Breaking down major components of US-Russia sanctions

Breaking down major components of US-Russia sanctions

The United States just rolled out a hefty bundle of sanctions against Russia. I’m talking a full-on smackdown in response to some pretty heavy stuff, including the sad case of opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s death and the ongoing Ukraine invasion saga. This time around, over 500 people and entities are feeling the heat. The US […]

The surprising surge of crypto in Russia – What’s driving it?


Cryptocurrency usage is reportedly on the rise in Russia, with a significant uptick in the number of citizens engaging in Bitcoin and other digital token transactions. According to local media outlet Coinspot, Evgeny Kogan, Professor of Economic Sciences at the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE), revealed that the interest in cryptocurrencies has […]

BRICS set to crush G7 with jaw-dropping surge in millionaire count—here’s why


The BRICS alliance—comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—is expected to experience a surge in the number of millionaires over the next decade. According to a comprehensive report by Henley and Partners, these nations are poised for an 85% increase in their millionaire count, significantly outpacing the projected growth in the Group of Seven […]

Russia witnesses alarming rise in crypto-related fraud


In a revealing report from the Central Bank of Russia, a significant shift in the landscape of fraudulent financial schemes has been highlighted, with cryptocurrency emerging as the primary tool for illicit activities. The report underscores a worrying trend in 2023, where nearly all pyramid schemes and illegal brokerages have leveraged cryptocurrencies to facilitate their […]

Breaking down Vladimir Putin’s entire interview with Carlson

Russia's Putin

The whole world watched as Tucker Carlson sat down for what can only be described as an exhilarating conversation with the riveting Vladimir Putin, with some watching with anxious anticipation and others in complete shock. The scene was set for something like a TED talk with a healthy dose of geopolitical posturing, rather than a clash. […]

20 countries ditch dollar for Russian payment network

20 countries ditch dollar for Russian payment network

In an audacious move reverberating through the corridors of global finance, twenty nations have boldly aligned with Russia’s System for Transmitting Financial Messages (SPFS), turning their backs on the US dollar. This seismic shift underscores a growing discontent with the traditional Western-centric financial systems and illuminates a path toward a new economic alliance spearheaded by […]

Russia’s 85% trade pivot away from the US dollar

Russia and dollar

With a bold strategic maneuver, Russia, a prominent BRICS member, has dramatically shifted 85% of its trade transactions with fellow BRICS nations to its local currency, the Russian Ruble, as of January 2024. This significant move marks a conscious effort by Russia to sidestep the US dollar, particularly in the wake of US sanctions, indicating […]

BRICS dominance surges with 47% of world’s oil – Where does the U.S. stand?


The BRICS bloc, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, has emerged as a significant player in the global oil market. Recent developments suggest that BRICS countries collectively control a substantial portion of the world’s oil supply. As of the latest data, BRICS nations hold sway over 47% of the global oil market, underscoring […]

India and Russia to build their very own digital economy

India and Russia to build their very own digital economy

Strap in folks, because India and Russia are upping the ante in the global digital chess game. They’re not just playing around; they’re strategizing to carve out their very own niche in the digital economy. This isn’t just another diplomatic handshake; it’s a power move in the tech world. Digital Power Play Let’s cut to […]

Intriguing alliances: Russia’s plans with North Korea

Intriguing alliances: Russia's plans with North Korea

The geopolitical chessboard is getting more intricate as Russia plans its next move, aligning with North Korea. The recent developments have set tongues wagging about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s impending visit to Pyongyang. This marks a significant diplomatic stride since it would be the first Russian presidential visit to North Korea in over two decades. […]

Russian businesses swap dollars for yuan in record numbers

Russians with dollar and yuan

The tides of international finance are shifting dramatically, with Russia at the helm of a significant change. In a bold move, Russian businesses have increasingly been exchanging their U.S. dollars for Chinese yuan, a trend that not only underscores the growing economic synergy between Russia and China but also highlights the geopolitical undercurrents reshaping global […]

Why is Europe preparing for Donald Trump’s return?

Europe and Trump

The political landscape of Europe is bracing itself for a potential seismic shift with the looming possibility of Donald Trump’s return to the White House. This prospect, far from being a distant political rumble, is reshaping Europe’s strategic and economic planning. There’s an air of urgency, a sense of gearing up for a challenge that […]

Russia, India planning something that would shake the world

Russia, India planning something that would shake the world

Amidst a dynamic global landscape, two major powers, Russia and India, are reportedly brewing a strategic concoction that could redefine world economics and geopolitics. This development comes as the leaders of these influential nations held an extensive telephonic discussion, navigating a plethora of strategic partnerships and future initiatives. The talk, characterized by its depth and […]

Trio of nations unite to kill dollar with BRICS currency

BRICS and dollar

The global financial landscape is poised for a monumental shift as three powerhouse nations within the BRICS alliance gear up to launch a new currency, potentially dethroning the US dollar from its long-held pedestal of dominance. This bold move by Brazil, Russia, and South Africa, three of the five founding nations of BRICS, is not […]

Russia announces 30 new member countries for BRICS


The geopolitical landscape is witnessing a seismic shift as Russia declares that 30 additional countries are poised to join the BRICS alliance, potentially expanding its membership to a formidable 40 nations. This move, championed by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, marks a pivotal moment in the global balance of power, challenging the longstanding economic dominion of […]

What Russia’s central bank tells us about the country’s economy

Russia and economy

2024 marks a pivotal year for global finance, particularly regarding Russia’s central bank reserves. A striking development is the increasing likelihood that the western sanctioning coalition may seize these reserves, initially frozen during the onset of Vladimir Putin’s aggressive campaign in Ukraine. The notion is to redirect these funds to Ukraine, holding Moscow accountable for […]

Russia’s BRICS surprise: Expansion plans set a new global agenda

Russia's BRICS surprise: Expansion plans set a new global agenda

Russia, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, has announced plans for a significant expansion of the BRICS alliance. This development, which sees the induction of five new countries including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Iran, and Ethiopia, signals a major shift in global power dynamics. This expansion contrasts sharply with Argentina’s rejection […]

Russia, Iran finally dump the US dollar for good

Russia and Iran with dollar

In a bold move that shakes the foundations of international trade, Russia and Iran have officially turned their backs on the US dollar. This decision, a strategic pivot towards utilizing local currencies in their bilateral trade, marks a significant shift in the global economic landscape. The move not only challenges the dollar’s dominance but also […]

Why is Russia preparing for more sanctions ahead?


As the geopolitical landscape continues to evolve, Russia braces itself for a potential intensification of economic sanctions. This preparation is rooted in the current global political dynamics, with the Kremlin’s top financial strategists working diligently to mitigate the impact of these anticipated restrictions. The shadow of the Ukraine conflict looms large, as global powers respond […]

Russia plans to legalize cross-border crypto transactions by mid-2024


In a significant move towards embracing the cryptocurrency sector, Russia is making strides towards legalizing cross-border transactions involving cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin (BTC).  Anatoly Aksakov, Chairman of the State Duma Financial Market Committee, has revealed plans to enact crypto regulations by the second half of 2024. This development marks a pivotal step in recognizing the role […]

Does Russia even have a plan for interest rate cuts?


Russia’s central bank stands at an important crossroads, with the global financial community closely watching its next move regarding interest rates. Amidst a tumultuous economic climate, marked by persistent inflation and the aftermath of aggressive rate hikes, questions loom over the Bank of Russia’s strategy for the future. Will it embark on a path of […]

India, Russia ditch US dollar in $40 billion trade deal

Indi and Russia with dollar

In a striking move signaling a shift in global trade dynamics, India and Russia have once again boldly sidestepped the US dollar, conducting an impressive $40 billion worth of trade using their local currencies. This monumental trade volume, achieved within just three quarters of 2023, marks a historic high in the economic collaboration between these […]

EU escalates sanctions with new crypto restrictions on Russia


In a significant move aimed at escalating pressure on Russia over its military actions in Ukraine, the European Union has announced a new set of sanctions, marking the 12th package against Russia. This latest round of sanctions, detailed in a European Commission Q&A on December 18, specifically targets the crypto-asset sector, placing stringent restrictions on […]

Assessing Russia’s mission of challenging U.S. dominance

Assessing Russia's mission of challenging U.S. dominance

Russia’s strategic endeavors, consistently aimed at challenging the preeminence of the United States on the global stage, present a multifaceted geopolitical puzzle. This intricate dance of power and influence unfolds across various domains, from military conflicts to energy politics, revealing a complex web of ambitions and counteractions. Geopolitical maneuvering and the Ukrainian conundrum Vladimir Putin’s […]

Russia’s Ministry of Finance proposes to export mined crypto as gas


Russia’s Ministry of Finance is considering exporting cryptocurrency generated by mining operations in the nation. According to the Ministry, this method would work similarly to the country’s natural gas exports.  The announcement was made at a recent roundtable discussion by Russia’s Deputy Finance Minister Ivan Chebeskov. Chebeskov noted at the “Cryptocurrency and the Future of […]

Vladimir Putin pinpoints the end of Western banking dominance – BRICS reign begins


Russia, a BRICS member, has warned that the United States’ domination of global banks and important financial organizations will end shortly. Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that Western-dominated technologies are becoming obsolete, but the BRICS are ushering in a new era that will replace the traditional financial system with a new world order. Putin weighs […]

The economic hurdles waiting for Putin if he gets re-elected

Russia and Putin

As Russian President Vladimir Putin gears up for another potential six-year term following the March election, a victory largely perceived as inevitable, he faces a labyrinth of economic challenges. His re-election would not only continue his long-standing tenure but also bring to the forefront several critical economic hurdles that need urgent attention. Persisting Ukraine Conflict […]

Iran and Russia are secretly plotting against U.S. and its dollar

Iran Russia U.S. and dollar

In a series of high-profile meetings that could reshape global economic dynamics, Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin have engaged in discussions that signal a potential shift away from the U.S. dollar’s dominance. This move comes as part of a broader strategy involving the expanded BRICS alliance, which Iran is set to […]

Putin Takes Aim at Western AI Monopoly, Advocates for National Strategy

AI monopoly

In a strategic move to safeguard Russia from the perils of Western AI dominance, President Vladimir Putin has unveiled plans for a national strategy for artificial intelligence development. The Russian leader, addressing an AI conference in Moscow, emphasized the necessity of utilizing homegrown solutions to ensure the reliability, transparency, and safety of AI systems. The […]

Russia-Linked Hackers Acknowledge Responsibility for OpenAI Outage Amidst Alleged Israel Connection

OpenAI Outage

Unbelievably, Anonymous Sudan—a hacker group allegedly associated with Russia—has surfaced as the mastermind behind the latest wave of disruptions affecting OpenAI’s popular chatbot, ChatGPT. The group’s motive, as declared on the Telegram messaging app on Nov. 8, points accusing fingers at OpenAI’s alleged support of Israel through its exploration of investment opportunities.  The fallout from […]

Why is Russia coming after Coinbase now?

Coinbase on the ropes

The recent actions of the Russian government against Coinbase, a prominent US cryptocurrency exchange, have raised eyebrows in the international tech community. Coinbase now joins the ranks of several tech giants targeted by Russian regulators, a move that signals a more assertive stance by Russia in its digital sovereignty campaign. But what underlies this sudden […]

Russia warns of U.S. running out of paper for dollar printing

Russian officials ditch iPhones en masse over US spying fears (1)

In a striking statement that has raised eyebrows in the international community, Russia has warned that the United States might soon run out of paper to print dollars needed to service its burgeoning debt. This bold claim comes amidst a flurry of activity in the foreign exchange markets by Russia, a prominent member of the […]

US Treasury Imposes Sanctions on Russian National for Money Laundering via Virtual Currency


The Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) has taken decisive action against money laundering activities involving virtual currency. In a bid to curb the exploitation of virtual assets to evade international sanctions, OFAC has imposed sanctions on Ekaterina Zhdanova, a Russian national.  Zhdanova is accused of playing a significant role in […]

Russia’s next generation military technology


In a recent development, Russia has initiated efforts to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its drones, enhancing their autonomy and combat capabilities. These advancements have been disclosed by Oleksandr Kovalenko, a military-political commentator from the “Information Resistance” group, during an interview with FREEDOM TV. The move marks a significant step in Russia’s pursuit of advanced […]

BRICS shakeup: Yuan outshines Dollar as dominant currency in Russian trades


The world of international finance is in a constant evolution as the balance in major currencies shifts. A notable scenario is the growing attention on the Chinese Yuan that has dominated the US Dollar. Yuan is currently the most traded currency in the region of Russia and some of the BRICS countries. This development has […]

China and Russia’s alliance: Strategic partnership or risky bet?

China says it wants to be better friends with Russia

The dynamic interplay between two of the world’s superpowers, China and Russia, has left many pondering the ramifications of their growing partnership. While at a glance it may appear that this alliance is rock-solid, a closer inspection reveals several layers of complexity and nuance. Strengthened Bonds Amid Global Strains Upon Vladimir Putin’s most recent visit […]

Russia’s MTS telecom giant announces ads services that target Telegram users


The crypto world is an ever-growing technology that has realized stiff competition among regions and individual companies. In getting the right audience and a wider reach, digital marketing strategies have been employed, and among the latest ones is Russia using its giant Telecom platform MTS to target users in the Telegram social media platform.  The […]

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