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Monero has a market value of $ 60.92 and a total market cap of $ 1,071,900,668 and currently ranked at #17 of all cryptocurrencies.

The price for today is -3.95%, with 24 Hour volume sales of $ 60.92.

$ 60.92
Monero (XMR)

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About Monero

Of the numerous crypto currencies available, Monero is one currently one of the major cryptocurrencies to reckon with. This has made it of great importance to make price predictions for this currency, as it is an important part of trading.

Variations are not evitable, when it comes to the analysis of predictions for the future price of cryptocurrencies, not excluding Monero. These variations are dependent on the source that makes the prediction. There are a couple of cryptocurrency websites that make well-informed predictions, each with their own algorithms and methodology.

Monero Price Predictions

Here are some of the Monero price predictions you should take note of:

Predictions for 2020

Cryptoground predicts that Monero price would follow a trend of steady increase in the next few years, not excluding some level of fluctuations along the way. The point is simply that investors would be able to enjoy profitability on a long term basis. 

Some of the values that Cryptoground predicts for the coming years are as follows:

  • In a day Monero price would be $63.7050, with a change of 10.29%
  • In a week would be prized at $61.3550 and a change of 6.22%
  • While in a month $64.0096 with a change of 10.82%
  • In six month Monero price would be: $72.8046, and a change of 26.05%.

Oracle Times Predictions

Oracle times made a prediction that by the end of 2020 Monero would have increased in price up to 810-945 USD. On a general note the prediction by oracle times is that considering Monero 

price on a long term basis, there is an expected increase in price

Predictions for 2025

In one year. Monero price would be $81.9187 with a change of 41.83%. Finally in five years Monero price is predicted to be $482.1418, with a change of 734.73%. Specific predictions are as follows: 

Satis Group Predictions

Satis predictions which is another trustworthy prediction platform made a prediction that Monero would experience a significant increase in price. This increase is predicted to be up to 38.391% over the next decade. Again the Satis group predicts that by the year 2028, Monero would become prized at 40, 000 USD, becoming the second leading cryptocurrency in the world. 

Wallet Investor Predictions

Monero price is said to follow a trend of reduction in this year 2020, though the current price is over 50 USD, It has been predicted to reduce down to 6 USD in November and then the year closes with the Value at 41.577 USD. The prediction for the year 2021 is that the year starts with Monero price being 40 USD and ends with It falling to 3 USD. 

Predictions for 2030

On a general note, the predictions made indicate that Monero would increase in price in the next few years, following a trend of steady increase, with a bit of fluctuations. However, it is important to state that not all the predictions agree with the increased trend” the reason for this isn’t far fetched as the cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one. Therefore, all investors are encouraged to make more research to enable them to make an informed decision. Summarily, investing in Monero could be a wise investment yielding long term profits, standing on the strength of most of the predictions above.

Monero Price History

Monero is presently the 14th-largest cryptocurrency according to This is why Monero is one of the cryptocurrencies to take cognizance of. This cryptocurrency which is also known as XMR, is fast increasing in popularity, but as a wise investor, it is expedient to make proper research before investment. 

This, you should be well informed about the price history of Monero. This would feed you with all you need to know about the past and the current situation of the Monero market in terms of price.

Current Value

Currently the price of Monero is $57.24 which is an equivalent of 0.00784257 BTC having a 24 hour trading volume of $110,857,005, this is as stated by coinmarketcap. Monero is said to have up to 18 million coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of infinity coins. It is actively traded by BTSE.

The market capital of Monero is $1, 003, 076, 377currently, while the market capital dominance is 0.48%. The market capital rank for Monero is the 15th position.

Early Price Fluctuation

Just like every other cryptocurrencies, Monero has had its fair share price fluctuations ever since it became recognized as a crypto currency exchanger. This cryptocurrency came into the market May, 2014 being charted at $2.47. 

Then it spiked up to $4.01 just within four days in the market. But it was only a short term increase as the price went down to as a low as $ 1.29 by June 6 of the same year. The year continued with similar fluctuations in price. 

By June 21, Monero hit a%5.17 price, but soon dropped to $2.34 by July 2, followed by a slight increase to $2.66 by July 3. It further dropped to $1.43 by August 9, with the year ending with Monero at $0.33 on December 20. 

Mostly Steady Throughout 2015

The year 2015 started with Monero price being $0.45. However, this crypto currency had its all time low Price value of $0.216177 (26386.9%) on the 14th of January, 2015 about five years ago. The price increased to $1.00 on April 1, but dropped back to 0.73 USD, with the year ending with Monero price being $0.47. 

Considering the price in terms of bitcoin, the story is a bit different as, 1XMR was prized at 0.001389BTC by January 1, incarssing to 0.004042 BYC by April 1 and them falling to 0.00195 BTC with the price remaining steady throughout the year. 

A Slow Rise in Early 2016

For the year 2016, Monero has a slow but steady rice in value in terms of dollar during the first half of the year. This does not exclude the fact that there were occasional fluctuations in Monero price in 2016, but the rise was a steady one.

The Peak in 2016

Following the steady rise in Monero price was a peak in the Sam year, 2016. This peak in 2016 made individuals who deemed it fit to invest in Monero enjoy highly profitable returns. Though there were occasional drops in price, the high points wee really noticeable. Some of the highpoints include $4.92 on August 2016, $9.34 on August 29, 2016 and then $13.38 on September 3, 2016. 

The Adjustment and another Steady Rise

After this sharp increase, the price of Monero leveled back out. Though, Monero price increase in value, to $13.92 on September 5, 2016, being the all time high as at then, the price reduced slowly to $4.56 on Nov 1, 2016. Again, Monero hit another all time high of $15.42, but that was on Jan 3, the following year (2017). 

The year 2017 represented a year where Monero experienced another level of steady increase in price, with few occasional drops in price. The price dropped to %11.90 on Feb 26, rose to $21.55 on March 22, 2017, and by May 16 it was at $27.27. This was closely followed by a notable peak of $56. 47 on May 24. With occasional fall and rise in Monero price, the range became $55-$35. 

Late 2017 and Early 2018 All-Time High and the Lead-Up

From August 2017 there was a tremendous growth considering Monero price in terms of dollars. August 19, Monero was $53.79, but by August 22 it became $87.90 and then increased to $144.88 by September 1, 2017. It went down to $87.12 by November 4, 2017 and by November 29, it was $205.43. By December 21 Monero was prized at $451.19. Year 2017 indeed had many all-time high of Monero price to show, despite the occasional fluctuations.  The increase continued in 2018 with Monero being $470.76 by January, 2018. 

The all time high price value of Monero is $542.33 (-89.4%) which was hit about two years ago, on 9th of January, 2018. This made Monero had a significant head start value that year 

Recent Values

The recent values of Monero are very captivating as the price has been on the increase and a more steady increase is expected. 

As at today April 9, 2020, Monero/Bitcoin ratio: 1BTC: 127.51 XMR. The Market cap is: $998,692,608. While Monero ROI is: 2,204.90%. Also the 24hour volume is $91,453,543, the circulating supply is 17,515,768 XMR, and the total supply is: 17,515,768 XMR. These are the recent values of Monero and it indicates that investors can make smart investments in Monero now to enjoy profitability.