Iran and Russia Join Forces in AI Ethics and Development


  • Iran and Russia are teaming up to make sure AI tech follows ethical rules, mixing science with moral values. 
  • They’re putting a big chunk of money into AI development to stay up-to-date with global tech trends. 
  • The plan includes growing AI tech in Iran, aiming for a big role on the world stage and nurturing local talent in the field.

In a major move towards the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI), Tehran and Moscow have decided to work together. This collaboration, signed by top officials from both nations, aims to share ideas and info on AI, with a strong focus on Islamic ethics and equal partnership.

Bridging tech and ethics

The deal was inked by Behrooz Minaei from Iran and Andrey Neznamov from Russia. They represent their countries’ efforts in AI and robotics development, with a shared goal to enhance AI use responsibly. This partnership will open doors to sharing vital experiences in applying ethical AI principles across various fields. Both countries see the importance of ethics in AI, promising to exchange knowledge and hold advanced training in Iran, bringing Russian experts on board.

This step is not just about technology; it’s about making sure that as AI grows, it stays in line with moral values. It shows a unique blend of science and ethics, aiming to push the boundaries of AI while ensuring it benefits society as a whole.

Investing in the future of Iran

Iran is not just talking the talk; they’re putting their money where their mouth is. With a whopping investment of 50 trillion rials (about $100 million), they’re gearing up to boost AI infrastructure. This funding aims to kickstart the next phase of AI development, starting March 21, with both public and private sectors playing a part.

Rouhollah Dehqani-Firouzabadi, a key figure in Iran’s tech scene, stressed the critical role of AI in today’s fast-paced world. Despite the challenges in keeping up, Iran is determined to make strides in AI, proving its commitment through substantial investments. The formation of a national steering committee marks a significant step in this journey, focusing on leveraging AI for economic growth and ensuring a collaborative effort between different sectors.

A global stand in AI

The creation of the National Steering Committee and the National Artificial Intelligence Center underlines Iran’s ambitious plans. Led by President Ebrahim Raisi’s directive, these bodies aim to streamline AI development, from ideation to market success. Their goals are clear: to use AI for economic advancement, secure a leading position globally, and nurture homegrown talent.

Despite Iran’s strong academic presence in AI, ranking 17th worldwide in research output, its application of AI technology lags behind, ranking 78th globally. This highlights a gap between theoretical research and real-world application, a gap Iran is eager to bridge.

The Vice Presidency has laid out three comprehensive plans to elevate AI’s role across sectors. These plans focus on academic research, technological advancement in AI firms, and establishing a national tech hub for AI. This multi-pronged approach aims to solidify AI’s place at the heart of Iran’s technological progress.

Iran and Russia’s collaboration on AI ethics signifies a bold step towards responsible technological advancement. By combining Islamic ethics with cutting-edge AI research, they set a precedent for international cooperation in technology. With substantial investments and strategic planning, Iran is poised to make significant strides in AI, aiming to bridge the gap between its academic achievements and practical applications. 

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