Real Madrid football club gets onto the blockchain bandwagon

real madrid fc joins blockchain bandwagon

Real Madrid is not just any professional club but the most successful football club globally, it is based in Madrid, Spain. Recently Real Madrid signed a contract with Fantastec SWAP. Fantastec SWAP is a blockchain powered football collectibles app and has been involved with another powerful figure in football including the Arsenal football club and Borussia Dortmund football club.

Blockchain technology is slowly getting integrated into almost all factors of life. Its widescale adoption is becoming common more than ever, and recently blockchain has started to be integrated into the sports field as well.

This new collaboration is basically to create a platform for fans to meet and trade collectibles with other people who are passionate about the same things as they are. The fans can trade autographs and videos on the platform that is blockchain powered.

Fantastec SWAP already had Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund on its side, but now that Real Madrid has become a part of it Fantastec SWAP is on its way to further expand its platform. Real Madrid has a larger and more widespread fan base and audience that will help the process Fantastec SWAP’s expansion.

Simon Woolard is on the product development team of Fantastec SWAP, and he said that Fantastec SWAP’s main mission is to connect people who share the same passion of football from all over the world. According to Woolard Fantastec SWAP is very ambitious, and success was driven in its purpose, and it is very interested in understanding and learning more about fan behavior.

Woolard also shared about how Fantastec SWAP plans on collaborating with other big football clubs and teams to integrate more fan communities into its platform. Fantastec SWAP is already on very good terms with the influential personalities in the football sector so collaborating with them is not hard for it.

Blockchain technology is fairly new, and it has already given people an idea of what it is capable of achieving. Many big personalities have seen its potential and are eager to try it out themselves. This is why the technology has already won over people’s trust and is on its way to being integrated into the law, real estate and government sector.

Seeing the fast pace of its integration into systems, it is not rare to see the football and sports sector integrating the technology too.

Aroosa Nadeem

Aroosa Nadeem

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