Blockchain start-up Securitize receives $14M from Nomura

Blockchain start-up Securitize receives M from Nomura

Securitize, a blockchain start-up, has managed to secure an impressive fourteen million dollar ($14 million) investment from world-famous financial institutions like Nomura, Santander, and MUFG.

Securitize is a new phenomenon in the world of blockchain start-ups, as it offers clients an easy and reliable solution for going through tokenization. This latest round of investment further solidifies Securitizes position as a trending name on the market. 

The venture capital divisions of these three banks will be responsible for safeguarding the investment round, and for possibly attracting further funding.

Investing in blockchain start-ups

Blockchain start-ups are becoming an increasingly preferred investment for big names like Nomura and Santander.

One of the main reasons why this happens is because of the revolutionary services blockchain technology brings to the table. Not only that, but blockchain start-ups are enjoying increased interest from the public as well.

Nowadays there are hundreds and thousands of blockchain start-ups out there. Securitize is one example of the lightning speed with which successful enterprises secure funding. 

Aside from prominent financial specialists like Nomura, Securitize also attracted the attention of investors with a background in blockchain technology. Some of these investors include Fenbushi Capital and Kenetic Capital.

Securitize and the SEC

Just days before the successful completion of the investment round, Securitize announced that it has successfully registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

This was a pioneering move on Securitize’s part, as the company became one of the first officially registered transfer agents with functional blockchain protocols.

The recent investment has attracted a lot of attention towards Securitize, with companies like Tezos announcing partnerships with the start-up. 

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