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Atari token is finally here to revolutionize gaming

Atari token is finally here to revolutionize gaming

Atari token is now finally open for presale, though it took a little long; nevertheless, it is a moment of joy for many gamers.

Atari gaming ecosystem is finally releasing its token after two years of its first confirmation of plans to develop its altcoin.

From the website of Atari, the token went on a private presale round on 5th March 2020. In total, there will be five public presale rounds with the first round starting from 20th March 2020 till 15th May 2020.

The Atari token design

The Atari team explained that the token is designed to function as a store of value providing traders the option to trade their in-game assets decentrally. This is when Cryptokitties is already dominating the DLT gaming card market, but it would be interesting to see the competition grow.

Holders will also have the option of exchanging their Atari token for other digital assets.

Where to buy Atari token?

Interested members can buy the Atari tokens through fiat currencies by credit card or bank transfer through Bitcoin or other altcoin currencies.

Purchasers of the token at the presale event will be provided with vouchers, which they will use to claim their tokens when the currency eventually goes live in August of 2020.

The token will get registered on exchanges by mid of this year, and Atari token aims to create the biggest ecosystem for trading in-game assets based on decentralized digital ledger technology (dlt). It is to help gamers in monetizing whatever they create or win in the virtual realm.

Keepers of the token will be able to save their belongings on the Atari multi-currency, which, as of now, only supports Bitcoin.

Atari team is also working on creating the android variant of the wallet that will be capable of holding the Atari tokens once the token goes online in August this year.

Taha Farooqui

Taha Farooqui

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