$ 30,176.00 2.19%
$ 2,031.90 2.61%
$ 52.21 3.88%
$ 0.085871 0.00%
$ 7.92 1.82%
$ 1.40 3.25%
$ 0.000198 53.32%

IOTA price falls by 9%

IOTA price falls by

While the altcoin market appears bearish on the 10th of April, Binance Coin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and IOTA observe price falls of near 9% on the 1-Day chart. The cryptocurrency traded between the $0.1520 and $0.1720 marks for the day.

1-Day IOTA Price Analysis (10th April)

IOTA Price Chart

IOTA Price Chart by TradingView

Like most altcoins, IOTA turned bearish on the 10th of April. The coin’s price like fell towards the $0.1560 level after it started the trade at the $0.1720 mark. The IOTAUSD trading pair saw bears after 03:00 GMT on the 10th of April. The price line reached the $0.1560 right after 09:00 GMT. The cryptocurrency fell to the day’s low of $0.15103428 US Dollars at 15:30 GMT. The coin returned above the $0.1580 level, and closed the trade with a price of $0.1581520 US Dollars.

IOTA: technical indicators

IOTA Featured Price Chart

IOTA Price Chart by TradingView

On the 10th of April, the 20-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) closed at $0.15833101, while the 50-Day Moving Average (MA) was seen at the $0.15801897 mark.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) shows that the coin was overbought at 10:26 GMT and 17:07 GMT, as the RSI had reached 83.62 and 87.61. The RSI closed at 56.79.

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann.

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