Jaxx Wallet Review: What to Expect from Your Crypto Wallet?

Jaxx is a popular multi-currency hot wallet developed by Decentral, a well-established name in the industry and a crypto innovation hub known for its electronic exchangers (“ATMs”) among other crypto-related services.

Google Chrome Extension

Jaxx wallet supports a non-custodial wallet application available cross-platform for both mobile devices and desktops (and as a Chrome browser add-on) and with support for over 85 different digital crypto-assets (such as ETH, ETC, REP, ZEC, etc.).

Liberty Jaxx is a rebuild and re-branding of the previous Jaxx digital wallet that was released at the beginning of 2018.

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What you will learn in this Jaxx Liberty wallet Review:

  • Jaxx Crypto Wallet review and features
  • Advantages (Pros) of Jaxx crypto Wallet
  • Disadvantages (Cons) of Jaxx Wallet
  • FAQs

Advantages (Pros) of Jaxx Wallet

To deliver the information better, we decided to divide this guide into two sectors. We will be displaying the advantages and disadvantages of the Jaxx wallet in a detailed and visually-rich manner. Keep reading.

What you’ll learn in this part of the guide:

  • Multi-currency wallet support
  • New modules and features, including built-in exchange
  • Reasonable transaction fee
  • User-friendly wallet application
  • Usability and simplicity
  • No personal info needed to set up
  • The blockchain wallet can store many kinds of cryptocurrencies
  • Free downloads and use of the crypto wallets
  • Multiple devices
  • Automatically set transaction fees
  • Bank grade encryption
  • Secure larger sums with an integrated cold wallet
  • Google chrome extension
  • Encrypting core wallet data

New modules and features, including built-in exchange, Wallet Address Safety 

The new version introduced a range of extended new modules and features such as live portfolio charts and diagrams, news feeds from a range of trusted sources and a multi-chain block explorer.

It also comes with a built-in exchange via ShapeShift service integration that allows for cross-chain exchanges and conversions (but taking fairly high fees for that).

User-friendly Jaxx wallet application

In many ways, Jaxx is similar to Exodus, another user-friendly wallet application with support for many different existing crypto-assets and integrating with ShapeShift.

Jaxx Wallet

Multi Currency Wallet with great Usability and simplicity

Similarly, Jaxx focuses on usability and simplicity while still being rich in features and providing professional 24/7 customer support. Private keys are generated and stored directly on user devices and backups automatically generate a mnemonic seed for safekeeping.

No personal info needed to set up

There is no requirement for any personal information and once you download the wallet you can quickly install it and begin using it. The new Jaxx Liberty has both password and PIN protection, and the wallet generation creates a secure 12-word backup seed phrase that is encrypted on your own device. Jaxx never has access to that phrase or your private keys, they are always securely on your own device. You can also use this 12-word seed to sync the wallet on numerous devices.

Jaxx Wallet

Can store many kinds of cryptocurrencies

With thousands of cryptocurrencies to choose from most users these days have several and being able to keep them all in the same wallet is a real convenience. The coins you can store in Jaxx Liberty include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Qtum, EOS, Bitcoin Cash and many more. A full list can be found here.

Free downloads and use

Jaxx Liberty is completely free to download and use. You can get the desktop version (Mac, Windows, Linux) and Chrome browser extension directly from the Jaxx Liberty website here.

The Android version is available on the Google Play store, and the iOS version is available from the Apple iTunes store.

Automatically set transaction fees on Jaxx wallet

Transaction fees are automatically set, but also adjustable and sorted in three optional categories – Lower, Typical and Higher.

The miner fees depend on the state of the network (network congestion increase fees, etc.) at any given time and higher fees increase the probability of the transaction being picked up in the next block.

Jaxx Wallet Reviews

Secure larger sums with an integrated cold wallet (Encrypting Core Wallet Data)

Jaxx functions as a light node so it doesn’t download the entire blockchain locally, requesting information from full nodes instead. The team behind Jaxx has also announced that an integrated hardware wallet for cold storage and securing the larger sums of value in the longer term. A hot cryptocurrency wallet is by definition as secure as the device/environment it is running on so one should be cautious of malware and booby-trapped code.

Disadvantages (Cons) of Jaxx Wallet

Jaxx digital wallet is a closed source but concerns resolved with improved security

Some of the downsides are the fact that the wallet is a closed source which may raise some questions and concerns with some. There have been some minor incidents in the past with one more serious instance of vulnerability that has led to a non-trivial amount of stolen funds back in 2017, but these have been resolved with the newer version and improved security models. Mac Os

Updates/Developments on Jaxx wallet

jaxx wallet coins

Jaxx Wallet Review Source: https://wallets.com/jaxx-review/

Jaxx Wallet Review Conclusion

  1. In any case, as a rule of thumb, it is not advisable to store large amounts in a hot wallet (which may be more secure than keeping funds in custody of centralized exchanges but may not be sufficient for the purposes of long-term safety storage).
  2. As far as more trivial everyday uses and transacting of smaller amounts of cryptocurrencies, Jaxx seems like a decent choice and is well suited for on-boarding newcomers.
  3. In any case, there have been some known issues in the past prior to releasing the Liberty build. One such had been to do with weak security over private key storage. Very similar to Jaxx, as mentioned already above, is the Exodus wallet address which offers more or less the same features and functionality, but with slightly better security assurances and cleaner interface design.

The Jaxx Wallet subreddit is located here, the official Twitter account here and a Telegram channel accessed through here.

Jaxx Wallet Review FAQs

  • Is a Jaxx paper wallet safe?

Yes. A paper wallet is just your private key printed on a piece of paper. In other words, it’s full cold storage – the most secure type of wallet.

  • Is the Jaxx hardware wallet already available?
  • No. We keep waiting for the updates from Jaxx.
  • What is the most secure Jaxx digital wallet?
  • The latest version of the latest upgrade/work.
  • Is there news about Decentral unity tokens?

Currently, Jaxx Liberty Beta is available, but keep yourself updated here on more information such as Jaxx wallet fees/

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decision.

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