Joe Biden praises himself for what he did to the U.S. economy

Joe Biden praises himself for what he did to the U.S. economy


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  • Joe Biden highlighted his achievements in boosting the U.S. economy during his final State of the Union address before the presidential election.
  • He bragged about job creation and maintaining a low unemployment rate, positioning the economy as the world’s envy.
  • February’s job numbers exceeded expectations, reinforcing Biden’s economic success narrative despite slight adjustments to previous months’ figures.

Joe Biden didn’t hold back in showcasing his self-acclaimed influence on the U.S. economy, during his State of the Union address before the impending presidential election. Biden took it upon himself to illustrate a vivid picture of an economy that, in his words, stands as the “envy of the world”. This bold claim comes amid a political battle, with Donald Trump securing his stance as the Republican front-runner.

Right off the bat, Biden wasted no time getting into what he believes are the economic victories under his belt. With job numbers soaring higher than expected for February, it seemed like Biden had found the perfect ammunition to support his belief. Despite a slight adjustment in January’s job growth figures and a nudge up in the unemployment rate, the overall employment scenario painted a rather rosy picture. This scenario, according to Biden, is testament to his administration’s successful strategies in strengthening the economy, with job creation and maintaining an unemployment rate that reminisces about a 50-year low at its core.

The Federal Reserve’s chair, Jay Powell, chimed in, suggesting that the central bank’s current approach against inflation was on point, hinting at a future where interest rate cuts could become a reality. Traders are now eyeing June for potential rate reductions. This financial forecast intertwines with Biden’s broader economic agenda, where combating “shrinkflation” and making housing more affordable for the average American are top priorities. The pledge to ensure the wealthy and corporations pay what he deems their “fair share” in taxes further cements his vision for an equitable economic environment.

Nikki Haley bowing out of the race has paved a clearer path for Trump, intensifying the anticipation for a Biden vs. Trump electoral rematch. With endorsements and financial backing potentially becoming more streamlined for Trump, Biden’s fiery demeanor at the State of the Union was a declaration of his readiness to confront his adversaries head-on.

But Biden’s polling numbers, which aren’t great, show that he’s not really that confident. For all the good news about the economy, there is still the big question of whether this will lead to election success. Biden’s campaign against Trump, which focused on housing costs and the promise of lower interest rates, shows how he planned to appeal to the everyday American’s financial worries. But I don’t think they care all that much.

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