Post patent approval, NBA CryptoKitties tokens to launch in Brazil

Post patent approval NBA CryptoKitties tokens to launch in Brazil

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The wait for NBA CryptoKitties tokens is over. Dapper Labs, the founders of CryptoKitties, have joined hands with National Basketball Association (NBA) and secured a patent for digital tokens in South American country Brazil. This regulatory milestone will help them to pursue their joint blockchain gaming goals further.

Digital collectibles are slowly but surely rising as tokenization moves the goalposts in the online gaming sector. The entry of blockchain in the gaming arena means that virtual sports arenas are undergoing a radical change. From collectible tokens to in-game micropayments, blockchain is literally changing the game. As NBA CryptoKitties tokens gather steam, partnership with CryptoKitties will help boost to the burgeoning blockchain gaming realm.

NBA CryptoKitties tokens are another milestone in sports tokenization

The latest patent approval will help launch the much-awaited NBA CryptoKitties tokens in the South American nation. Dapper Labs and the NBA have been working for some time to make sports collectibles a reality in Brazil.  As per the report in a local ‘Intellectual Property Magazine,’ the two brands will collaborate on a blockchain-based project to launch virtual collectibles.

Interestingly, Dapper Labs can now use the legendary NBA tag with their collectibles in Brazil. What that means is that elements like pictures, gaming photos, players, and other paraphernalia can carry the Dapper Labs name alongside the NBA brand. On the contrary, the NBA wants to use this partnership to offer more value to its fans. NBA CryptoKitties tokens are going to power sports events, player communications, contracts, and more. This partnership will redefine what collectibles mean to the blockchain industry.

The ever increasing tokenization of the sports industry

The blockchain dominance in the sports arena is rising every day. Recently, United Coin partnered with Cleveland Cavaliers, and crypto logos were all around the English Premier League. Bitcoin sign on the Watford FC team jerseys is also well known.

Most of the crypto-sports collaborations are limited to marketing. Yes, digital token deals have happened, but they are limited in number. However, the latest partnership between NBA and CryptoKitties is an extensive deal featuring interactive token launches and collectibles.

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