Russia Plans to Enter PC Gaming Handheld Market


  • Russia plans to make its PC gaming handheld, following the success of devices like the Steam Deck.
  • The project involves creating an operating system and a cloud system for delivering games.
  • While there are doubts about Russia’s ability to compete, the move adds to the growing competition in the portable gaming market.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved plans to enter Russia into the PC gaming handheld market, which has had very good development and was started by the units, for example, Steam Deck.

Putin’s directive sparks interest

At a recent session presided over by President Putin on the social-economic advancement of the Kaliningrad region, the meeting’s proceedings revealed that one of the OK’ed directives comprised the manufacture of “portable gaming devices and gaming consoles”. The instruction, secretly captured by the Telegraphic Team and published online, clearly implies Russia’s desire to explore the business of gaming devices. 

Translation programs do not translate that instruction immaculately. The software version of that instruction highlights the importation of the production of land-based and portable game consoles and the development of its operating system and cloud software through which the delivery of games and programs to users will be made.

Premier Mishustin of the people has been responsible for planning the portable gaming device. Directly citing Kommersant’s News, VK, a Russian tech company, may fulfill the project. While the GS Group, a South Korean global company, is responsible for production, the devices in question could be created.

The projected console is anticipated to carry its own operating system and cloud system instead, such as the Steam Deck and Steel OS. At the same time, Kommersant is skeptical about the actionability of this process because Russia’s market is not competent in manufacturing consoles like PlayStation or Xbox. As per the news, building such a machine from scratch gram could last for up to 10 years, according to the newspaper.

Market dynamics and potential

The news from Russia arrives in the wake of a significant boom in demand for PC gaming handhelds, which has been detected by the booming market driven by devices like Steam Deck. This is evident because the Zephyrus ROG from Asus and the Legion Go from Lenovo have already entered the scene, which has indeed given the competitive landscape of portable gaming a tough time to compete. Though the details are yet to be public, the plan for the device has an appeal that has given the market spectators something to discuss in the meantime.

The option of Russia launching personal computers for handheld games in the market may claim another turf in a competitive and ever-dynamic industry. Discussions on the prospect of a hypothetical Microsoft handheld console by lead analysts such as Phil Spencer do not need explanations because it’s already obvious that the space for portable gaming is evolving rapidly. With mobile gamers always chasing the elusive gaming experience on a portable device, vendors strive to make the most of this demand. It is not clear whether the Russia-originated game will reach its goals. Still, no matter its result, the fact that Russia created it is a sign of new technological discovery in the expanding universe of digital gaming.

As led by the Russian projects to gear up the development of the new gaming handheld, the category [of] portable games on the rise is tipped for more supplication. Competing in this global market is currently a challenge for companies that intend to penetrate these rapidly growing markets, and innovation and competition power the whole industry to move forward. Even though the hard part of the nature of the mission, its schedule, is unclear, one thing is for sure: the brewing rise of portable gaming devices fueled by serious investment. With the advancement of everyday processing capability, the means will be explored to see how the new kid on the block will print the future of handheld gaming.

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