Crypto map reveals top 10 Bitcoin maximalist countries on earth

Crypto map reveals top Bitcoin maximalist countries on earth

An ingenious cryptocurrency world map designed by Blockchaincenter.net reveals the most Bitcoin maximalist countries on earth today.

First questions first – What is a cryptocurrency world map? Blockchaincenter.net has designed an innovative and interactive platform using which users can view the most Bitcoin maximalist regions, that is, the regions where Bitcoin is the most searched cryptocurrency.

The report is compiled using the Google Trends database, and users can easily find out which countries favor Bitcoin the most and where it is that altcoins rule the roost. 

Bitcoin – the crypto that runs the show

Bitcoin, not surprisingly, is predominantly the most searched cryptocurrency in almost all countries and boasts a dominance of around 80.08 percent. Although Ethereum lags far behind, it comes second with 13.7 percent, and Ripple comes close third with 7.7 percent. 

Another predictable yet highly satisfying entry that upholds its undisputed reputation as a Bitcoin maximalist country is Kenya. A region that was hailed as the future of Bitcoin by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and surpassed a milestone of 100BTC on the weekly volume chart at a time when the coronavirus pandemic crippling economies and crashing the interests of stock and crypto enthusiasts. 

Africa and South America take Bitcoin maximalist notion to next level

The report states that the Bitcoin maximalist related searches in Kenya top the list with 94.7 percent. Brazil, a nation where crypto companies are often subjected to intense scrutiny due to government hostility toward crypto and its apparent association with money laundering activities, comes a close second with 92.6 percent. 

With other Latin American countries like Chile, Ecuador, and Argentina getting featured in the top 10 Bitcoin maximalist countries, Bitcoin admittedly does seem to tickle the interests of the people from this region the most. 

Other African countries that made it to the list are Nigeria with 89.4 percent, South African with 89 percent, and Morocco with 86.6 percent. Germany and Poland are the only two European countries to be named as among Bitcoin maximalist nations.

Regions where altcoins call the shots

And while Bitcoin runs the show in most African and South American countries, it is altcoins that call the shots in the rest of the world. The results show that Eastern European countries are most interested in altcoins instead with Russia, Ukraine, and Serbia taking the top three spots on the list. 

Venezuela, although very much pro-Bitcoin boasting numerous collaborations that have eased the use of Bitcoin as a payment method, it takes the lead with most altcoins searches. The country tops the list when it comes to most Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash related searches.

Last but not least, Asian countries, including South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, also feature in the list of countries most interested in altcoins however, with no peculiar trend. While South Korea and Japan favor Ripple, Pakistan, and Bangladesh prefer Tron and Dogecoin over others, respectively. 

Manasee Joshi

Manasee Joshi

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