Litecoin price analysis 19 June 2019; consolidation due to LTC debit card

Litecoin’s performance today is remarkable when comparing it to other coins in the market. While everybody else has been shredding their price, Litecoin has been climbing up step-by-step gaining all of the lost market value during the last couple days bear.

The sentiment quickly shifted into a bullish one as soon as the news came out about Litecoin introducing a debit card for offline payments of daily necessities such as goods and services.

The traders immediately understood that the upcoming consolidation in price due to the halving would have an amazing pair with the increased liquidity due to the debit card.

At the moment of writing this article, LTC is sitting on $137 per coin but its daily-high has currently reached $139 after the bearish sentiment stopped at $129 and it shot up at $136 within just a couple of hours.

LTC price chart

LTC chart by Trading View

When it comes to short term predictions LTC is guaranteed to struggle at the $140 once again, but it’s unlikely to reach it before Friday of this week.

However, the long term predictions remain the same. Combining the halving with the increased liquidity thanks to the debit card is sure to pump LTC way above $250, our previous prediction.