Facing the Dilemma Ethereum and Stellar? Let us Help

Two main problems faced by people who invest in Cryptocurrency are user adoption and scalability. To deal with these issues Ethereum and Stellar were launched.

The Ethereum system is a blockchain where all the data, related to material and products, is collected and registered. This decentralized system provides proper incentive to the user.

Modum and Wabi, two important projects launched by Ethereum provide transparent business operations. The success of any business is linked with adoption and adoption resulted into reward. In other terms, there is a cause and effect relationship between decentralization and reward.

If there is more transparency, then more will be the reward. Though, the question arises here is that if there remains the need for cryptocurrency conversion against these rewards? The answer is YES! and this reward should be in form of tokens.

Ethereum uses its own currency Ether. Where the main function of Ether is to pay Block creators, but one important thing is that other tokens should have permission to circulate in Ethereum network. If miners accept other tokens against the different transaction, and then there will be no need for Ether on the block. Therefore, if users are allowed to pay in tokens then miner will get their rewards in Ether.

On the other hand, Stellar is the best alternative used by many organizations to get blockchain power. And it is better than Ethereum and Bitcoin. Stellar blockchain uses Stellar Consensus protocol, which gives complete control to Federated Byzantine agreement. FBA main task is to ensure that the majority is agreed on the transaction before the transaction is held. Investors do however prefer Stellar over Ethereum because It is more transparent and open than Ethereum.