Telegram Revolutionizes Monetization with Toncoin for Ad Purchases


  • Telegram has introduced Toncoin as a new payment option for advertisers, enabling them to purchase ads directly on the platform.
  • The integration of Toncoin for ad purchases is complemented by a reward and withdrawal process for content creators, including fee-free withdrawals via Telegram’s Fragment exchange.

This weekend is marked by significant news about Telegram – the integration of Toncoin as a payment method. Now, advertisers will be able to use it to buy in-platform ads. This new step in the Telegram monetization strategy is part of its aspiration to create a comfortable environment for users and pay content creators for their work. The telethon platform is now sharing 50% of the revenue accrued from ads located in public channels directly to their owners as compared to the previous ways in which digital platforms had involved and rewarded their content creators.

Telegram empowering users with Toncoin

Telegram taking a step to increase Toncoin use in ad buys for channel owners and advertisers on the platform is another indicator that shows its benefits. Enomarily Toncoin by Telegram is not just expanding the payment options but is introducing the benefits that blockchain tech provides and they are more autonomy and flexibility for users. As the announcement stated, users would now be able to be part of the promotion process even when they spend just as little as rare toncoins, making it, therefore, easier for many content creators to have success with their audience.

This revision of the advertising model on the Telegram platform substantially expands the utilities of TON tokens as it allows users to buy and then place their ads only on the channels that they will for sure use. This degree of individualization is therefore appropriate for an ad to appear and be targeted to a particular audience, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of the process of advertising campaigns and giving advertisers the best return on investment.

Seamless rewards and withdrawals

This update’s outstanding part is the importance of the reward or withdrawal procedure to be as smooth sailing for the channel owners as possible. Telegram unveils the introduction of the fee-free withdrawal function for channels that, I think, is proof of their effort to offer value to their creators.

The withdrawal service is expected to become available in the coming weeks on Telegram’s Fragment exchange, further enhancing the ecosystem around Toncoin and Telegram’s monetization features.

The choice of the TON Blockchain for this initiative is strategic, leveraging its low fees and high transaction speeds to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for users. The TON Blockchain’s capability to process up to 100,000 transactions per second, as recorded during a test last November, positions it as an ideal backbone for the company’s monetization efforts.

The virtuous cycle: From creating goods to generating revenue

Pavel Durov the founder and CEO of the company emphasized, that Telegram is struggling when it comes to the monetization of the ad for channels, though they have been viewing over 1 trillion views monthly by 10% of channel owners. With this new initiative a “virtuous circle” will be created in which the content owners are not only rewarded for their contributions but their capacity to reinvest also in building supporting or improving their channels is enhanced. The existence of such an environment allows for a more diverse and active media space, ensuring opportunities for the creators and users equally on the Telegram network.

Per Durov, the essence of the previous update was to allow creators to either get Toncoins as money or to use the same for developing their channels. This in turn will spur the development of content in a channel and attraction of engagement. Besides motivating users to produce high-quality content, this approach contributes to an eligible content delivery model within the powerful Telegram community.

The acceptance of TON payments by advertisers and the provision of all facilities regarding the use of in-platform cryptocurrency is a signal of the innovative business model adopted by Telegram. Telegram is going to the next level in the digital platform community thanks to blockchain technology and supplies creators with a more advanced and valuable ecosystem. The recent price rise of Toncoin by 2.32% in the last 24 hours to the value of $5.24 (at the time of publishing) demonstrates the market’s support for the strategic decisions taken by the Telegram team, which could be an indicator of a prosperous future with an engaged community of Telegram users and creators.

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