NotCo Unveils AI-Crafted ‘Turtle’ Soup Creation

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  • NotCo’s AI crafts sustainable, ethical alternatives to animal products, revolutionizing global cuisine.
  • With NotCo, consumers enjoy guilt-free indulgence while supporting ethical practices.
  • NotCo’s global impact spans 12 countries, promoting conscious eating and environmental conservation.

NotCo, a leading Chilean plant-based food company, unveils its latest innovation: a plant-based ‘turtle’ soup synthesized and “cooked” by artificial intelligence (AI). 

The soup is a symbolic reminder of the kind of food traditionally made with the eggs of these turtles, one that aims to increase awareness of the dilemma these animals face while offering the cuisine a more sustainable solution.

NotCo’s AI-powered innovation “turtle soup redefined”

Utilizing the latest reforms in artificial intelligence, culinary experts from NotCo took a trip that helped replicate the flavor and texture of turtle meat without using any animal products. Stride by stride, the AI system carefully went through an immense collection of 300,000 planting specimens and tested 260 quintillion combinations. The result? An organic combination containing five fermented plant proteins imitating desirable qualities of turtle meat.

Bernardo Moltedo, NotCo’s AI culinary science specialist, said they desired to create an impact through artificial intelligence. When they wanted to question themselves, “Why not?” they finally worked to preserve endangered species, “one example being turtle soup.”

Thus, the AI-based soup of the ‘turtle’ corresponds with NotCo’s social morals of environmental sustainability. In trying to respond to the horrific situation of typical turtle soup, the company offered a cruelty-free version of this valuable cuisine, thereby fighting against the exploitation of endangered species. 

Turtles, usually served with turtle soup, are endangered species that suffer from pollution, habitat loss, and illegal killing. However, turtle soup’s utilization persists in multiple regions, e.g., Asia, and Latin America despite many international laws restricting its harvest.

NotCo’s AI-powered cuisine revolution

Exploration of its 12 countries brings a plant-based revolutionary change in the culinary scene, where NotCo offers animal-based ingredient substitution products to those who desire the flavor of meat without the negative impacts on animal farmers. 

From burgers to milk, mayonnaise to ice cream, all while carrying an environmentally friendly stamp and a solid ethical feather, NotCo’s products rightfully mimic those of traditional meat and dairy in terms of taste and texture, the main difference being that NotCo’s products remain sustainable and cruelty-free. In 2025, the firm plans to become publicly traded. This will strengthen the company’s leadership role in creating healthy vegan food for consumers.

NotCo’s turtle soup with a ‘turtle’ morphing shape by an AI platform is not only an invention when it comes to sustainable food innovation but also a significant leap forward. By ensuring that AI can serve both to fill the gap for taste buds and advocate for preserving endangered animals, the brand not only satisfies consumers but also helps conserve species. 

With consumers becoming increasingly selective about their ethical and sustainable choices, NotCo inventions provide a practical solution to the world’s environmental problems. Thus, these products allow consumers to try all the deliciousness of animal products without harming the environment.

For now, turtle meat and soup made from plant-based ingredients are not on the market. Nonetheless, NotCo will conduct online classes for engaged individuals who are willing to learn how to make the soup in their own kitchen using the details and following the procedures. With the increasing importance of plants, NotCo will stay ahead of this trend to contribute to a good transformation, product by product.

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