Best Ripple Wallets – Complete Guide for 2019

Are you looking for the best Ripple wallet that will have everything you desire for your cryptocurrency? We might have several ideas you could use while searching for the safest option there is.

In this guide, we will explore the myriad Ripple wallets, their pros and cons along with their features in full detail. It covers every realm including software, hardware, paper and web wallets for XRP. So, let’s jump in.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this guide:

  • Best Ripple Wallets
    • Ledger Nano S
    • Atomic Wallet
    • Rippex
    • Exarpy
    • Cryptonator
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

Best Ripple Wallets

A wallet is an age-old concept with the universal underlying principle – to keep your money safe! The same concept applies in the case of XRP wallets – they are used to store, manage, receive, and transfer your Ripple cryptocurrency tokens. 

Just like other cryptocurrencies, potential buyers of XRP grapple with various queries like:

  • How to buy XRP?
  • Where should you store XRP?
  • What wallet should I buy for XRP?

Digital wallets differ from conventional wallets in the way they store the currency. In crypto wallets, unique hexadecimal code or a private key is generated which is used in combination with another public key to reflect the amount of currency. All in all, an XRP wallet is more of a personal ledger of transactions.

Specifically, cryptocurrency wallets can be divided into four major categories namely Online, Mobile, Desktop and Hardware.

Ledger Nano S

Pros: supports multiple currency, cold storage, established hardware wallet

Cons: not accessible online, need to purchase the device first

Best Ripple Wallets - Complete Guide for 2019

Ledger Nano S is such a good hardware wallet, it is mentioned in almost every wallet review out there. 

Located in France, the company is engaged in cryptocurrency operations since 2014. Ledger Nano S is ideally suited for DASH, Bitcoin, Ethereum, plus many other cryptocurrencies.

The device itself is built sturdy using high-quality plastic and brushed stainless steel. Your data is super secure since all the private keys are safely stored under a secure protocol right on the device itself. The device can only be accessed using a PIN code. All operating systems are supported, including Mac OSX, Linux and Chrome OS. In Google Chrome, you have to install a special extension in order to interact with the ledger.

To sum up the usage of Ledger Nano S, it has a

  • Multi Currency Support – Store up to 200 different cryptocurrencies.
  • High Security – Private keys remain secure always with ANSSI security under a PIN code.
  • Simplicity – Administer ERC-20 and up to 22 coins easily via desktop with ‘Ledger Live’ app.
  • Backup – Recover your crypto on any ledger device with secure confidential recovery phrase.
  • Connector and Hardware – Security level CC EAL5+ and USB Micro-B type connection.

Atomic Wallet

Pros: supports multiple cryptocurrencies, easy to access, atomic swap, debit/credit card integration

Cons: no cold storage option

Best Ripple Wallets - Complete Guide for 2019 2

Atomic Wallet is a premier name amongst the desktop wallets realm. This non-custodial application can safely hold XRP along with more than 300+ cryptocurrencies. It provides an in-demand service that’s powerful, transparent and reliable.

What makes Atomic Wallet different is that users can go beyond just managing XRP. A Changelly powered built-in app, called Atomic Swap, lets users can exchange XRP with other users. They can also purchase XRP using a debit/credit card. What’s interesting is that these features are easy to access with a simple interface and highly secured with a mnemonic seed. When you launch the application for the first time, the seed is generated and it has to be kept secure at all times.

Your private keys are forever encrypted onto the device and all your funds are fully under your control. Atomic Wallet desktop versions are available for all major operating systems including Debian, Ubuntu, Windows and MacOS. There are also iOS and Android mobile apps.

What’s the wallet like? 

  • Powerful, user-friendly and simple
  • Atomic swaps power instant XRP exchange
  • Supports comprehensive decentralized currency trading
  • Wide range of cryptocurrencies supported
  • Free to download and use (certain additional services may incur fees)
  • Owner has the sole responsibility of the wallet
  • Password and seed must be stored safely always
  • Hardware wallet integration not available


Pros: high-security level, fast transactions, reliable wallet

Cons: only supports XRP

Best Ripple Wallets - Complete Guide for 2019 3

If you are looking for a Ripple specific wallet, check out Exarpy. Not only does it sound like XRP, it is made only for Ripple keeping in mind its transactions, security and protocols. It is incredibly secure, fast and delivers reliable online XRP storage.

Currently, Exarpy is an online platform that acts as a bridge between the Ripple network and the user through an independent digital wallet. In traditional sense, Exarpy does not store user funds or private keys on its network. It’s just a platform that enables transactions – much like the XRP itself in concept.

It doesn’t store user information, scan users through Google Analytics or store any keys. This prevents data theft since there is no data on the platform to begin with. However, user transaction history is stored in the account which is retrieved from the Ripple blockchain ledger. The wallet charges a nominal fee of $0.0025 XRP for every transaction and it includes the Ripple network fee as well.

What you will face when using Exarpy

  • Ease of access – Enjoy worldwide access with a simple web browser
  • Safety and reliability – No user information is shared on platform
  • SSL encryption – Every transaction is protected by SSL encryption
  • Fund control – Users have full control over their funds and related transactions
  • Fees – Nominal fee of 0.0025 XRP for every transaction undertaken by the user
  • Irreversible transactions – Just like XRP, Exarpy transactions are irreversible in nature
  • Ripple only – Exarpy is only compatible with one cryptocurrency i.e. Ripple

A PIN code is used by Exarpy which consists of a 16 digit number linking your bank account with XRP. It is to be stored safely by the user in order to recover their account.


Pros: supports multiple currencies, 2FA, internationally accessible

Cons: minimum deposit limitations

Best Ripple Wallets - Complete Guide for 2019 4

The Cryptonator wallet is another top name in the XRP storage realm. You can access it on your laptop, tablet, or mobile. Its USP is that XRP can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies at nominal prices. Security is powered by encrypted SSL connections along with a 2-factor authentication protocol. It protects against suspicious IP addresses by monitoring them and subsequently blocks access to your account.

What are the key features you should know when using Cryptotanor?

  • Multi currency support –Store more than 300 cryptocurrencies in a single wallet
  • High security – Experience high security and user anonymity during transactions
  • SSL – Enjoy SSL grade encryption along with SHA-256 crypto algorithm
  • 2FA – Two factor authentication plus one-time password provides added safety
  • Global access – Take your wallet everywhere with 24/7 global accessibility
  • Minimum deposits – The wallet cannot be empty and requires minimum deposit
  • Unregulated – The wallet is not endorsed and unregulated


Acquiring a ripple wallet can be a big step forward into mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency. Ripple implements 20 XRP minimum balance in wallets to ensure unnecessary growth and malicious use of wallets.

Paper and hardware wallets provide maximum security for those concerned about privacy. However, web wallets offer more features at economical prices. Ripple ecosystem is best leveraged through such wallets.

We leave it to the users to choose what’s best for them in terms of privacy, security, features, and accessibility. Crypto market offer myriad choices that will surely meet your unique requirements.

Do you use any other Ripple wallet that offers more features? Let us know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store Ripple on my newly acquired wallet?

If you have already bought Ripple, and you’re keeping it on the native wallet of the exchange platform, you can indicate your new Ripple wallet address and send the funds over to it. 

If you don’t have Ripple yet, you can head over to Atomic Wallet and buy Ripple with credit card over there. 

How to keep my Ripple safe?

The safest way to store your XRP is to have them in cold storage. 

The best cold storage options are paper wallet (wallet address and private keys printed on the paper) and a hardware wallet. Although, some of the online and mobile app wallets have cold storage solution as well. 

What are the fees for using Ripple wallet?

The fees actually depend on the type of wallet you’re using. Some companies have it high, and some prefer to keep the fees low. 

Atomic wallets and Exarpy have low to medium fees compared to other wallets on the market. But keep us updated if you find better options.