India, Russia ditch US dollar in $40 billion trade deal


  • India and Russia conducted a $40 billion trade deal using their local currencies, bypassing the US dollar.
  • This move marks a historic high in India-Russia trade and reflects a shift towards de-dollarization in global trade.
  • The deal is part of the BRICS alliance’s strategy to reduce Western dominance in the global economy.

In a striking move signaling a shift in global trade dynamics, India and Russia have once again boldly sidestepped the US dollar, conducting an impressive $40 billion worth of trade using their local currencies. This monumental trade volume, achieved within just three quarters of 2023, marks a historic high in the economic collaboration between these two BRICS nations, reflecting a growing trend towards de-dollarization in international trade.

Shattering Records: A New Trade Paradigm

This year has been a cornerstone for the BRICS alliance, not just in terms of expanding its membership but also in redefining its economic strategies. The alliance’s focused efforts towards de-dollarization have paid off, as evidenced by the record-breaking trade figures between Russia and India. The decision to conduct trade in local currencies has not only bolstered the economic sovereignty of these nations but also challenged the traditional dominance of the dollar in global markets.

Russia, with its increasing import measures, has found a robust trade partner in India. The synergy between Russian exports and Indian markets has been a driving force behind this unprecedented trade volume. As Russia doubles down on its exports to India, the two nations have collectively surpassed 3.5 trillion rubles in trade activity, a figure that speaks volumes about their growing economic interdependence.

Beyond Bilateral: Shaping the Future of BRICS

The staggering trade achievements of Russia and India are not just a bilateral success story; they are a testament to the evolving nature of the BRICS alliance. This economic milestone is a clear indication of the bloc’s growing influence and its commitment to reducing Western hegemony in global economic affairs. The incorporation of five new countries into the alliance is poised to further amplify this impact, creating a more diversified and resilient economic front.

As the alliance gears up for 2024, the stage is set for even more robust trade activities, potentially involving the new member nations. This expansion is not merely about adding numbers; it’s about enriching the alliance with fresh perspectives and opportunities, paving the way for a more multi-polar world order. The de-dollarization strategy of BRICS, embodied in the India-Russia trade model, is likely to inspire similar moves by other member nations, challenging the traditional norms of international trade.

In essence, the $40 billion trade deal between India and Russia is a landmark achievement that resonates far beyond their borders. It’s a bold statement in the world of global economics, underlining the potential of local currencies in international trade and signaling a gradual shift away from dollar dependency. As we move forward, this trend is not just a ripple in the economic waters but a potential wave of change, reshaping how nations engage and prosper in the global marketplace. This is not just about trade; it’s about rewriting the rules of economic engagement, and India and Russia are at the forefront of this exciting new chapter.

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