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Zcash transactions on smartphones go incognito

Zcash transactions on smartphones can now be anonymous as its developers, the Electric Coin Company, released a suite of resources to facilitate shielded transactions on Android and iOS mobile devices on Wednesday.

Zcash is a next-generation privacy-focused cryptocurrency that has seen its fair share of ups and downs last year. Besides getting delisted from leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and CoinMall previous year, in the wake of its declining popularity and failure to comply with KYC and AML regulations, it also battled a two million US dollars ($2 million) lawsuit with one of its ex-employee over allegations of illegally distributing equity to employees.

One more constraint that withheld Zcash adoption to a large extent was the glaring inefficiency in its privacy technology. Apparently, the technology was incompatible with mobile devices and required as much as three GB of free storage memory. Also, the mobile wallets that supported Zcash did not facilitate anonymous transactions.

Zcash transactions turn on incognito mode on smartphones

However, this time, it is taking its privacy feature a notch above by releasing a complete range of Software Development Kits (SDKs). For Android users, it not only offers an improved Android SDK version, as compared with the experimental SDK wallet released last year but also with mainnet support. The iOS users get similar benefits with its brand new iOS SDK version.

Moreover, it is based on a highly compatible backend server, that easily connects to the Zcash blockchain and boasts of increased efficiency and speed. With the release, the goal is to provide an opportunity for the developers to make use of these open-source wallets for shielded addresses. Although it is still in the development stage, the firm welcomes participants to use and explore it.

According to the announcement, the objective behind this release was to bring financial freedom to all Zcash users, and that can only be achieved by increasing the access to shielded addresses. Developers will get a platform to build shielded-compatible mobile wallets using these SDKs and lightwalletd backend services.

Now, with Zcash transactions going full incognito on mobile devices, the firm hopes that it gives the coin an edge over its close competitors like Monero and bring about a massive boost in its adoption.

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