Lightning-enabled MINTGOX gaming event concludes on a high note

Lightning enabled MINTGOX gaming event concludes on a high note

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MINTGOX live gaming event just concluded and gave all of us a glimpse into the future of online gaming events. The COVID-19 movement restrictions mean everyone is stuck indoors, and what better way than gaming to spice things up. MINTGOX live gaming and VR event had so much to offer, including in-game BTC Lightning micropayments.

The inaugural MINTGOX live gaming event was backed by a host of notable industry names, including THNDR games, Udi Wertheimer, Zebedee, and many more. Stack sats and popular indie games were the flavors of the season. The participants praised the in-game Bitcoin microtransactions and hailed them as an integral component of future gaming events.

MINTGOX gaming event has set a new benchmark for live gaming

Zebedee is known to bring together video games and Bitcoin Lightning payments. The company’s first-ever MINTGOX gaming event was a perfect time to showcase the in-game micropayments that will power the future gaming industry.

Chief executive officer of Zebedee, Simon Cowell, said that the gaming fest was in spirit a replacement for the Bitcoin 2020 event which was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A virtual event was planned with an extensive focus on evolving gaming culture. He added that the MINTGOX gaming event was a perfect platform to highlight the Bitcoin Lightning micropayments in the gaming industry.

How crypto is changing the online gaming industry

The gaming industry is already experiencing the power of blockchain. Online games are ripe for evolution. The addition of Bitcoin in-game micropayments was a welcome addition. Udi Wertheimer played host to a virtual reality panel.

The event has shown how the gaming industry can evolve to host truly virtual events where players don’t have to reach a physical venue. MINTGOX gaming event has shown how live gaming is more than just interaction. It can also spawn a whole ecosystem of financial products catering to the various needs of the online gaming community.

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