Stripe now offers AVAX purchase & transfer via Avalanche’s C-Chain

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  • Stripe has partnered with Avalanche’s C-Chain, allowing verified users to directly purchase AVAX and transfer it to their wallets.
  • Eight Avalanche Web3 apps are now integrated with Stripe, enhancing user interaction with crypto transactions.
  • Stripe’s new feature includes a customizable widget embedded in apps that converts fiat to crypto.

Stripe has teamed up with Avalanche’s C-Chain, providing a game-changer for verified users who can now buy AVAX and transfer it straight to their wallets. This update, fresh from an April 29 blog post by Ava Labs, also brings news that eight Avalanche Web3 apps are now cozy with Stripe’s platform.

For app developers working within the Avalanche environment, there’s more good news. They’ve got a new tool to play with. A customizable widget that lets users flip fiat into crypto right within the app interface, thanks to Stripe’s savvy setup.

Expanding Crypto Access Through Innovative Tools

Stripe isn’t just stopping at making purchases simpler. Their platform is a full-on business infrastructure that’s added a nifty fiat-to-crypto onramp supporting the Avalanche C-Chain. This means retail users in the U.S. can now snag AVAX without the hassle of going through an exchange. Instead, they dive into various dApps — be it DEXes, NFT platforms, or digital wallets — and use Stripe’s widget to get their crypto fix.

Taking center stage in this integration is Core, Avalanche’s homegrown ecosystem wallet developed by Ava Labs. Core has welcomed Stripe’s onramp with open arms, providing its users with more ways to stack up on Avalanche assets. Want to use your ACH, debit, or credit cards to fund your wallet? Core’s got you covered. And for those looking to jump in, setting up a Core wallet is as easy as using your Gmail or Apple ID, then heading over to Core’s extension or web app at core.app to purchase AVAX.

Partnerships and Platforms Powering Up

Stripe’s strategy tackles the “cold start problem” that many Web3 companies face, which is users finding themselves too cash-strapped to perform transactions. Stripe’s platform addresses this by handling all the details like KYC, payments, fraud, and compliance, clearing the way for users to effortlessly and quickly top up their wallets with AVAX and other supported tokens.

The list of Avalanche ecosystem partners lining up to integrate with Stripe reads like a who’s who of innovative projects. From GoGoPool, which reduces the cost of running a validator node with its liquid staking and minipools, to Avvy’s decentralized naming service, and Pakt’s “WordPress for Web3,” which lets entrepreneurs set up blockchain platforms in minutes. Others like zeroone, Halliday, The Arena, Shrapnel, and DeFi Kingdoms are also on board, each contributing to a richer, more connected Avalanche ecosystem.

These integrations are about creating connections and empowering users. John Egan, Head of Crypto at Stripe, shares the excitement, noting the importance of adding AVAX to their supported networks. This move is a big step towards welcoming more consumers into the thriving world of Avalanche’s dApps, aligning with Stripe’s mission to make Web3 accessible and safe for everyone. His words were:-

“We’re excited to add AVAX into our onramp’s family of supported networks. Further enabling consumers to onboard into Avalanche’s growing dApp ecosystem is closely aligned to our goal of making it safe and easy for everyone to access the power of Web3.”

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