Trillion Dollar Trade Gap can be Jumped with Blockchain; Research

With the Asian countries losing much of their scepticism to the Digital Ledger System (DLT) and its offering: the Blockchain, as the tech terms turn into repetitive redundancy everywhere around the globe, the Chinese central bank has taken the initiative to let the red carpet roll.

The World Economic Forum and Bain& Company indicated that about 1.5 trillion Dollars account for the supply-demand gap. The Asian Development Bank has hypothesized that the current gap will enlarge to 2.4 Trillion Dollars by 2025.

All this commotion has sprung up around the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Owing to limited access to both, loans and credit provision to SMEs; it’s hard for them to survive. Let alone thrive. By registering the Digital Ledger system, two things are theorized to happen:

  1. About 1 trillion Dollars can be generated on the side as extra earnings.
  2. SMEs will be provided financial services just as Enterprises.

The Blockchain is a secure, versatile and transparent means of handling data. Its implementation will provide peace of mind by reducing the probable credit risks involved. The system works on a decentralization theory. All data parsing is to be handled in blocks so no major flaw shuts it down all at once. However, when it comes to currency, and if the future world agrees to it, we may just buy the next loaf of bread with Bitcoins…Be it Europe or Africa – that’s decentralized data handling leading to a centralized economy. Trade barriers would mean nothing.

The tradeoffs will certainly prove pleasant.