IOTA Access partners with Jaguar Land Rover


IOTA has announced its partnership with Jaguar Land Rover and other firms in a bid to unveil its newest innovation, IOTA Access.

According to IOTA, the new software is an infrastructure that is used to gain entrance into the control systems of various smart devices via its open-source infrastructure. If the launch of the new IOTA Access is successful, IOTA will provide consumers with an option to control their cars and any other technology with Internet of Things (IoT) remotely

With the infusion of Information Architecture (IA), people would be able to use their device to generate an income no matter their location and time. This new software would make sure users have the ability to grant or revoke access to their devices and some other features.

IOTA Access to allow users to control their cars remotely

IOTA announced that vehicle making companies like Jaguar Land Rover would be provided with the opportunity to make use of the IOTA Access. In a recent report that was published by Reuters, the new software would be installed in every new car that is made

With this, users would be able to have remote access to some parts of their vehicles like the trunk and other parts. A typical example is if someone locks something that belongs to another person in his car before he leaves for work, he can remotely open the vehicle for the other party.

New software could be used to power things ranging from small to industrial uses

Another aspect of the use of the IOTA Access is the gig economy. Provided a user decides to rent out his car, he would have remote control over the activities of the car.

A typical example is if someone is out of the town and owns a car that is lying around, with the use of the software, he would be able to rent out the car remotely. 

What this signifies is that car keys would be eliminated in the future. If its launch is successful, the software would be expected to power things from small uses to industrial uses.

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