploring the easy features of your Ledger Nano X!

If you decide to buy Ledger Nano X, feel free to click here and join the club. (Affiliate link)

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