Institutional investors are moving away from Bitcoin Futures: CFTC data

According to the data published on 9th April 2019 by Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), the institutional investment in Bitcoin on the CME dropped down recently. The data shows that long positions had decreased over to two hundred and forty-four (244) since April 2nd. Similarly, the short positions had decreased as well, and there are over eighty (80) short positions right now.

This indicates that since 9th April the number of short positions has decreased by eleven percent (11%) and long positions have decreased by thirty percent (30%). This ratio indicates a light decreased market momentum in the space.

However, in CME investors, the number of long open positions is more than short open positions. The total number of open long positions is almost three thousand and three hundred (3,267) whereas the number of short open positions is almost four thousand two hundred (4,177).

In the duration between the 2nd to 9th of April, the number of open short positions increased immensely and stood at four hundred and twenty-one (421), but the number of open long positions did not increase as much and stood at three hundred and sixty-six (366).

Previously reports suggested that compared to last week the number of open long positions on CME had spiked up and to be exact the increase was of over eighty-eight percent (88%) and the number of short positions had decreased over by sixty-three percent (63%).

On April 4th the BTC futures saw an increase in trading volumes, and this was very simultaneous to the bitcoin surge that skyrocketed bitcoin’s price to go above the five thousand dollars ($5000) mark

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