Upbit’s crypto trading volume plummets 75%: Altcoin frenzy fizzles out


  • Upbit’s crypto trading volume plunged 75% from its peak, signaling a drop in altcoin frenzy.
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate as altcoins struggle to maintain high valuations.
  • Investor sentiment towards altcoins wanes, raising doubts about the sustainability of their rally.

Upbit, South Korea’s largest crypto exchange, is said to have experienced almost a 70% drop in daily trading volume. This signifies the declining interest in altcoins due to altcoins’ built-up momentum from the previous trading period.

Upbit is still the No.1 cryptocurrency exchange in Korea with a 24-hour trading volume of $3.79 billion as of now, which marks a huge drop (75%) from its high of $15 billion that it reached on March 5, featured in the CoinGecko data. The fall suggests that it denotes a conspicuous change in investor opinion undeniably away from altcoins, the major cryptos traded in the platform.

Altcoin mania subsidies: The decline in trading volume

The treatment of Upbit as an active market is symbolic of a theme observed across the cryptocurrency market. Market activity for altcoins has decreased since the first few months of the year when it was boosted by factors like the anticipation of Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade, the uncertainty of the political situation, and several major announcements by different prominent exchanges. This financial situation is accompanied by the fact that the Upbit exchange did incur a major loss in the daily volume of trade in Yoncoin.

Bitcoin and Ether Dominance: Alts Coins – the battle for survival in digital currency, especially for holding on to their valuations.

Nevertheless, trading volumes in the cryptocurrency alternate portrayed a state of collapse in recent times, while Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) indicate being the leaders in the cryptocurrency market. With the findings of the report by DeSpread Research, the investors of Upbit show a propensity for altcoins rather than the market leaders, and it is an attempt to maximize their profits regardless of the risks that could be infringed on with their investment.

Analysis: Sustainability of altcoin rally questioned

This is the reason for doubting whether the altcoin rally we have seen throughout the year will be sustained because of the decline in trading volume on Upbit. The enhancement of Ethereum Denchun and its political determination initially fueled investor enthusiasm for alternative digital currencies. However, the decline in trading activity recently shows a likelihood of investors switching to another market dynamic.

With lesser trading that comes along with the altcoins’ decline, the question of these cryptos’ future remains obscure. The flip in crypto investors’ stance towards altcoins and the idea behind the leading role of BTC and ETH in the crypto graph explains why investors should know how to conduct a market analysis of financial strategies.

The declining amount that characterizes Upbit´s altcoin trading is related to many people not showing interest in these projects after impulsively accumulating them. Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum have dominating positions in the altcoin rally, it is unsure how long it will last. 

Moving into a cautious mode of investment by investors while the changing market dynamics of altcoins are being witnessed can be the requirement to protect them from the rapidly emerging risks and take advantage of the emerging opportunities of cryptocurrency.

This partly reflects the slowing pace of the market, which produces some volatility that should be taken into account by investors trying to make their crypto trade profit in this scenario.

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