BRICS nations explore creation of new currency unit to counter US Dollar dominance


  • The BRICS alliance is considering an alternative currency to reduce reliance on the US dollar, promoting the use of local currencies in global trade.
  • Russia’s Finance Minister Anton Siluanov suggests a common unit of account for BRICS, akin to the Euro, aimed at diversifying international financial transactions.
  • The upcoming 16th BRICS summit in October is expected to be pivotal for reaching consensus on this initiative, potentially impacting the global economic order and reducing the US dollar’s dominance.

The BRICS alliance, comprising Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is reportedly exploring the development of an alternative currency. This initiative aims to reduce the bloc’s dependency on the US dollar and promote the use of local currencies in international trade. With an eye on the future, the alliance also encourages other developing nations to follow suit, potentially diminishing the US dollar’s stronghold as the world’s primary reserve currency.

A BRICS unit of account

According to statements from Russia’s Minister of Finance, Anton Siluanov, the BRICS nations are considering the creation of a common unit of account, a concept akin to the Euro. This new currency would be an alternative to the US dollar, particularly in pricing commodities and benchmarking goods. Siluanov emphasized that this proposition is not about establishing a single currency for the bloc, akin to the European Union’s Euro, but rather about introducing a new standard that could operate alongside the dollar, offering a diversified approach to international financial transactions.

Still, in the discussion phase, this idea highlights the BRICS countries’ desire to assert greater economic independence and reduce their vulnerability to the fluctuations and policies associated with relying on a dominant foreign currency. The proposed currency unit aims to facilitate trade within the alliance and with other nations by providing a stable and predictable mechanism for transactions, free from the influence of any single country’s monetary policy.

The road ahead

The upcoming 16th BRICS summit, scheduled for October, is eagerly anticipated as a potential turning point where these discussions could crystallize into concrete policies. The summit represents a critical opportunity for the member nations to reach a consensus on the proposed currency unit, among other groundbreaking initiatives. The adoption of such a policy could significantly impact the global economic order, challenging the dominance of the US dollar and potentially altering the balance of financial power.

The implications of reducing reliance on the US dollar are profound, especially for the United States. A decrease in the global demand for the dollar could have wide-ranging effects on the American economy, potentially affecting everything from interest rates to the country’s ability to finance its deficits. For the rest of the world, the introduction of a BRICS currency unit could offer more flexibility in international trade and finance, reducing exposure to the risks associated with the dollar’s fluctuations.

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