Litecoin price analysis 11 June 2019; the biggest winner among losers

If you’ve seen a person smiling these couple of days it’s quite likely that they are a Litecoin investor and a successful one at that.

LTC finally delivered on its promises for the most effective altcoin in Summer 2019 so far and in the wake of the halving, there seems nothing could possibly stop the bull trend.

Most other coins have been shredding their prices over the course of the last couple of days and struggling to maintain prices they reached more than a month ago.

Bitcoin itself, the market’s biggest mover almost went down to the $7,500 price mark, while Litecoin was climbing the $126 resistance level and crushed it with a $128 price surge within a day.

At this point, it’s going to be very hard to beat the halving hype, in fact, it’s hard to even believe that there are any bearish investors remaining for LTC as it’s shown so much resilience.

LTC price chart

LTC chart by Trading View

So since LTC has already turned into a rockstar for the crypto community what can we possibly expect from it to bring us this Summer?

Judging by the growth we’re seeing despite a terrible Bitcoin price struggle alongside Ethereum and every other coin, it’s expected that Litecoin can plow through any bearish sentiment in the market. At least it will not shred more than 1% unless something apocalyptic happens.

Should the coin continue such growth, it’s expected for LTC to reach at least $140 by the end of June, but that’s probably as high as it will go before the halving. Many more traders are still desperate to enter the market at $110, but that will definitely not be happening.

As it goes for post-halving price, the prediction remains the same. Litecoin has the potential to surpass $250 within the week of the halving, but will most likely fall to $200 right after.

When it comes to a new all-time high of $400, that shouldn’t be expected before 2020 arrives.